The Midweek Breakdown: 10 Random Thoughts by Cody DodsonHello TJR faithful and welcome to another edition of the Midweek Breakdown. I am your eleventh favorite columnist and your host, Cody Dodson. Today I’m going to do something that I like to do every once in a while and just talk about some random thoughts I have regarding what’s going on in WWE. Most weeks I like to take one or two topics and take an in-depth look at them. This week, I’m going to share some quick thoughts on a lot of different topics. There’s been a lot going on, so let’s get started.<!--more-->1) One of the biggest items of discussion in WWE land is Chris Jericho’s return. You’ve all seen or heard about what he has done during the past two weeks of Raw. My personal opinion is that it’s bizarre yet awesome. They’re keeping it unpredictable, and that’s something we don’t see enough of in wrestling these days. I think we all expected Jericho to come out in a suit and cut a heel promo this week. Instead, he cried. I thought it was funny, and it intrigued me as to what he will do next. The people who are negative about this gimmick are calling it a waste of time. While I can understand what they’re saying, I have enough trust in Y2J that the payoff will be worth it in the end. Hopefully their opinions will change when they see the end result. Also, I love the fact that his titantron is nothing but him smiling during his return.2) I’m equally intrigued by the heel turn of Daniel Bryan. I have a feeling this one is going to be a very slow burn. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping it will be. In case you haven’t noticed, WWE likes to rush things. They’ve made a habit of it over the years. For somebody of Daniel Bryan’s level, a well executed turn takes weeks of buildup. When I refer to his level, what I mean is that a sudden turn would not be effective with him. He’s not a hugely over face. He gets cheers, but he’s not The Rock or Hulk Hogan. When they turned heel, it was a huge shocker and nobody could believe it because they were hugely over faces. If Bryan turned heel suddenly, people wouldn’t be as shocked because he’s not getting huge reactions. Instead, they need to slowly build up to him joining the dark side, and I think that’s what they’re doing. It’s all very subtle. He’s still acting like a face for the most part, just with some cocky qualities thrown in. I expect these to grow over time until eventually he’s just being a straight-up dick. I’m really interested to see what type of heel he is going to be. Will he be an arrogant coward, like most heels his size? Or will they play up the fact that he can make anybody tap at any time and have him be confident and stand up to his opponents? The second option is interesting. A small guy who acts like a jerk but isn’t a coward when it comes time to fight. He has the skills to pull it off; I just hope that WWE stays on board with him.3) Brodus Clay’s re-debut was freaking great. He has the potential to turn into a major guilty pleasure. Everyone has been so focused on his clothing, music, and dancing that not a lot of people have been talking about my personal favorite part of it all, which was the live commentary he did. For some reason, I cracked up when he said “Suplex, baby!” before doing just that. I’d like to see him yell out all his moves. Suplex, baby! Running fat guy smash, baby! Hip gyration sexy time, baby!4) Can Jinder Mahal just go away? The guy gets ZERO heat, and for good reason. How many times have we seen the “evil foreigner” schtick at this point? It’s tired, it’s been done plenty of times, and Mahal certainly doesn’t add anything new to it. The guy doesn’t have much to offer in the way of discernable talent. He’s not a good wrestler and he certainly doesn’t get heat by talking. I know he has a good look, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, that alone probably means he will ultimately be shoved down our throats faster than… I can’t think of a punchline, but it probably would involve Kelly Kelly taking things down her throat.5) Kudos to WWE for eliminating Vengeance from their pay-per-view schedule, bringing the grand total down to 12. I’ve written before how I’d like to see them go down to 8 or even 10, but that’s a pipe dream. We’ll never see less than one a month. I’m okay with that. I think that the company finally realized that having that many big shows in that time period was actually hurting the buyrate. Survivor Series only got about 15,000 more buys from last year, and it was The Rock’s first match in seven years. The numbers should have been a lot higher, but people aren’t willing to shell out $150 in the span of six weeks to watch wrestling. This should also allow WWE to give Survivor Series the proper attention and buildup that it deserves, and hopefully once again make it an event on the same level as Royal Rumble or Summerslam. Regardless of what happens, it’s a smart decision by WWE.6) We saw Zack Ryder brush his teeth and then change a tire on Raw. Apparently the creative team thinks we’re interested in seeing wrestlers do mundane life activities. Perhaps next week on Raw we will see Mason Ryan watch his favorite episodes of The Biggest Loser. Or we could watch John Laurinaitis eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Perhaps we will see Hunico sit on the toilet while reading Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul. The possibilities are endless!7) I was disappointed to hear that the WWE Network has likely been pushed back from April to the fall season. I know a lot of people are looking for it to be a bust, but I am genuinely excited about the prospect of the network. What I hope this means is that the WWE is committed to giving us quality programming and that they realized they need more time to develop it. For the network to be successful, it can’t just be reruns of the shows we watch on a weekly basis. We need original programming, commentary and interviews from the superstars themselves, and other things that we just can’t see anywhere else. Airing the DVD documentaries and last week’s episode of Raw just won’t cut it. Hopefully WWE is taking the extra time to develop these new series.8) Brandon Stroud of With Leather made an excellent point in his Best and Worst of WWE Raw article (check it out, it’s a funny read). The women have a stronger tag team division than the men do. If you count Kelly Kelly and Eve as a team, you also have Pin-Up Strong, the Bellas, and the Chickbusters. I’d love to see some of the FCW talent brought up to form some new tag teams. They certainly have the right guys to do it. Unfortunately, with each passing year, I think that tag team wrestling truly is a thing of the past. That’s a shame.9) Raw and Smackdown have been hugely improved simply by having Michael Cole exercise some restraint in his commentary. I’m glad that the realization was finally made that he wasn’t helping anybody get over. It doesn’t help the heels to have him scream about them nonstop. I know he’s supposed to be putting them over, but all it ever did was make people hate Cole and not the heels he was talking about. He was certainly doing the faces no favors by talking shit about them too. Unless they exacted some sort of revenge on Cole, it accomplished nothing to hear about how much of a dweeb every single one of them were. I think he is currently doing an infinitely better job. He’s actually talking about the matches that are going on in the ring, which is what a play-by-play man is supposed to do. It’s not that hard to realize. Hell, it’s right there in the title of the job.  Kudos to whoever made this decision. If they want Cole to be an effective heel commentator, have him take lessons from Mark Henry.10) Kane is a creeper. That’s it.That about wraps it up for me. Let me know what you think of this format, as I may bring it back from time to time. Don’t forget about TJR Radio tonight, starting at 10pm. I’m going to do my best to call in and talk for a little bit with the boys. It should be a fun listen, as there’s quite a bit going on worth talking about leading up to the Royal Rumble. You can get all the information here. As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you Sunday for Headlines.Cody