[Note: Sorry to those that tried to read this yesterday, there were some site issues. But it's cleared up now, so please rewrite your comments about how I'm a screw up and can't do anything right.]

Hey kids, did you enjoy the Slammys? Did you express yourself on social media juggernaut Twitter to show your disdain for AJ Lee being “buried” all night or just to make Sin Cara Botch jokes? Well if the trending topics were any indication that's what a lot of you did, and some of you were MAD. But hey, it wouldn’t be award season if 300 people with Dolph Ziggler themed Twitter handles didn’t threaten to riot in their living rooms because of the results of a fake sport’s fake award show.

In case you missed out on the event or just want to relive some of the comments that blew up the Twitter machine during the broadcast, I took it upon myself to help you out. Below are the best (and not so best) tweets I could find while combing through the garbage heap that are WWE related hashtags.  I did this because A) It’s click bait and B) I obviously love you guys. But mostly for the click bait.

Anyway, below are the Best (and Not Best) Slammy Award Tweets.


Okay, here are a few to get us warmed up...



The Shield in suits had an...effect. 






Mark Henry's epic snub didn't go unnoticed. 

TJR's own Heather Hickey writing probably the most accurate thing ever.

 Make that second most accurate.

Some people just enjoyed pointing out the obvious... 

 ...Or tweeting my dreams.


With the perfect response. 

Truth D-Bry. Truth.

 Casey points out the most awkward tribute ever...

Some people just see things better than the rest of us... 



Still, the Slammys could've been worse. 


You might be shocked to read this, but WWE's audience isn't the most refined.

 Nor the brightest. I guess he didn't watch one of the 3,000 app tutorials...

 When the alternative is Vince voting from his toilet, I'll take my chances with the fans.

Get this man off the Internet. NOW. 

 The Rock fans were tweeting like...well...Rock fans.



Some of these were just perplexing.  

 Oh look, another Rock fan.

Good reason to vote for someone, I guess. 

 I...I don't even...

I see what you did there...and it was terrible.

 The Slammys were also a good chance for the pervert community make themselves known.


 I don't think this guy understands democracy... 

 Neither does this gal...

Good luck with that, pal.

Thanks, my only knowledge and experience with twins comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

And now, the Slammy for most needlessly insensitive tweet of the evening goes to...

 You are the worst. Sorry, I meant (Not Best). You are the (Not Best) of the (Not Best).  

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