We're winding down with the polls for the WWE Johnny Awards. This time we'll be putting four up with "Best Phrase" being one that should lead to some laughs. Just a reminder, the winner of the awards will be by my choice rather than by the vote. However, you are encouraged to vote and put a comment below because I will use those poll results to say who the fans voted for while also including some comments when the awards column is posted. Let's get to the four categories.<!--more-->BEST BABYFACEIt's a pretty straightforward category. Who is the best "good guy" on WWE's roster in 2011? There are ten choices and you can also do a write-in vote in case you think I missed anybody. You can only pick one.

2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best BabyfaceEDIT: Since I got an early comment about it already, I might as well clarify that even though Punk & Sheamus were heels earlier in the year, I'm sticking them in the polls as babyfaces only. Christian is in the heel poll even though he was a face to start the year. Nobody gets to be in two of these polls.BEST HEEL Another easy category in terms of defining it. Who was the best "bad guy" in WWE in 2011? There are ten choices and you can also do a write-in vote in case you think I missed anybody. You can only pick one.2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best HeelAs you can see, John Cena is only eligible in the heel category. He's booked like a face, so he remains in that category only.BEST FEMALE PERFORMERI don't work for WWE...yet. I don't say diva all the time although it is in the title of this post. I am calling it "best female performer" here. Vote on who you think is the best among the ladies in WWE or do a write-in vote if you think I missed anybody. You can pick only one.2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best Female PerformerI put McCool in there because she was active in the first half of the year. Plus, what if the Undertaker is reading this and wanted to vote? I'm caring like that.BEST PHRASE This was a hard category to narrow it down, so I asked my Facebook friends to help remind me of some of the best phrases heard on WWE TV this year. What I did was grabbed 40 of them, put them into this poll and am asking you to pick five phrases that you liked the best from this year. You can even write in a phrase that I missed if you'd like to do that too. Up to you. Once again I want you to select five phrases that you enjoyed the most. Be sure to read all the choices before selecting your five choices.2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best PhraseHonestly that's going to be the hardest category for me to pick just one. It's been a year of some really funny & memorable lines in WWE especially by guys like CM Punk, R-Truth & Booker T, who are personal favorites of mine. You guys can pick five. I only get one choice. OH MY GOODNESS! (That's not a clue.) It's not going to be easy!If you missed the previous polls or want to see the previous two years of the Johnny Awards please check out the archives.The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards. Coming December 19. OH MY GOODNESS~!