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Welcome back to the WWE Week in Review. My apologies for missing last week but New Jersey was smothered in snow and I was just so behind on everything I didn’t have time to write a column. It’s not like this week has been any better. We got 15 inches on Thursday and a two inch slap in the face yesterday. We’ve gotten over 54 inches of snow this winter. To put that in perspective, we average just a little over 25 for the entire winter. Needless to say I’m sick of the winter and snow. This isn’t The Weather Channel, this is TJR so let’s see what’s been going on in the WWE.

WWE Week in Review 2/10/14-2/16/14

Randy Orton is a really good wrestler.

I know a lot of Internet fans like to give the WWE World Heavyweight Champion crap about being a boring wrestler but to me that just shows they clearly aren’t paying attention. In the last two weeks on RAW and SmackDown, Orton has faced four of his five Elimination Chamber opponents. He has gone 1-3 in those matches but as we know, sometimes in wrestling wins and losses don’t matter. The way I look at it, Orton is 4-0. All four of those matches reached ***1/2 with the match with Bryan being a ****1/4 match. It takes a special wrestler to have that type of consistency across a two week stretch. It shows Orton isn’t taking any nights off and taking his role as WWE World Heavyweight Champion seriously.

Sure there are times when Orton goes through the motions but he does that because he can. He’s that good. Aside from his Survivor Series match with The Big Show, when have you seen a match with him that was just flat out bad? They are few and far between. Orton has proven to be a great worker over the years with classic matches against Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and Christian. There’s a reason that JBL always said if you build a wrestler from the ground up it would look like Randy Orton, because it is true. As long as Orton knows that a gym bag isn’t a toilet he is exactly what WWE wants as a top level wrestler.


Antonio Langston is now available.

In case you missed it, two main roster WWE stars have undergone name changes this past week. Well, more like name subtractions. Antonio Cesaro will now be known as just Cesaro and the Intercontinental Champion, Big E Langston is now just Big E.

I’ve seen some people make a big deal about this but it’s more silly than anything to me. WWE likes wrestlers with one word names. Edge, Sheamus, Ryback, Kane, Batista, Christian, Goldust. I think you get the point. The more important thing is if these two men are going to be receiving pushes.

Cesaro is in the Main Event of the Elimination Chamber PPV and just pinned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion clean on SmackDown so it would appear WWE is on their way to elevating him and they should. Cesaro just has “it” when he is in the ring. He has incredible strength and technical ability which makes him credible against any opponent he is up against. WWE has a huge star on their hands in Cesaro if they know how to book him right going forward.

As for Big E, he’s already the Intercontinental Champion but has been recently falling to the curse of the midcard champion where he seems to lose all the time. Big E is still raw in the ring but he is still very entertaining to watch. His speed and power make him a lot of fun to watch. Once he learns to nuances of being a wrestler, he could be someone that can main event WrestleMania.


It’s been pretty quiet in WWE since the madness of CM Punk leaving and the Royal Rumble fallout, so there’s not much else I want to touch on. Here are a couple of quick hits.

Other News

Lita will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. This is a very well deserved honor for the former Women’s Champion. Lita was a true star and innovator during the Attitude Era and it has her partnership with Edge that really helped him become a main event player in WWE. Congratulations are in order for Lita.

Emma debuts in WWE. Emma has been somewhat of a sensation down in NXT with her in-ring skills and goofy dancing. WWE capitalizes on that by saddling her with Santino in a comedy role. Emma is a very pretty lady and that dance could get over but not as a straight comedy routine. She could be a star of the Divas Division moving forward but she needs to get away from Santino ASAP/

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio is officially booked for the Elimination Chamber PPV. It may just be me but Batista just comes off as so unlikable. He would be a much better heel. You may find yourself rooting for Del Rio in this match but there have been ants vs. boots battles that have been less one sided.

SmackDown was pretty damn good this week. On top of the great Cesaro/Orton match we also had The Shield vs. Bryan/Sheamus/Christian and a Fatal Four Way to determine Big E’s challenger at Elimination Chamber that were good TV matches. Not to mention a fun 8 man tag and even Miz vs. Fandango was entertaining. Since the Brand Extension ended, SmackDown hasn’t meant much in the way of being must see for storyline progression but week in and week out (especially the last two weeks) the wrestling is really good and it’s a good way for a WWE fan to spend a couple of hours.


I wish I had more for you guys, but I’m tapped out. This winter has been so draining physically and mentally too. I know this isn’t up to my usual level but I hope you guys can give me a pass. With the PPV next week there will be no Week in Review. I’ll have a Retro Wrestling column up instead. The following week will be super busy though with the PPV fallout and the debut of the Network so the Week in Review will be back in full force in two weeks. If you’ve been bombarded by snow like me, just keep reminding yourself that MLB Spring Training has begun so this winter is drawing to its conclusion. Let’s close this out with the awards. Take care.

Wrestler of the Week- Randy Orton

Match of the Week- Randy Orton vs. Cesaro (SmackDown 2/14/14)


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