The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards are coming on Monday December 19th. We've already had polls up for Best Wrestler, Best Feud & Worst Feud. Now we move onto the best and worst matches of the year. <!--more--> BEST MATCHFirst up is best match. What I did was I went through every PPV, plucked out the ones that I gave the highest star ratings to and I threw them up on the poll. There are also some Raw and Smackdown matches on here as well. The matches are listed in the order in which they occurred over the course of the year. Listed for the match are the competitors, the match type (if there was something special about it) and the PPV or TV show it took place at. There are 20 choices. If there was a way for me to do weighted voting I'd have you pick three, but there isn't, so you are only able to pick one. Good luck trying to narrow it down.

2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best Match

WORST MATCHNext we have worst match. This is tough because it's hard to remember every single bad match in the year because frankly there have been many. I can really only sift through my PPV archives easy and for Raw matches it would take too long to look at them all. These are mostly PPV matches, which is fair because they tend to get more time and should have less of an excuse to be a bad match. There have also been so many bad Kelly/Eve vs. Bellas tag matches that I just put "pick one" for it because I can't remember the dates of them. There were also some bad matches on NXT or maybe even Superstars, but the audience for those shows is so small that I didn't bother looking them up or trying to figure out some that are "worthy" of being honored here. Once again, you can only pick one. So make your vote count.

2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Worst Match

You're encourage to post comments below. I'll use some when the Johnny Awards are posted. If you missed the previous polls or want to see the previous two years of the Johnny Awards please check out the archives. The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards. Coming December 19. OH MY GOODNESS~!