The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards are coming on Monday December 19th. Now we move onto the Most Memorable Moment & Best Talker awards.<!--more-->The Most Memorable Moment AwardFor this category the nominees are mostly promos or segments that happened on WWE programming this year. Pick the moment that you will most remember 2011 by. Note that there will be a separate award category for favorite phrase used in the year which is why "anal bleeding" "does he have a pulse?" and "don't make me take off my jacket" aren't in this poll. This is more about the moments that happened. If you feel that I missed something then you can add your own.

2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Most Memorable MomentBest TalkerThis one's not hard to define. Who is the best on the microphone when they are given a chance to speak? You can call it the Best Promo Guy or whatever other phrase you may go by. 2011 WWE Johnny Awards - Best TalkerI have a feeling there will be a runaway for that one although a number of people have been very good on the microphone this year too. If you missed the previous polls or want to see the previous two years of the Johnny Awards please check out the archives.The 2011 WWE Johnny Awards. Coming December 19. OH MY GOODNESS~!