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The WWE Champion Randy Orton made his entrance to start the show. The announcers for the show are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and John Bradshaw Layfield. The special guest host is former NFL All-Pro and current talk show host Michael Strahan. Also announced is CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper in a handicap match.

Orton spoke for about 30 seconds saying we owe him an apology for doubting him. He introduced us to suit wearing couple known as The Authority: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Hunter said that ten years ago he knew that Orton had the potential to be one of the greatest superstars in the history of WWE. Fans chanted boring during his match, yet that's greatness. Stephanie said it was nice when Hunter and her are proven right. Orton was mad that they came down to the ring as the crowd chanted "Daniel Bryan" during Hunter's speech. The crowd was chanting "yes" as Orton told them to shut up as he said he can take care of himself. He bragged about his success, said nobody can take anything away from him and of course that was the cue for John Cena.

The World Champion John Cena entered the ring to join the promo fest. Cena introduced himself to Orton as if he didn't know who he was. Cena asked them to listen to the people. He mentioned the fans are sick of the administrative BS, which is why they chant for Daniel Bryan. Cena said Orton wondered who is champion and the way Cena sees it they are two champions. Cena believes there should be only one champion. Orton complained to Hunter. Cena told him to leave them out of it. Cena officially challenged Orton for the World Championship and WWE Championship. Stephanie said they had been talking about it. Hunter told Randy to grow up. Hunter said they're going to do something epic. At TLC they will hang the World Title and the WWE Title above the ring in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. There wasn't a huge reaction to it. It was mild. Hunter's music played as the segment ended.

Analysis: They teased on Sunday and they made it official one night later. I'm surprised that they would do it so suddenly. I figured they might save it for a few months and perhaps even do it at WrestleMania. I don't mind seeing it in three weeks. It makes TLC a bigger deal. Yes, we've seen Orton vs. Cena many times in different types of settings, but not in a TLC match. I love TLC matches, so I'm optimistic about it. As far as predictions go, I think the heel winning makes more sense than anything, but it's hard to go against Cena. We have three weeks to figure it out.

Up next is Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield.


The Shield made their entrance as the announcers made a point to talk about how incredible Roman Reigns was at Survivor Series with four eliminations and lasting as the sole survivor.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Goldust, Cody Rhodes & Rey Mysterio

I wonder how many six man tag matches featuring the Shield that I've written about in the last year since their debut? Trust me I enjoy them. The Shield isolated Goldust early. Nice uppercut punch by Goldust. Goldust gave Rollins a back body drop over the top to the floor. Reigns tagged in with a big clothesline for two as they went to break a couple minutes into the match.


Back from break, The Shield was still isolating. Somebody must have told him they're back from break because Goldust made the hot tag to Mysterio. Rey hit a seated senton off the top and Rollins got up from a 619 attempt. They collided with a cross body at the same time. Rollins vs. Mysterio would be an incredible singles match by the way. Cody and Ambrose tagged in with Cody hitting the Alabama Slam for two as Reigns broke it up. Reigns hit a Spear out of nowhere on Mysterio and Goldust. The crowd is popping big for the Spear of Reigns, which is a great sign for his future.  Cody was legal, so he hit a dropkick on Reigns followed by a Disaster Kick. Cody wanted to give Rollins the Cross Rhodes, but Ambrose saved his partner and delivered his front facelock DDT for the pinfall victory after 9 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Analysis: **1/2 That was an entertaining six man tag like usual. I love how they gave Reigns those moments in the spotlight because the crowd is reacting huge to the Spear every time he does it. The Spear to Mysterio was especially great because Rey was bouncing off the ropes with a lot of speed. Perfect timing. There were no signs of dissention during the match from The Shield.

Michael Strahan is up next. You can also pick a stipulation for a Ziggler vs. Sandow match: Strong Island Street Fight, Long Island Lumberjack Match or Hamptons Hardcore Match. The vote is on the WWE App of course.


The Miz was in the ring for a Miz TV segment. His guest is 7 time Pro Bowler, former star Defensive End Michael Strahan of the New York Giants, Fox TV analyst and co-host of Live with Kelly & Michael. Instead of Strahan, it was Titus O'Neil in a suit. He had a gap in his teeth like Strahan. He sucked up to Miz. Miz sucked up to him and he asked about the gap in his teeth. He smiled to show the gap as Miz said that gap is wider than the Giants in the playoffs. Miz said it was just a joke.

