The Mid-week Breakdown: Welcome Back (Again)by Cody Dodson Happy New Year everybody! With the brand new year comes an actual title and even a banner for your favorite Wednesday column. Welcome to the new and improved Midweek Breakdown! I’m a bit hazy after my New Years Eve celebration. Did something big happen on Raw or what? I heard something about some dude returning and a few people are talking about it. No big deal, I guess. Wait a second; I must be on crack or something. Of course it was a big deal and EVERYBODY is talking about it. As many people predicted, Chris Jericho made his return on Monday’s Raw Supershow. It was a return full of spectacle, epicness, awesomeness, and...It was a bit awkward.<!--more-->I’m going to withhold from giving a lengthy commentary on Y2J’s return “promo.” All I can say is that I’m happy just to see him back on WWE television. I trust that he will take us on an incredible journey, just as he always has. The segment was awkward and weird for a reason, mark my words. I will say one thing, though. I marked out. I knew it was coming, but I still marked out. Debuts and returns in wrestling will do that to a fan. It got me thinking about some of the other debuts and returns we have seen over the years. I went on Youtube to check some of them out, and it was a nice trip down memory lane. I’d like to present you with some of my favorites. As is often the case with my lists, these will be in no particular order.Undertaker, Wrestlemania 20I have always been a fan of the phenom known as The Undertaker. He was one of the first wrestlers I ever saw on WWE programming and he was also one of the main reasons I switched from WCW to WWF when I was younger. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, his presence is just awe inspiring. I’m talking about the Deadman gimmick. I despised the American Badass biker Undertaker. To me, that wasn’t The Undertaker I knew and loved. He was no longer the man whose entrance sent chills down my spine. He had transformed into a normal man. Yes, he was still bigger and more intimidating than most other wrestlers, but it just wasn’t the same. This character change, combined with the Steve Austin issues of 2002 and The Rock periodically leaving to make movies, actually led me to become disillusioned with wrestling. You can then imagine my excitement leading up to Wrestlemania 20. It was clear that The Undertaker was returning as the one and only Deadman. Finally, one of my favorite characters of all time would be reappearing as he should be. To say I marked out when the lights went out would be an understatement. My friends and I actually stood up in my living room and clapped. We were so excited to see the Deadman once again, and it’s a return that I will never forget.I think he even had a match afterwards too.The Rock, February 2011 RawThis has to be one of the most shocking returns I’ve ever seen. Several of the dirt sheets put the rumor out there the weekend before he came back that it might be The Rock, but it was far from confirmed. I didn’t believe that he would ever return. In fact, if it weren’t for Dwayne Johnson himself posting “FINALLY!” along with a picture of The Rock on his Facebook page, then I would have been even more shocked. But even as all the lights went out and electricity pulsed on the screens, I half expected a Justin Bieber song to play or something equally lame to happen. Nope. It was him, the man who we all had been begging to see in a WWE ring just one more time. The ovation he received that evening was unbelievable. Watch the video and you’ll have trouble hearing his music because the crowd was so loud. It’s an ovation that just keeps going. People just keep cheering. Once the crowd allowed him to speak, it became clear that The Rock had not lost a beat whatsoever. He cut one of the greatest return promos of all time and set in motion a feud that would/will make history. It took 7 years to happen, but damn was it worth it.Chris Jericho, August 1999 and November 2007 RawI was a big fan of both Y2J’s debut and return in WWE. The Countdown to the Millennium clock had been going on for a few weeks and it was a good device to ensure that the end result would be heavily anticipated. The brilliant thing was that it ended during a segment with The Rock. What better way to make a splash upon your debut than to interrupt the biggest star in the company? This was before the Internet ruined everything, so most people didn’t know that Jericho would be the one to appear when the clock ran out. You can tell by their reaction when Jericho’s name appeared on the titantron. It’s a big pop, which is significant because like the true master that he is, Jericho gets them to boo him within 5 minutes of his debut. His promo sounded a bit like a shoot on WWE. It’s interesting to note the differences between back then and today. When Jericho talked trash in 1999 about WWE being boring, he got booed heavily. When CM Punk cut his shoot promo, he was a hero. I wonder why that is? Hmm. Anyways, this was an awesome debut. It’s a shame that he then had to follow that up with a feud with Chyna.Jericho’s return in 2007 was one of the worst-kept secrets in wrestling. He even used those words to describe the situation in an interview at one point. It didn’t matter. We all knew it was coming, but it didn’t make the moment any less special. It was just good, cheesy fun. That ridiculous running guy, Orton having a celebration for himself, it was all just ridiculous. I loved when the code was broken and the letters on screen changed to SAVE_US.Y2J. The crowd was excited to have him back, as you can hear them attempt to cheer along with the sound of the numbers in his countdown. The promo he cut was a feel good moment full of catchphrases, but that’s okay. It was all about having fun with this return. In an era where I was consistently bored by Randy Orton, I was beyond happy to see Jericho come back to save us all.Kane, Badd Blood 1997For months we had been hearing that The Undertaker’s brother Kane was on his way. Five months, to be exact. That’s a Hell of a long time to hype somebody’s debut, isn’t it? It is by today’s standards. Back then, it worked. I knew that eventually Kane would show up and wreak absolute havoc for the Undertaker. What a debut it was. The entrance itself seems dull compared to some of today’s debuts and returns, but it worked wonders back then. The lights go out, eerie music starts (I still love his old theme), and the arena is bathed in red light. Fire shoots out, and we see this monster walking to the ring with Paul Bearer. The thing that really stands out for me with this debut is how the Undertaker reacted. It was the first time I ever saw him show fear. For all his supernatural capabilities, he has a very humanized reaction to seeing this behemoth, especially when Kane launches his trademark fire from the ring posts for the first time. I remember being in awe when he did that, as well as when he ripped the door off the cage. It all adds up to one of the best and most memorable debuts in WWE history.Brodus Clay, Raw June 2018 This will be awesome, I just know it. Video on the way, just be patient!These are some of my favorite returns and debuts of all time. What do you think? What would your list look like? Feel free to comment below, and you can always post links to videos of your favorites. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well. As always, thanks for reading.Cody