The John Report Site Redesign NotesBy John Canton and Thomas BriggsWelcome to the newly designed! This site originally started on back in November 2009. In March 2010 it moved to, where it has been ever since. What hasn't changed is the look of the site. I've wanted to do something for a while, but a lack of time and knowledge prevented me from doing so. It's here now, though. I'm excited about it.<!--more-->I believe in the "KISS" or "keep it simple stupid" formula that works for companies like Google & Facebook. I don't want a site with too much clutter. I want it to be accessible for everybody, whether they're an experienced internet user or a newer one. I like black text on a white background. The banners we have for columns are there to make them stand out, but not dominate the page. We want you to come here for the written material on the site and we want you to keep coming back for more.I want to personally thank TJR's Thursday Headlines and Sunday Sharpshooter writer Thomas Briggs for his tireless work with regards to the re-design. I'm not much of a web designer. I know the basics. I learn fast, but I don't have the know-how to change things. I knew Thomas was familiar with some things, so over the course of the past few months we talked about doing some changes. He did a great job.Now I'll pass it over to Thomas to explain some of the details involved with the changes to the site.-----------Thanks John.Where to start?  The site redesign talk all began when John and I discussed site navigation through the primary menu at the top of The John Report.  Or, I should say, the lack of navigation through the primary menu.  Going along with John’s KISS philosophy, I believe that everything you’d ever want to find on a site should be easily accessible.  And although navigating The John Report wasn’t too difficult before, it could have been easier.  So I set out to fix that.Working on websites has been a little hobby of mine for a while now, particularly those with Wordpress as a CMS (content management system).  One of the great things about Wordpress is the depth and flexibility of its menu system.  So I suggested to John that we overhaul the top menu, and make it the primary means for navigation, rather than relying on the right sidebar.John wanted to do more, so I began to work on a test site.  There’s a lot here that has changed that will probably go unnoticed.  The framework that TJR is now using is far more powerful than before, and it’s rich in features.  Right now, the site looks very similar to before, and that’ll most likely stay that way for some time.  But if John ever wants to do more with the site, the ability is there.The menu is more intuitive than before, the site has a more polished look, share buttons have finally been added (share us with your friends and family!), subscribing to the site is a painless process, redundancies have been removed, and everything as a whole should work better.  Take some time to browse around and look at the changes.Of course, there’s bound to be unwelcomed changes whenever there’s an overhaul.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it, there was a lot involved in getting this theme working with The John Report.  A week ago I texted John that I was brilliant, after figuring out a work-around that would simply allow me to upload the style-sheets.  I spent a full day racking my brain over that one.  Hell, up until twelve hours ago, I thought about pushing back the launch because certain pages wigged out when using Internet Explorer (seriously though, who still uses IE? Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are all superior choices), but I worked on it, and things got ironed out.  I’m not saying this so everyone can marvel at my hard work (though that would be nice!), but rather to explain that I’m the kind of person who is persistent in fixing issues.  If there’s something you find, don’t hesitate to notify me.Thoughts and opinions? Share them with us!This redesign is a work in progress, and you're likely to see a number of tweaks in the next few days.  Pardon our dust.  We hope you enjoy the new look!  And be sure to check out the site tonight for my live coverage of Elimination Chamber!