The real Michael Strahan walked out. He said he was there to have fun. Strahan made a tag team match: Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show and John Cena. That's a big tag match worthy of the main event. I'm sure Teddy Long approves. Miz wondered if Strahan could hack it in WWE. Strahan said Kelly Ripa is tougher than him. Strahan said there was a bad dude behind his suit. Miz wondered if Strahan could handle a hip toss. Titus moved the chairs out of the way. Titus said he's available if Michael doesn't make it through this. That was funny. Miz tried to do a hiptoss, but Michael blocked it. Michael blocked it again. Miz challenged him, Michael blocked the hiptoss again and Michael gave Miz a hiptoss. Titus did the millions of dollars dance with Michael and then Michael gave him a hiptoss. All three guys did the dance together.

Analysis: Strahan is a good fit in WWE. He's a big guy with a great personality. I always liked him on the Giants and he's a perfect fit on TV as well. That segment went about ten minutes. I'm sure WWE will be happy if it gets them some press in mainstream media. With all of that said, it was not a great segment by any means. If I wasn't writing about the show I would have hit fast forward.

The announcers plugged the WWE App and I tuned them out. If you're playing a Raw drinking game, take a sip for that one.

We have TJR Radio on Tuesday night at 10pmET with former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas joining us. We'll talk current WWE stories and ask him some questions from his 20 year WWE career as well. You can listen live or on demand right here or get it on iTunes on Wednesday as well.  


Curtis Axel and Ryback vs. Big E Langston and Mark Henry

Langston and Henry are two really strong dudes. That's for damn sure. Ryback hit a spinebuster and splash on Langston while the crowd chanted "Goldberg" at him. The heels made quick tags as they focused on Langston. Belly to belly by Langston led to a tag to Henry. JYD headbutt by Henry on Axel and then a powerslam. Langston took out Ryback with a clothesline. Henry with a World's Strongest Slam to win in three minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Big E Langston and Mark Henry

Analysis: * It was basically a squash tag team match. The heels had offense for a bit, but when Henry tagged in it was all over. Lawler remarked that they could be the "World's Strongest Team." Langston's better off as a singles wrestler at this point, but I don't mind seeing them team up once in a while.

There's a rematch of the 7 on 7 elimination tag with the divas up next.


There was a replay of the first promo and then a reminder of the main event tag match to come later.

Elimination Tag Match: Natalya, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie & Jojo vs. AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Aksana, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox

Brie hit the Bella Buster on Aksana and eliminated her after about a minute. I'm not making a special note of all the eliminations. The Bellas did a roll through leg lock on Rosa and that was enough to pin her. That was a finisher? Wow. Funkadactyls double leg drop on Tamina. Naomi hit a sloppy neckbreaker. Tamina came back with a superkick to eliminate Naomi. Cameron went for a cross body block off the top, but Tamina caught her and hit a Samoan Drop to eliminate her. Natalya entered for her team as Tamina threw her jacket in Natalya's face. Nattie by Nature clothesline, then a suplex by Natalya and a body slam. She tagged in Jojo, who covered Tamina to eliminate her. So Tamina was eliminated by a body slam. Yes, a body slam. Jojo went for some pinfalls on Alicia, but that didn't work because Alicia finished her with a backbreaker. Eva Marie tagged in to boos. Alicia went for a rollup, but Eva sat on top of her while her arm was under the ropes and the ref still counted.

It's now Natalya, Brie, Nikki & Eva Marie vs. Kaitlyn, AJ Lee & Summer Rae. Kaitlyn went at it with Natalya, which was a battle won by Natalya as she applied the Sharpshooter. Kaitlyn tapped out. AJ rolled up Natalya to eliminate her. Brie hit AJ in the back with a dropkick that was pretty sloppy. Bella Buster eliminated AJ. Summer Rae is last for her team against Nikki, Brie and Eva Marie. Summer danced. Nikki tagged in to do the reverse worm. Summer tried to do it, but she couldn't do it. Summer tried to escape. The other girls wouldn't let her. Nikki put her in the Torture Rack, Lawler: "best rack I've ever seen." Wow. What a classy line! Anyway, she hit a backbreaker and pinned Summer to eliminate her. The whole thing went about 9 minutes.

