In a recent interview with The Wrestling Mania Show (great name), Ahmed Johnson gave his thoughts on why he never achieved WWF World Champion status during his time with the company.  Johnson was actually told that he would be receiving the title in a bout with the Undertaker, but plans changed.  Johnson believes the change was due in part to racism in the company.  According to Johnson, plenty of major decision makers at the time didn’t believe a black champion could be successful.  Although he didn’t go into specifics, he did call out Jeff Jarrett during another part of the discussion for being “a racist son of a bitch”.

Honestly, neither of these revelations shock Thursday Headlines.  Just look at Jeff Jarrett:

He’s looks like either a racist or a highway patrolman.  Take your choice.

As for the color of his skin keeping Ahmed Johnson back?  It’s sad and unfortunate.  Besides Ron Simmons’ success in the NWA, not many African American wrestlers saw top billing, let alone held a major championship.  

Plus, this was the 90s.  America’s youth was obsessed with some of the most subtly racist television since early Disney:

GO GO POWER RANGERS.  (Wrestling Inc)


According to, the WWE will begin selling Wyatt Family sheep masks both online and at live shows.  No word yet if the mask will also come with an authentic WWE handwritten apology for the inevitable heart attacks caused by creepy little kids scaring the hell out of visiting relatives. (SEScoops)


In Good Ol JR’s latest blog entry, Ross reflects on some advice comedian/actor Jim Carrey gave to he and Jerry Lawler during the filming of Man on the Moon - the Andy Kaufman story. “...Always place talent and experience over youth and look, even though Hollywood doesn't.”  It’s damn good advice, but don’t get too excited TNA!  Jim Carrey mentioned TALENT, which rules Hulk Hogan and Sting out of consideration.


Speaking of “experienced” TNA talent, D'Lo Brown was interviewed by about his recent release by Dixie Carter and TNA's front office.  The 4 time WWE European Champion came across as both humble and gracious about his time in wrestling's current #2 promotion.  When asked whether or not he felt that TNA was a "sinking ship," D'Lo disagreed and offered that the company is probably just going through "growing pains."  What we found amusing was how the question was worded.  Is TNA a "sinking ship?"  How about "what are your thoughts on TNA's current direction?"  See the difference?  It was a leading question.  What's next?  Asking: "would you say that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are out of touch megalomaniacs?"  

Wait a sec, we actually do kind of wish someone would ask a recently released TNA talent that question... (SEScoops)


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