This is the WWE Week in Review and I am of course Christian Michael. We are coming off the Payback PPV and a stunning end to last Monday’s RAW so let’s jump right into it.



Seth Rollins shatters The Shield

This past Monday’s RAW was snooze inducing. In fact I was falling asleep as the show was going on. I was basically out when I heard the crack of a steel chair. Then I woke up like someone infused a liter of Red Bull into my veins. I watched in a stunned silence as Seth Rollins did the unthinkable and turned his back on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He obliterated his former teammates with steel chair shots and then let Randy Orton finish the job. Rollins stood over a beaten and battered Reigns and Ambrose as RAW went off the air. He did so side by side with Triple H and Randy Orton.

Friday on SmackDown, fans tuned in to see if Seth Rollins would give an explanation for his actions. While he did appear with Triple H to open the program he didn’t give us any satisfactory answers. All he said was that he knows the reason why he did what he did and he’s the only person he owes an explanation to.

Of course the logic of Rollins betraying The Shield and joining up with Orton and Triple H is a bit sketchy. Why just a night after having a brutal war with Evolution would you join them? Of course this is why we need to hear Rollins’ explanation for what he did. I’d imagine Triple H’s money or the lure of being a true top star with Triple H by his side will probably be the reason why he did what he did.

The timing of Rollins’ heel turn was well done. WWE programming had hit a bit of a wall after Extreme Rules and they needed to do something to spice things up. Rollins joining Hunter and Orton has plenty of PPV main events built into it. At some point WWE has to do Reigns vs. Rollins, Ambrose vs. Rollins, Orton and Rollins vs. Ambrose and Reigns and maybe even a six man tag if they add another member to The Shield.

As a fan of The Shield I was a bit upset the squad broke up. Since November of 2012 Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose as a trio were responsible for most of the best matches on WWE TV. As a babyface trio they may have run their course though. They already feuded with The Wyatts and Evolution and at this point there really isn’t much for them to do. It was time to pull the trigger on someone turning in The Shield. I think Rollins was the right move because he was probably going to have the hardest time getting over after the breakup. Going heel and aligning with Triple H instantly puts him at the top of the card and makes him a legit main event star.



Daniel Bryan’s status is still up in the air.

The past Sunday at Payback, Stephanie McMahon demanded an answer from Daniel Bryan regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Either Bryan was to surrender the gold or Stephanie was going to fire Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella. Neither happened as Brie stood up for her man and quit WWE and then slapped the taste out of Stephanie’s mouth.

The next night on RAW Stephanie announced that later this month at Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan will defend the title in a Stretcher Match vs. Kane. That is if he can compete. If he can’t then the title will be vacated and decided in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

This is certainly not good news if you are a Daniel Bryan fan. WWE has put in a contingency plan if Bryan can’t wrestle at Money in the Bank. You’d really hate that after how amazing Bryan’s WrestleMania XXX was that his title reign would be over after just one PPV defense but Vince McMahon has to do what is best for business. Reports are that Vince is the one deciding everything regarding Bryan and the title. You can’t blame him for wanting a Champion for his major shows. If you think back to 2012, WWE was planning on doing John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. Cena needed “minor” surgery and WWE thought he’d be ready for the PPV and for once in his life he didn’t make a Superman recovery from an injury and WWE was left without a main event for the show. They shoved Ryback in the match because he was the hottest thing in WWE at the time. They had him lose since he wasn’t ready to be champion and that was pretty much the end of Ryback being anything special. To avoid that scenario from happening again, WWE is ready to move on if Bryan can’t wrestle at Money in the Bank.

I honestly can’t blame them. One PPV is ok, but they can’t go two without a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It would really suck for Bryan as he worked so hard to get to this spot. You just hope Bryan does what is best for his health long term and doesn’t come back if he isn’t ready. Reports are out there that Bryan isn’t progressing as fast as he probably should be in the rehab process making Money in the Bank a long shot for The Beard. You just hope he doesn’t get the Dolph Ziggler treatment if he has to give up the title. You hope that WWE realizes what a star this guy is and how much the fans love him and allow him a proper run as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.



Batista quits WWE.

Well not really, but we won’t be seeing Batista on WWE TV for a few months. At the start of RAW, Evolution came out and Triple H said he wouldn’t rest until The Shield was no more. Batista decided he had enough of The Shield and demanded the one on one title match he was promised. Triple H said that no one will get what they want until he gets what he wants and that’s the end of The Shield. So, Dave and his skinny jeans quit. In reality, Batista is leaving to go do promotional work for Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie will hit theaters in August and Batista is expected to be back after that.

Batista quitting adds a bit more intrigue to Seth Rollins turning on Reigns and Ambrose. When exactly did Triple H approach Rollins? It would seem as if he did so during RAW if the original plan was to have another Evolution/Shield match. If that’s the case what could sway Rollins in only a few hours to turn on men he called his brothers? There’s so many layers to this story that hopefully we get answers to.

As for Batista, it’ll be interesting to see when he comes back what his role will be. He’ll be at or near the top of the card but will he be a face or a heel? You’d think face because he walked out on a heel group but the fans so soundly rejected him as a face earlier this year you wonder if they’ll do it again or if WWE would even want to try it again because of that.


The Retro Wrestling Match of the Week will return next time. I started a new job this week and I have to wake up at 5:30 am and I just haven’t had much free time. Aside from Payback and Main Event, I haven’t even used WWE Network this week. I usually spend a couple hours on there one night and that’s when I find a match for this segment.


The Awards:

Wrestler of the Week- Seth Rollins

Match of the Week- Last Man Standing Match- John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE Payback 6/1/14)


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