Welcome everyone to Episode 2 of The SharpShooter Cast.

I'd like to start with a big thank you to everyone who checked out the inaugural episode of the podcast last week.  The goal is to get better every week, and we hope that you'll enjoy this episode more than the last.  There's still some kinks, and some venturing off into weird subjects, be we'd like to think it's a worthwhile listen.

This episode covers:

  • Twin power.
  • Our thoughts on Raw (including how our grades match up with The Raw Deal)
  • Should Ultimate Warrior be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  • Did racism hold Ahmed Johnson back?
  • Is TNA running in place because of Hulk Hogan?
  • Reader question(s)!

As always, we are very open to your questions and comments.  We'll even read them on the air!  Feel free to message me on twitter: @thjbriggs  or email me at thjbriggs@gmail.com.

Of course, you could also take advantage of the newfangled disqus comment system!  It's awesome, and we hope to eventually see the type of interaction that was the norm back in the WordPress days.

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