WWF RAW 3/15/1993


This episode of RAW is historic, for a lack of a better term for two reasons. The first being that this is the first episode of RAW to take place outside of the Manhattan Center. The WWF didn’t really stretch many geographical boundaries though as the show emanated from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. Also, this episode features a different announce team. Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and “Not” Vince McMahon are manning the booth tonight.

The reason for the change is the Blizzard of 93 had struck and made the Manhattan Center unavailable. The reason given for Vince McMahon and Randy Savage not being there is because Vince was getting an award at a leukemia awards banquet. I have no idea what that even means. Gorilla says that some of the WWF Superstars were at the banquet and some couldn’t make it because of the blizzard. In other words no Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Typhoon match like we were promised last week. L

Razor Ramon beat Russ Greenburg (SQUASH)

The crowd was super hot for Razor. Ramon beat the snot out of this jerk before finishing him off with the Razor’s Edge. If you think calling Russ a jerk is harsh well, the guy had a mullet with a rat tail. He deserves it.

Typhoon defeated L.A. Gore (SQUASH)

Lucky us, Typhoon was able to brave the blizzard and entertain us with his wrestling skills. Typhoon was able to survive the challenge of this jabroni and his awful haircut and picked up the win with a big splash.

The hits keep on coming as now we are treated to a special interview with Harvey Wippleman and Giant Gonzalez. Bobby Heenan is conducting the interview and to show you how tiny a man Harvey is, Bobby is a full head taller than Harvey. Wippleman basically growls about how all the WWF Superstars fear Gonzalez and how Gonzalez is going to destroy The Undertaker at WrestleMania. My goodness, they let Gonzalez speak. He says he has a giant surprise for Undertaker at WrestleMania. Good God this was awful. They really stuck The Undertaker with some stink bombs in his career. Giant Gonzalez may have very well been the stinkiest.

Bob Backlund pinned Papa Shango (*1/4)

I was literally having an anxiety attack during this match. I wanted so badly to travel back to 1993 and strangle “Not” Vince McMahon. It may have been funny to have this assclown out during a match mocking Vince McMahon but this had been going on for a half hour now and this was light years worse than any over-the-top Michael Cole heel bullcrap from a few years ago.

Oh, the match, right. Shango beat down Backlund for about seven minutes before Backlund caught him in a small package for the win. During the match we found out that Backlund’s quest to compete at a WrestleMania had been fulfilled. He will be facing Razor Ramon at the big event.

Next up is the WrestleMania Report with Mean Gene. During the Report we hear from The Undertaker and Money Inc. Also, Gene tells us that this WrestleMania will feature the World’s largest toga party. That phrase alone told you all you’ll ever need to know about how WrestleMania IX went down.

The Nasty Boys and Headshrinkers fought to a Double Disqualification (**)

This was actually kind of fun. The match was nothing more than a brawl but it did the trick. Knobbs tried a double noggin knocker on the Headshrinkers but of course that didn’t work but a DDT did? How do you figure that? The action spilled to the floor and then the match turned into a giant mustard fight. The two teams wearing smashing each other with steal chairs and drowning each other in mustard. It was actually entertaining. It could also be that the show has been that bad to that point.

The brawl is still going on when they go to a video where they extol the virtues of the WWF Superstars for all their charity work. WWF has always done a great job with that stuff but this was produced to make Vince out to be such a swell guy to counteract all the negative press he and the company had been facing.

Gorilla wraps up the show by telling us that next week RAW will be back at the Manhattan Center and Doink will face Kamala. Hopefully, there’s another blizzard.


The Diagnosis

It’s hard to get on the company for the matches they put on because you don’t know who was able to make it to the show after the big storm that had impacted the east coast. The reason why I’m sinking this show is because of “Not” Vince McMahon. I don’t know how Gorilla Monsoon didn’t bitch slap this idiot. I don’t know how the real Vince McMahon found this entertaining at all. I don’t know how he thought any of his fans would want to listen to this jackass for an hour. The fans in attendance tried to have a good time, they were hot for the show and they were the lucky ones for not having to listen to “Not” Vince McMahon. The real Vince deserves to be punched for a lot of stuff that he’s made us endure over the years but this atrocity may earn him a punch in the nads if I ever see him. The 3/18/93 RAW gets a 3/10.


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