WWF RAW 1/25/1993

The show kicks off with Sean Mooney outside the Manhattan Center when a tow truck comes barreling on to the sidewalk. The Repo Man hops out of the truck with Randy Savage’s hat that he repossessed last week. Repo says he’s going to repossess Savage’s career just like he repossessed his hat.

We head into the Manhattan Center and Vince McMahon and Rob Bartlett are joined at the announce desk by Bobby Heenan who is filling in for Randy Savage this week since he’ll be in action.

Randy Savage pinned The Repo Man (*1/4)

You won’t find this match on any Randy Savage highlight tapes. This was a very slow paced match that lacked any real excitement until the very end. Savage jumped Repo before the match even started. Savage had control early on but Repo gained control when he slammed Savage’s head into the steal steps. From then Repo used the ever exhilarating body scissors to control Savage. Repo had the advantage up until he went up to the top rope. As he leapt off Savage caught him with a clothesline in mid-air and followed it up with a bodyslam and then went to the top to drop the big elbow and The Macho Man picked up the win after about ten minutes.

Kamala beat The Brooklyn Brawler (SQUASH)

After Kamala lost a Casket Match to The Undertaker at the 1992 Survivor Series, Slick who was now a Reverend and a babyface decided to reform Kamala. The babyface push of Kamala didn’t work but they tried. Kamala’s thing was that he didn’t know how to pin an opponent so he would try to get a win with his opponent lying on his stomach. Eventually Kamala figured out the whole pinning thing and scored the win around the three minute mark.

After the match, Vince McMahon interviews Slick and Kamala. Slick says he can’t take credit for the reformation of Kamala. He gives the credit to the fans for opening their hearts and making the Ugandan Giant a changed man. Seems like the same old Kamala to me.

Career Ending Match- Mr. Perfect defeated Ric Flair (**3/4)

This was not the epic encounter that you’d expect from these two. Things were very slow paced at the beginning. This is fine if the story you want to tell is that with their careers on the line neither man wanted to rush into anything and make a mistake.

This match was a classic example of why Ric Flair had the moniker of the “Dirtiest Player in the Game”. He used brass knuckles, held on to the ropes for leverage when applying the Figure Four and put his feet on the ropes during a pin attempt all to try and gain an advantage. Perfect was busted open during the match when he flew over the corner turnbuckles and smacked his head on the ring apron.

Since this was a “Career Ending Match” you’d expect some real close near falls to really build the drama in the match and they really didn’t occur and that really hurt the match. The best near fall of the match was when Flair took his trademark topple over the turnbuckles on to the apron. He steadied himself and ran up the ropes in the next corner and came flying off. Perfect caught him with a mid-air clothesline for a long two count. The other thing that really hurt the match was that there was no real build to the ending. The two traded pin attempts in the corner the Flair whipped Perfect into the ropes and went for a backbody drop. Perfect stopped and hit the Perfect Plex for the win after about 20 minutes to send Flair packing.

Before the show ended, McMahon informs us that Flair will have to meet all his contractual obligations for the next week. This was to explain why Flair was still appearing at House Shows despite losing a Career Ending Match. Then McMahon tells us that the feature match next week is Typhoon vs. Doink. Can’t wait to review that one.

The Diagnosis

I had high hopes for this episode of RAW considering the matches they announced last week. The Savage/Repo match was pretty bad. Repo’s offense looked really fake and Savage was sloppy in the early going which really hurt the rating of the match but I guess for 1993 it was passable.

The Flair/Perfect match lacked the drama it needed to really be special. A lot of people remember that match because of the stipulation and that it was the first pretty good match on RAW but if it’s not a Career Ending Match, it gets lost in RAW’s history as just another match.

I did enjoy this episode of RAW but it just felt average at best. The highlight of the night was Bobby Heenan on commentary during the Main Event. The man was pure gold. The 1/25/93 RAW gets a 5/10.


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