Winners: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella & Eva Marie

Analysis: 1/2* There were some ridiculous pinfall sequences in there, but that's what happens when you go 7 on 7 elimination style. The faces won just like they did at Survivor Series. I thought the Survivor Series match was the better of the two.

They replayed the Broadway Brawl match from last week for some reason. Sandow vs. Ziggler with a stipulation up next.


The Slammy Awards are in two weeks on December 9. It's usually one of the worst booked shows of the year with bad comedy segments thrown in. I know some fans like the idea of it and I think if booked right it could be a fun concept. The problem is in the execution. My annual WWE Johnny Awards column (I think 5th year of them) will likely go up December 19. I like to wait until after the TLC PPV. Here's are the 2012 Johnny Awards if you want to re-live all that glory.

Damien Sandow was in the ring with Jerry Lawler. Sandow took the microphone from Lawler. He said he's above a match like this. He should not be forced to compete under circus-like conditions determined by the half-wits in the audience. Winner: Hamptons Hardcore Match with 37%. The Street Fight got 32% and Lumberjack got 31%. Ringside attendants set up tennis rackets, golf balls, oars and other things. The Hamptons is an area for rich people. Ziggler was wearing a John Tavares New York Islanders jersey to suck up to the crowd.

Hamptons Hardcore Match: Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sandow took off the Islanders jersey and Ziggler had on a Zack Ryder shirt. Sandow took that shirt off as he whipped Sandow into a garbage can. Ziggler threw Sandow into the security wall and then gave him a hard clothesline outside the ring. Sandow jumped off the barricade with a forearm shot. Ziggler put the trash can on Sandow. He followed that up with a dropkick. They went to break there.


Back from break, Sandow was in control. He hit the Elbow of Disdain. Ziggler made a comeback by using the fire extinguisher to the face. That led to a corner splash by Ziggler followed by the punches in the corner and then a neckbreaker. Ziggler hit him with an oar and then a Fameasser for two. Sandow hit Ziggler in the face with a garbage can followed by a slam into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Ziggler came back with a DDT right on a steel chair that was in the ring, which got a two count. Sandow avoided a corner splash, hit Ziggler in the back with that oar and then a You're Welcome slam onto a trash can. Sandow covered for the win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Damien Sandow

Analysis: **1/2 They worked hard and had an entreating matchup. I assume that Sandow winning this match means they will have a third match next week since Ziggler won last week. It's a shame that these two aren't higher up the card. They're both very talented workers who put on consistently good performances even with silly props as part of the match.

The announcers talked about the Christmas Bounty starring The Miz that is on ABC Family all month for Christmas season. Francia Raisa is the co-star of the movie and she's there at ringside. I've never heard of her.

Santino was talking to Strahan. Erick Rowan walked up to him with a sheep mask. He gave Strahan a mask. Strahan put on the mask. They stared at each other. Then at the camera. Rowan left. Strahan wondered why Santino left. Santino gave Strahan a smaller mask and to put the mask on the turkey. Then he left.

Analysis: What an odd comedy segment that wasn't really funny. I don't like seeing stuff like that with a Wyatt Family member. They should be kept away from the others. It takes away the aura to see them interacting with a guest host.


The lovely Renee Young was in the ring to interview CM Punk. He received a big ovation like usual. There were "CM Punk" chants. She also introduced Daniel Bryan. Loud "yes" chants of course.

Punk asked if they survived at Survivor Series. Bryan yelled yes. Punk kept asking questions that set up Bryan to answer with a yes. He said the silver lining was that they could get their hands on Wyatt. "Is it weird that we all have our microphones and Renee isn't asking any questions?" That was a good line by Punk. Punk wondered what their team name should be. The Goat ("Greatest of All Teams") or "The Beard and the Beast." Bryan was confused because that wasn't a yes or no questions.  Punk talked about how they could put any team against them and they will beat them. He ran through the names of a bunch of teams. He managed to run through all the ring names used by his buddy Colt Cabana as well. Punk also took a shot at Triple H and creative by bringing up all the handicap matches of late. Bryan asked Punk what time it was. "It's Clobbering Time!"

