Welcome back to the RAW Rewind. I took a week off to review last week’s WWE Battleground PPV. If you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss much. You can check out my review here. As it turns out, it was fitting that I didn’t review RAW last week because in our progression in these reviews the next show would have been February 8th and there was no show that night. USA would routinely preempt RAW up until 10-12 years ago for things such as tennis matches and dog shows. Imagine the horror of working or going to school all day on a Monday and just wanting to sit down and watch some wrestling. You turn on the tube and there’s some whacko dog breeder prancing around a cocker spaniel. Some of you have no idea how lucky you are. Now, onto the task at hand.


WWF RAW 2/15/1993

As RAW hits the air, we hear from Brutus Beefcake and Ted DiBiase as they hype their main event match for later this evening.

We get our opening video and then Rob Bartlett, Randy Savage and Vince McMahon get us set for tonight’s action

The Steiner Brothers defeated Glen Ruth and Bobby Who (SQUASH)

This was a total beatdown for the Steiners. Bobby Who didn’t know where he was when he was in the ring and why he was even booked in the match. The Steiners used their top rope bulldog finisher to score the win.

We head to Mean Gene for his WrestleMania Report. He breaks the news that The Undertaker will face Giant Gonzalez and Doink will take on Crush at WrestleMania IX. And they wonder why the event bombed.

Yokozuna beat Ross Greenberg (SQUASH)

Yokozuna is one of the only wrestlers in history that could have a literal squash match. It was a Bonzai Drop by Yokozuna for the win and then they had to scrape Mr. Greenberg off the mat.

After the match it’s a SPECIAL REPORT with Lord Alfred Hayes. They show highlights of a Yokozuna vs. Jim Duggan match from Superstars. It was there that Duggan became the first man to knock Yokozuna off his feet in a match in the WWF. Duggan would pay for this as Yoko squashed Duggan with two Bonzai Drops. They showed kids crying in the crowd. It was actually a well done match on Superstars putting over how dangerous Yokozuna was.

We are getting ready for the 16 Man Battle Royal. Vince McMahon informs us that Giant Gonzalez was to enter the Battle Royal but the other entrants pulled out when he was announced because a couple of jobbers ran away from him in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match on Superstars. So, because everyone is so afraid we were deprived of seeing the amazing abilities of Giant Gonzalez.

Razor Ramon won a 16 Man Battle Royal (**)

Other notables in this match were Shawn Michaels, Kamala, Bob Backlund, Tatanka, Owen Hart, Koko B Ware, The Berzerker and Tito Santana.

I’m a fan of Battle Royals but this one was a pretty standard fare. Kimchee, who was Kamala’s former handler, was also in the Battle Royal. He eliminated The Ugandan Giant and then Kamala chased him through the concession area an even through the balcony. We knew this because a giant spot light followed the as they ran through the balcony. It was comical but well done in a wrestling sense.

The final four came down to Shawn Michaels, Tito Santana, Tatanka and Razor Ramon. Tito squared off with Razor and Tatanka squared off with Michaels. Tatanka had just beaten Michaels on Superstars.

With Razor down, Tatanka and Tito teamed up to eliminate Shawn. Tito and Tatanka then turned their attention to Razor. Things looked bleak for Ramon when the monster, Giant Gonzalez hit the ring. He destroyed Tito and Tatanka and tossed them both out of the ring. Gonzalez left the arena and Ramon was declared the winner after 14 minutes.

Brutus Beefcake defeated Ted DiBiase via Disqualification (*)

The match only went three minutes but the story was that DiBiase took Beefcake lightly and thus Brutus was able to stay one step ahead of DiBiase. The match came to an end when DiBiase’s Tag Team Championship partner, I.R.S cracked Brutus in the back with his trusty briefcase.

After the match, Money Inc. put the boots to Brutus. I.R.S wanted to smash Beefcake’s face with the briefcase. Jimmy Hart, who managed Money Inc. tried to stop I.R.S. Irwin shoved him away and then got a running start and blasted Beefcake’s surgically repaired face with the briefcase.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage went on to speculate that Beefcake was holding his face together. Officials finally got Beefcake on a stretcher and then the camera panned in on some blood on the mat and Vince told us that it had to be from Brutus.

Before the show ends, Vince tells that Beefcake suffered a broken nose but no major damage. He goes on to tease that Hulk Hogan may be live in the building next week. He tells us that next week’s feature match is Shawn Michaels and The Beverly Brothers vs. Tatanka and The Nasty Boys. That’s all for this week of RAW.

The Diagnosis

You knew it wouldn’t take much to top the awful edition of RAW that preceded this one. This episode was no epic in the annals of RAW history but it was ok. The squashes were quick and effective. That left enough time to the feature matches. The Battle Royal didn’t really mean anything in the long run. If it was set up to show Gonzalez’s dominance, it failed. He only took out two guys. If he would have eliminated say, ten then you could say he really made an impact. The match itself was a pretty standard battle royal.

The main event was more about the angle than the match. They were building to the return of Hulk Hogan at this point and they were doing a good job (at least in my opinion) of getting some real heat on Money Inc. for trying to permanently end Beefcake’s career. Whether or not Hogan was the right hero to save Beefcake is a discussion for another time but for me, the angle was working to this point.

Overall, a watchable episode of RAW. Nothing was spectacular but the main event angle was well done. The 2/15/93 RAW gets a 5/10.

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