The Midweek Breakdown: Happy Valentine’s Day, Zack! By Cody DodsonHello and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! If you go by society’s definition of wrestling fans, 99% of us spent it making love to ourselves while looking at a picture of a new tractor while a NASCAR event played in the background on the TV located in our shacks in some part of deep West Virginia. Of course, society is wrong about wrestling fans, and only 83% of us did that. I kid, I kid. Whatever you did end up doing and whoever you spent it with, I hope it was good. With that said, today’s column is going to be slightly themed, as it has to do with that horrible wonderful emotion of love.<!--more-->(I should note that I’m out of town and haven’t seen Raw from this past Monday, but I have read several accounts of the results. I do talk about what happened on Raw later in the article, but I’m not claiming to have seen it, so don’t look at it as anything more than a recap.)We’ve seen a lot of romances throughout the years in WWE. From Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage to Vickie Guerrero and half the roster, romance surfaces its ugly beautiful head quite often in the wrestling industry, whether there are soap opera writers employed or not. Sometimes it’s done to get workers over and sometimes it’s done for comedy. Other times it’s done for completely inexplicable reasons. Lately, we’ve seen a budding romance between Zack Ryder and Eve.When the romance between these two first started, many people thought that it was a sign that Zack would be de-pushed. He was in the middle of the push that thousands of broskis thought that he so rightfully deserved, and they were right. The guy worked incredibly hard to stand out, and people finally started to take notice. Then, news broke that the ratings for segments he was involved in had been low. There were rumors that he would be handed the blame for these segments. Then he started to get involved with Eve and there were more rumors that the relationship symbolized a movement down the card. After all, Eve ruins just about everything she’s involved with except for looking pretty (she is one of the most attractive Divas on the roster, in my humble opinion). However, being attractive doesn’t mean that being paired with her leads to great things. And so began what Ryder fans labeled as their hero being put on the back burner.This was my initial reaction as well, until I saw John Cena start to get involved. That’s when my hopes perked up. Here is the face of the entire company, a guy who will forever be cemented in the main event scene, getting involved in a storyline with the Long Island Iced Z. That certainly doesn’t seem like being put on the back burner to me. Then, it started to look more and more like Zack was just a pawn in the John Cena vs. Kane feud. After all, how many times (and in how many ridiculous ways) has he been beaten up by Kane just to make Cena angry? He looked like just another piece in the John Cena puzzle. However, it wasn’t like they wrote him off TV or anything like that. He kept showing up, and they kept making him look strong by continuing to fight despite his injuries. He may be a major nerd, but he’s a major nerd with a lot of heart.This brings me to this past Monday. Once again, Zack showed up on Raw despite the threat of Kane, all in the name of his love for Eve. You know, since he can’t talk to her outside of on Raw. This time, that big heart of his got broken when he saw John Cena giving Eve an STFU with his mouth. This all sounds very soap opera-y and all, but the end result of it was very interesting.What was that end result exactly? We saw a bit of a mean streak from Zacky boy. He got angry and slapped his good friend in the face. He went so far as to *gasp* yell at Cena. Sure, he almost got his injured ass kicked in the process, but he showed some fire. Of course, you all know what happened next.All of this brings me to the point of what exactly will happen as a result of this whole thing? I think there are two possible scenarios. One is the thing that Canton mentioned in the Raw Deal. After WWE announces that Zack has literally torn all of his muscles into strips of bacon as a result of the fall from the stage, they will rescind that and downgrade it to a series of minor paper cuts. He will make a miraculous recovery from his injuries and come back to Raw in a few weeks, in time to hype a feud with Kane for Wrestlemania. There, he will slay the dragon and get the girl, who Kane will have put in a large stone tower that he had specially constructed inside of the stadium. Okay, maybe I let my imagination run wild, but you get the gist.The other option would be to see a major character change in Zack. My personal opinion for a while has been that the Long Island Iced Z gimmick is only going to take him so far. If WWE ever wants to push him any farther up the card, he will need a character that people can take a bit more seriously. He’ll have to evolve from being a loveable nerd. Go from a boy to a man, so to speak. This would be easy to do, as we saw a bit of his serious side this past Monday. They could easily capitalize on that and have him be more serious, more focused, and perhaps more angry. They could also have him be either a face or a heel in this manner. Turning him heel would be somewhat shocking, as he’s played the part of the loveable goofball very well thus far. To see him do something like attack Cena would be completely unexpected and so out of character that people might not know how to react. Of course, they might actually cheer him for attacking Cena, which wouldn’t exactly accomplish that heel thing too well.No, I think the correct path for him to go is to come back and ditch Eve. Judging by the audience reaction to her on Monday, he would probably be cheered for such an act. From there, he could still go on to face Kane at Wrestlemania and get some revenge. He could still retain some elements of his old character, but be more focused. Kind of similar to what Cody Rhodes has done with his current incarnation.Regardless of how it plays out, all of the scenarios I mentioned have something in common. They get the man more over. Facing Kane at Wrestlemania would be a big step for him. Having a one-on-one match at Wrestlemania in general means that the company is putting some stock in you. Having said match against Kane, a guy who will always have some degree of credibility, is even better. Regardless of the ludicrous situations Kane has been put in throughout his career, an underdog getting a high-profile win against him is always a big deal. Doing this would allow Zack to be taken seriously as a competitor.Despite the crappy Valentine’s Day week that Zack Ryder has endured, I think there are bright things for him in store for the future. The storyline with Eve may have possibly started out as a demotion of sorts, but it has evolved into something that will lead to bigger and brighter things for the broski. I’ve never been a huge member of the broski bandwagon, but I like the guy. I respect what he has done to get himself noticed and I think he deserves to be successful. I look forward to seeing what he does in the next few months, and I’ll certainly be cheering him on at Wrestlemania if he faces the Big Red Monster.What do you think about Zack’s situation? Are there big things in store for him or is he just a pawn in the John Cena story? Tell me what you think in the comments (although I may not be online to read them immediately) and be sure to follow me on Twitter. As always, thanks for reading and I will resurface on Friday for some Headlines action.Cody