I love WrestleMania season. It's the time of year where WWE goes all out (some years more than others) to give us quality programming and hype up the biggest show of the year. As with any pay-per-view that requires people to fork over their hard-earned cash, the hype is just as important as the event itself. Last week I wrote an entire column about The Rock vs. John Cena. Today, I want to take a look at the hype surrounding all the other announced (and one that isn't formally announced) matches for WrestleMania 28 and dole out some praise as well as some criticisms for what WWE has done so far.<!--more-->I'm very much looking forward to Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. I'm a big fan of both guys and I think it's poetic justice that these two are fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship (YES!) when just one year ago, they were bumped from the card to the dreaded dark match lumberjack battle royal hootenanny fiasco. That said, I, like many of you, consider myself to be somewhat of a smart fan. I'm not a casual fan, which is the type of fan that makes up a large percentage of the WWE's audience. The thing I wonder about with this match is whether or not it's being sold to the casual fans. My current answer is no. Like I said, I'm looking forward to the match itself. However, I'm worried about the storytelling of this feud. For a while, it seemed like it was nothing more than each guy attacking one another randomly. That's all fine and well, this is wrestling after all. However, it is a match for one of the two top titles in the company. I'd like to see a little more fire behind it, a little more emotion. Things picked up this past week with Sheamus' promo on Smackdown. I enjoyed hearing his rationale for why he wanted to put Daniel Bryan in his place. I liked that he talked about why he was a heel at the beginning of his career, why he has changed for the better, and why he is upset that D-Bry has changed. While Daniel Bryan continues to entertain me immensely, I think he needs to deliver a similar promo to Sheamus and make it a little more personal. The two don't have enough star power to sell this story to a casual fan on the promise of a match alone. They need to get personal about it. Perhaps we'll see a little more of that on Smackdown this week (I have not read the spoilers).While we're talking about title matches, let's discuss the other major championship up for grabs at the big event. As with the WHC title match, I'm also immensely excited for the matchup of CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship. Unlike the previous match, I'm a big fan of the story that has been told here. It's simple enough in its premise. Two men both think they're the best wrestler in the world. Both have a solid case for the crown, but only one of them can be the victor. Like I said, simple enough. Like many title matches before it, they could have continued to go the route of "I'm the best. No I'm the best. No me..." but they made it personal. The promo between Punk and Jericho on Raw last week was just money. Each guy made some points and each guy got the opportunity to refute those points. A simple story made personal is all that's needed to create a huge title match for WrestleMania.Unfortunately, both of these title matches took a bit of a backseat this week. We're talking about the four men competing for the two most prestigious (I use the term loosely) titles in wrestling at the biggest show of the year, and all we saw of them was a mediocre tag match that never really reached its potential. Why did they take a backseat? Sure, there are other matches to promote that are arguably bigger selling points, but the two title matches should still get more than a combined match each week. That's where I fault the hype of both of these matches. They feel like they're being put on the back burner in favor of Cena vs. Rock and Triple H vs. Undertaker. Like I said, both of these matches are arguably bigger selling points, but all it would take is eliminating one of the 400 video packages on each show to allow the combatants a little time to talk.Speaking of Triple H vs. Undertaker, there's really nothing bad I can say about the hype for the match so far. At first I wasn't a fan of keeping Undertaker off television, but it does add a bit of mystery to it all. Not seeing him in the ring with HHH and The Heartbreak middle aged grown man Kid didn't do any detriment to the story. In fact, it made me anticipate seeing the Deadman that much more. Besides, the two best friends didn't need him to help create a money segment on Raw. They did it themselves. Yes, I have been critical of Shawn Michaels and his promo abilities in the past, but he was absolutely spot on. He sold the emotions of it perfectly and added a lot of intrigue as to what he will do when he is the special guest referee inside the Cell. The segments so far reek of the former soap opera writers, but they reek in a good way. There has been a lot of fantastic drama between all parties involved, and I'm sure that will only intensify next week when we see Undertaker return to confront Shawn Michaels. The video packages with other Superstars both past and present discussing the match are a good addition as well. I'm not a fan of the influx of video packages we've seen recently, but the ones related to this match have done a great job selling the importance and intensity of this match. All in all, the hype has been fantastic so far. Kudos to WWE.The assumed Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long bout is starting to pick up steam. I enjoy Big Johnny as a character and he never fails to entertain me lately, but I normally don't care about these authority figure vs. authority figure storylines. Wrestler vs. authority is great, but two authorities going at it? Not so much. When I look at it for what it is, which is a replacement for MITB and a chance to get a bunch of mid- to upper midcard guys in a match, I can get on board with it a little more. Especially now that we are starting to see who the participants will be. I would prefer that they just announce it already so that the wrestlers themselves can start to share the spotlight with the GMs. It's reaching the point where at least one match per show just turns into a complete clusterfuck with approximately 46 people at ringside, 80% of whom interfere in said match. Then the finish gets changed several times and I'm wondering what the Hell actually happened. Such was the case on Monday when Santino won the US title. At one point I forgot that the match was still going on because there were seven people on the outside of the ring having multiple exchanges with one another at once. It's time to announce the match, announce the teams, and let the wrestlers do the work from here on out. Sure, the GMs should still be involved but tone it back just a bit. One last note is that I've actually been impressed with Teddy Long's performance during all this. He's actually been able to branch out from dancing and delivering his normal lines every week. Branching out is a good thing.Cody Rhodes vs. the Big Show is not a match that I would get excited about based on the match alone, but the feud has been quite enjoyable so far. The Big Show WrestleMania vignettes are very funny and a good reminder of all the crap the big guy has endured throughout the years. Cody seems to be having a lot of fun with his promos and I like the concept of him enraging Big Show by constantly interrupting Show's matches. I like the story that's being told as I always enjoy when the WWE acknowledges their history instead of going their normal route of only focusing on what happened in the past five minutes. The thing that I keep going back to in this article is the idea of feuds being personal. This is a great example of another feud that could just be about the title at stake, but they made it a personal issue between the two men.Like I said, things getting personal seems to be a running theme in this article. For me, that is what sells the matches. Sure, I love seeing two guys go out and have a great match with one another regardless of the reasoning. I can get excited for a match based off of who the participants are and nothing else. However, it makes it all that much better when there's a good story being told and some realistic animosity between the people in the match. That's why I'm much more critical of the World Heavyweight Championship match than I am of the WWE Championship match. Both are about the title but one has been made a more personal issue than the other. That's what really drives a feud home for me and that's what sells matches to the casual fan who may not get as excited about pure match quality as people like me, the other writers on this site, and many of you reading. All in all, I think the hype for WrestleMania as a whole has been very good, and each match has something to look forward to. I'd like to see certain matches get a little more attention, but they all have their positive aspects.How about you? What do you think of the WrestleMania hype so far? Are there any matches that you feel are lacking in importance? Any matches you want to praise? Tell us what you think in the comments, follow me on Twitter, you know the drill. As always, thanks for reading.Cody D.CodyDFeedback@gmail.comwww.twitter.com/thegreatcody