Analysis: That was a fun joint promo by my two favorite performers in WWE. Punk spoke really fast and was fired up, so it was hard to capture everything in the promo. I enjoyed it a lot. What is the fascination with handicap matches anyway? Punk has barely mentioned Triple H since Hunter went heel, so that's a good sign. They really have been doing them a lot.

The Wyatt Family made their entrance as the show went to break.


CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

There are a lot of serious beards in this match. Rowan slowed down a Bryan attack with a hard back elbow. Bryan ducked a Harper clothesline and hit a leaping clothesline of his own. Punk and Bryan took turns unleashing offense on Harper, who is clearly the most liked among WWE officials since he's had singles matches with Punk & Bryan in recent weeks. Wyatt delivered an uppercut to Bryan after tagging in. Hard slam by Rowan on Bryan, but then he missed a big boot. That led to Punk tagging in with a boot to the face of Rowan followed by a high running knee. Punk took out Rowan with a dive between the middle and top rope. Who was sitting right at ringside? Linda McMahon! Here's a screencap of that. Back in the ring, Punk hit the flying elbow off the top rope for two. Punk was distracted by the other Wyatt Family members, so Rowan picked him up and threw him over the top rope. It was a unique toss over the top. There's your vintage floor to commercial break.  


The heels had Punk isolated in their corner as they returned from a break. Gator Roll by Luke "yeahyeahyeah" Harper. He's fun and he just drilled Punk with an uppercut too. Bearhug by Rowan. Punk broke free with a roundhouse kick. Hot tag to Daniel Bryan, who kicked Wyatt on the apron and then hit him with the Flying Goat dive outside the ring. Harper was the legal man, so Bryan nailed him with a missile dropkick. Hurricanrana by Bryan. He applied the Yes Lock, but Rowan was there to break it. Bryan tripped him up and hit dropkicks on Harper as well as Rowan. Sitout slam by Harper for two as Punk made the save. All five guys were in the ring brawling, so the referee rang the bell for the DQ finish. The crowd booed as the bell rang after 14 minutes of action.

Match Result - Double Disqualification

Analysis: **1/2 It was really fun when they picked up the pace towards the end there. I think they'll likely do this match again down the road, which is why they went double DQ for the finish. As I wrote about in the Survivor Series review, I like the dynamic of Punk and Bryan teaming together against bigger guys. They know how to put on an entertaining match.

Post match, the Wyatt Family focused on Bryan. Harper drilled Punk with a discus clothesline although the camera missed it. We know because Cole told us. Rowan carried Bryan to the back while the others walked up the ramp with him. They went to back with Bryan.

Punk struggled to get out of the ring. When he made it outside the ring, Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere with a huge Spear! That was incredible. I didn't expect that to happen. Nice "Push Ambrose" sign right there too. They went into the ring for the Three Man Powerbomb on Punk.

Analysis: The Wyatt Family focused on Bryan while The Shield took out Punk. Our heroes have no friends apparently. I thought that Spear by Reigns was incredible. It's interesting to note that Punk hasn't had too much interaction against The Shield during their one year on the scene. He was a heel for half of their run, then he came back as a face and has been in other storylines. I'm not sure if this is going to lead to Wyatt vs. Bryan and Reigns vs. Punk, but that could happen at least as a long term direction. Wait and see. Best part of the show so far.


Replay of the segment before.

