The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards are coming on Monday December 19th. Now we move onto the KTFO & Next Big Thing awards.<!--more-->The KTFO AwardThis award goes to somebody within WWE that most deserves to get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT~!, which of course is the phrase that I use when Big Show knocks somebody out. You can use whatever criteria you want when giving out this award. The vote is yours.

2011 WWE Johnny Awards - The KTFO AwardThe Next Big Thing AwardThis award is named after the nickname that WWE gave Brock Lesnar when he worked there. The NBT Award goes to the performer that you think is going to make a big splash in WWE in the year 2012 and beyond. Last year my winner of this award was Alberto Del Rio. He went on to win the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank and the WWE Title twice. I'd say I got that one right. Candidates for this award are guys that haven't been WWE or World Champion yet although in this case I'll put Ziggler on because his World Title reign didn't even last two hours early this year. It's up to your vote. Who is the Next Big Thing in WWE 2012?2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Next Big Thing AwardI think that one will be the closest vote so far. I'm very interested to see how it turns out. If you missed the previous polls or want to see the previous two years of the Johnny Awards please check out the archives.The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards. Coming December 19. OH MY GOODNESS~!