Welcome to The Last Round, episode 40 of our weekly episodic podcast.  We took the move from TJR Sports to TJR Wrestling and will be posting our weekly podcast updates on this site and we thank the powers that be to let us post on this site.  

If you know anything about us or don't know anything about us, we'll fill you in on a secret.  We are nerds at heart and this week is one of the biggest nerd weeks around in the form of the San Diego Comic-Con.  A good chunk of this show will be focused on Comic-Con and talking about the various panels that peak our interest. From Arrow, Marvel, Simpsons, Turtles to WWE, we'll pretty much hit up everything we can think of that will be awesome sauce at this year's Comic-Con.

In the wonderful world of sports there's really not a whole lot going on right now.  NFL teams are starting to get into training camp which means we all get to ooo and aah at the top drafted rookies. Speaking of rookies, did you know Johnny Football has the best selling jersey in the NFL? We'll talk about some NFL stuff as we get closer and closer to the season.

We're trying a new thing and each week we do a top 5 list.  Last week was a top 5 collectible statues list and this week we are doing a top 5 comic based world you would want to live in.  We encourage listeners to participate with our lists and give us your top 5 list and we'll read them on the show.  You can post your list or message them to us at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LastRoundRadio.

So check us out this week as the show will be archived on Thursday and can be heard at http://radioinfluence.com/ or on ITunes and Stitcher.