The Miz was watching Christmas Bounty with his co-star backstage. She wished him luck.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

It's a rematch of the Kickoff Show match that I didn't watch on Sunday. Miz won that match. They teased a handshake, but they both slapped each other at the same time instead. Kingston had the advantage early on with a hip toss. The crowd was quiet for this. Dropkick and clothesline by Kingston sent Miz outside the ring. The announcers talked about other stuff as Miz took control with a boot to the ribs. Seriously, the crowd is so dead for this match. Leaping clothesline by Kingston as the announcers talked about Thanksgiving Smackdown because nobody cares about this match. Kingston wanted Trouble in Paradise, Miz blocked it and Kingston hit the SOS for two. Cross body block off the top by Kingston for two. Miz hooked his arms for the cover and that was enough to win after 5 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: The Miz

Analysis: *1/2 It was a short match just to give Miz another win over Kingston. Miz isn't fully a heel. Maybe Kingston is going heel? I wouldn't mind it. I prefer if Miz is the heel, though. I'd be fine if both of them turned and they formed a tag team to be honest. The fans didn't care about the match and it sounded like the announcers didn't care either.

Mick Foley was the salesman for this week. He was dressed as Mick Foley and also Dude Love, who delivered a good line about Mick Foley not knowing how to sell anything. He did a promo as Mankind too. That was fun.

The main event of Cena & Show vs. Del Rio & Orton is coming up.


Jerry Lawler interviewed a fan at ringside, Charlie Tebele, who was a Superstars for Sandy auction winner. They had people donate money and were rewarded with prizes like this. Charlie said his wrestling name was "The Kosher Butcher" and they had a shirt for Lawler. His finisher name would be "The Circumcision." JBL wondered why he would ask about that.

R-Truth did a hype promo for Xavier Woods, who entered along with the Funkadactyls as a favor by Brodus Clay. Woods danced with the Funkadactyls on their way to the ring. Flash Funk is jealous.

Xavier Woods (w/R-Truth) vs. Heath Slater (w/Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal)

I think there was a "Kosher Butcher" chant and also "Circumcision." I guess that guy that donated that money got his money's worth. Slater bounced Woods' head off the top rope. Headlock by Slater as Truth fired up the crowd. Woods came back with a series of punches, a flying forearm and a dropkick. Forward roll into a clothesline. Lost in the Woods finished it after about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Xavier Woods

Post match, Woods celebrated with The Kosher Butcher in the crowd.

Analysis: *1/2 The announcers talked about how this was an upset because it was his first singles match on Raw. They put Slater out there for years, have him lose the majority of his matches and then say it's an upset when he loses. Woods has a bright future. Teaming him with Truth is a good idea, but pushing him as a singles wrestler would be fine too.

They aired a clip from the History of WWE DVD focusing on Saturday Night's Main Event. I have the DVD, but didn't get around to watching it yet. I look forward to the documentary portion of it.

Backstage, the Bella Twins had Michael Strahan sign footballs. They said they were Philadelphia Eagles fans. They were rivals with Strahan's NY Giants. The Funkadactyls asked Strahan to sign footballs. Eva Marie showed up. She just told him to watch Total Divas because she's selfish like that. Goldust showed up and did his chomp before leaving.

Analysis: I only liked the Goldust part. It's good to see Brie Bella is fine after her fiancée Daniel Bryan got abducted by three creepy guys. It's like that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine stopped to get Jujyfruit before visiting her boyfriend in the hospital. They did release a Tout video at least to try to cover it. Yes, Tout still exists.

There was a WWE 2K14 video game poll asking who The Rock's best WrestleMania opponent was: Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan or John Cena. Austin got 66% of the vote as he should. Cena got 27% and Hogan got 6%. At least the fans got that right.

Backstage, Michael Strahan told Cena to do his thing and that he'll be watching. Main event is next.


The four men taking part in the main event entered individually with Orton and Del Rel Rio as the first two. Big Show and John Cena were the last two with Show running down to the ring. He got punted on Sunday, yet here he was in a match on Monday.

John Cena and Big Show vs. Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio

Show hit the big chop on Del Rio and then a headbutt, which led to Orton tagging in. More chops by Show from Orton. Orton was still in trouble as they went to break. Nothing really happened in those first few minutes of the match.


