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WWE Week in Review 3/17/14-3/23/14



The main event of WrestleMania XXX will be a Triple Threat Match no matter what.

This past Monday on RAW, Triple H got fed up with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and his WrestleMania challenger, Batista complaining that there was a chance that their title match could turn into a Triple Threat Match. Triple H was really mad about the fact that Orton and Batista thought Daniel Bryan could actually beat him at WrestleMania. Triple H’s answer to all the complaining? It was him announcing that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania would be a Triple Threat no matter the outcome of the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match. That’s because the winner, whether it be Bryan or Triple would advance to the main event.

I have no problem with WWE adding this stipulation to the Championship Match at WrestleMania. I know a lot of people are upset that Triple H made this announcement because they think it means that Hunter will wind up in the main event. It doesn’t. It just makes the HHH/Bryan match a little less predictable. This believe it or not, was something people were complaining about last week. If HHH didn’t add that stipulation then we all knew 100% that Bryan was going to win that match. I still think that it is a 100% certainty that Bryan will win but it opens the door for a Triple H win meaning that here will be more drama in the match and that his near falls will be believable after he hits a signature move. Adding more drama to a top match at WrestleMania is something I’m all for.


John Cena is afraid of Bray Wyatt.

John Cena admitting that he is afraid of Bray Wyatt put Wyatt over more than anything the two can accomplish in their WrestleMania match. The story that WWE is trying to tell is that Cena is afraid of what Wyatt’s motivation is. He knew his matches with The Rock were about being the best. That’s not what Wyatt is after. Wyatt is after ruining Cena’s legacy. He’s about tearing down everything that Cena has worked for over the last decade. If you think back to the exceptional film, The Dark Knight, Alfred tells Bruce Wayne that some men are about money and power but there are those that can’t be bought or bargained or reasoned with. There are just some men that want to watch the world burn. Of course, they were talking about The Joker but the dialogue is very comparable to what the story WWE wants to tell with Cena and Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t want to be the best. He isn’t trying to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s just looking to watch the world burn, John Cena’s world. A man that can’t be reasoned with is a man that is very scary. This is a very interesting take on this feud and I’m glad that WWE went down this road. If they play this right we could have a very interesting two weeks of TV and a great WrestleMania match between the two.

John Cena has faced The Rock, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Batista among other greats but he wasn’t afraid of any of them. He’s afraid of Bray Wyatt and what a genius move in my opinion to play that card in this feud. I’m much more interested in the match now.



When you’re the COO, you can attempt to drown your employees on live TV.

RAW closed out with Triple H and Daniel Bryan meeting man to man in the ring. HHH tried to play the good guy saying how Bryan is one of the best and that he respected Bryan. Stephanie came out all upset that her husband didn’t take care of Bryan like he promised. So, she brought out the cops to arrest Bryan for taking over RAW the previous week. Of course it was all a rouse. The men that handcuffed Bryan weren’t actually cops. They were hired by The Authority to make sure Bryan couldn’t fight back as HHH absolutely destroyed Bryan. It was a pretty savage beating by today’s standards and it went on for a pretty long time. It even featured Triple H shoving Bryan’s face in a bucket of water in an attempt to drown him. That’s not exactly something any run of the mill WWE employee can get away with. Bryan was left a broken man as RAW ended.

We all knew that Hunter was going to get his heat back during the feud and because it’s Triple H the beatdown was down in a long, dominant matter. Bryan was held off of SmackDown to sell the beating and now there’s doubt he’ll be able to compete at WrestleMania. It’s simple storytelling of the babyface having to overcome the odds. In case you didn’t get the idea that Bryan was the underdog based on the fact he’s smaller than everyone or the fact that WWE tells you at every turn, the beat him down and injured him to make sure you got it. This is all done to make Bryan’s triumph that much greater.



The Shield tastes their own medicine.

For over 16 months, The Shield has left every WWE Superstar they’ve come across laid out and beaten down. For the first time in those 16 months, that happened to The Shield. At the end of a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match, Ryback, Curtis Axel, The Real Americans, The New Age Outlaws and Kane destroyed The Shield as their punishment for defying The Authority and more specifically, Kane. I didn’t think you could make The Shield into sympathetic figures but give credit to WWE for doing it. It now appears as it’ll be The Shield vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania.

I for one am glad that they aren’t breaking up The Shield yet as I think they can get a lot out of the group as an antihero trio. I’m just not in love with an Outlaws/Kane trio as their WrestleMania opponents. It makes sense from a story perspective because the Outlaws are buddies of Triple so they’d do his bidding but being much older and having proven they can’t go in long matches, it’s not the WrestleMania match I’d want for The Shield after the group has had so many amazing matches over the year. Maybe they can make it Extreme Rules or something like that. Now that has the potential to be a real barn burner.


The Retro Wrestling Match of the Week: Desert Storm Rules Match for the WWF Championship- Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter from Madison Square Garden 6/3/91

When I was younger, before WWE had 87 hours of TV a week and PPVs every month they would air house shows regionally. The New York area would see shows from Madison Square Garden; Boston would see shows from the Boston Garden etc. I think you get the point. I loved these shows back them and I love them now and there’s a few already on the Network which is where I caught this match. Hogan won the WWF Championship from Slaughter at WrestleMania VII and this was the return bout. The rules of the match were simple, there weren’t any. The only way to win was to get your opponent to surrender. This match was much better than their WrestleMania match. I’d put this one in the ***1/4 range. It showed a different side of Hogan that we didn’t see in the WWF. He was vicious and violent in dominating much of the match. Slaughter was busted open and it wasn’t just a little blood. It quickly escalated and became one of the bloodier matches in the company at the time. Hogan won the match and retained his title after he had Slaughter locked in his own move, the Camel Clutch and Slaughter’s lackey, General Adnan through in the towel signaling the end of the bout.


The Awards

Wrestler(s) of the Week- The Real Americans

Match of the Week- The Real Americans vs. 3MB vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (SmackDown 3/21/14)


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