The heels isolated Cena with Del Rio working on his arm. Cena avoided a corner charge. This crowd really wasn't very loud. Del Rio hit a leaping enziguiri with Cena perched on the top rope. Orton got some shots in on Cena. The announcers mentioned Orton's an 11 time World Champion while Cena is a 14 time World Champion. If they didn't have two titles for the past 11 years would either guy have more than 10 reigns? I doubt it. Maybe Cena. Del Rio got a nearfall and then he missed a charge with Cena up against the ropes. Cena made the hot tag to Show, who hit Del Rio with clotheslines and a back body drop. Show missed a corner charge as Del Rio hit a dropkick to the knee and then a side kick to the head. Show sold it like he was groggy while the camera focused in on Orton's demonic smile on the apron. The ref checked on Show. Another hard kick by Del Rio, which Show kicked out of. Show went for a tag, but he was in the wrong corner. Orton delivered a knee to the head for two. Orton applied a chinlock as the doctor went into the ring to check on Show. The doctor helped Show to his feet as the match continued. Orton attacked, Show choked him and Orton fought back with a DDT. Orton wanted a Punt, but Show hit a Spear to take down Orton.

Hot tag to Cena and also Del Rio as Cena hit the shoulder tackles as well as the spinning slam. Del Rio came back with a backbreaker as the doctor checked on Big Show. Cross Armbreaker by Del Rio. Cena rolled through. He applied the STF. Del Rio tapped out within about three seconds. The match went 16 minutes.

Winners by submission: John Cena and Big Show

Analysis: **1/2 It was fine for the time given, but a "major" tag match should be better. There weren't many believable nearfalls. Orton didn't even try to save his partner at the end. It just felt like a regular match instead of something that is supposed to be a big deal. At least they had Show sell the effects of the Punt by Orton because putting him out there in a match the day after doesn't really help Orton's move. In the end, Cena beats Del Rio like he always does. The crowd barely reacted to anything in the match. I don't blame them for being dead for some parts of the show, but for a main event I figured they would make more noise. I hope WWE is listening.

Post match, Cena was checking on Show when Del Rio attacked again. Cena countered the Cross Armbreaker with the Attitude Adjustment. That was just a setup for Orton to hit Cena in the head with the WWE Title. Orton brought the World Title in the ring. Orton posed with both championships. The show ended with Orton standing over the fallen Cena with both championships in his hands.

Analysis: Cena gets the win. Orton leaves him laying. That's a predictable, common ending that WWE does all the time. There's nothing wrong with it. That's the usual.

I noticed that Lawler said "championship belt" during that last minute. There have been reports over the years that Vince McMahon has made it clear not to say the word belt because that's what holds up a pair of pants. He wants them to say championship or title.


Three Stars of the Show

1. CM Punk

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Roman Reigns


The Scoreboard

4.5 out of 10

Last week: 4.5

2013 Average: 5.79

2013 High: 8.5 (August 27)

2013 Low: 3.5 (January 28)

Last 5 Weeks: 4.5, 6.5, 5, 6.5, 6


Final Thoughts

It was a below average show with few highlights. The WWE product is not as entertaining as it could be. That's for damn sure. I hope things get better soon. It's been a struggle since SummerSlam.

In terms of match, three tag matches were solid. None were that special. They were rushed or without a great finish.

The most memorable moment was that Spear that Reigns hit on Punk and the abduction of Daniel Bryan, which was never really followed up on.

Some of the comedy on this show was as bad as it gets for wrestling. I don't know who writes the jokes or who approves of them, but it was awful at some points.

I really think WWE needs to listen to their audience. The two babyfaces that get the biggest reactions are Punk and Bryan. They were not into Cena's match. Big Show barely gets anything at this point. Listen to the fans. Give the people what they want.

One of the highlights of the show for me? There was a "Poutsa Megalh" sign on Raw all night. Go to 3:18 on this video to see it on the left part of the screen. It was in Greek writing. (The "H" letter in Greek is like an "I" in English.) It's a Greek phrase for...well...a big dick. If it was in English it wouldn't have been there all show that's for sure. Then again there was a Big Dick Dudley in wrestling so you never know. Shoutout to all my fellow Greeks out there.


We have TJR Radio on Tuesday night at 10pmET with former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas joining us. We'll talk current WWE stories and ask him some questions from his 20 year WWE career as well. You can listen live or on demand right here or get it on iTunes on Wednesday as well.  

I don't think I'll have another column before Raw next week. I might even take next week off or just write a shorter version of this column (like 1000 words instead of 5000). I'm not sure at this point. Just need a bit of a break.

To my American friends, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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