Normally Thursday is the day for Thomas Briggs to do Headlines, but he informed me this morning that he felt really sick. So I'm here to fill in as best I can. Here's our lead story.

WWE will announce new developmental plans at a press conference this afternoon in Orlando. The office of Governor Rick Scott confirmed the news to on Wednesday evening in a statement:


"WWE could have chosen anywhere in the world to house this new global performance center – and they chose the Sunshine State. [The] announcement that WWE will create nearly 100 more jobs for families in Central Florida is further proof that everything we do is geared towards job creation."


The new WWE Performance Center is expected to bring as many as 100 jobs to the area, including the wrestlers in training as well as sports medicine and TV production personnel. The project has been titled Project Flair, an apparent reference to Ric Flair. (WrestlingINC)


This story of the new training facility is actually a few weeks old, but with the official announcement coming this afternoon we should get more details about it. I like a lot of things about the facility, so here are some quick points on what I like.

- They are building a facility that is similar to what a NFL team might have. Huge training rooms. There will be approximately five or six rings. It will be a top of the line facility that will allow WWE to get the most out of the talents they are investing in. Instead of having just a gym they're having a huge building and that tells all of us how much they care about developing these young men and women into the stars of tomorrow.

- The wrestlers that are in their early training will wear headgear to protect themselves from bumping. That will hopefully prevent concussions from occurring and other injuries.

- Project Flair is the name? Love it. What an awesome tribute to a man that many consider to be the best of all time and that inspired so many others to get into the business. I love it.

Give Triple H a lot of credit for this. He's the head of development and he's done a lot of work in the last couple of years to improve the system as well as the quality of the NXT television show. Hopefully all of this work pays off in the future as the stars of tomorrow appear regularly on WWE TV.

Of course, for these young guys to get an opportunity they need people like Triple H to step aside so they can get big matches on major PPVs, but that's another article for another time.

For more on the story here's another article from the Orlando Sentinel.



- In "WWE is being stupid" news:

At Monday's RAW from Greenville, South Carolina, a fan reportedly held up a "RAW Is Generico" sign and was moved by security, taken from his paid seat to the opposite side of the arena and a seat filler took his seat at ringside. The fan asked security why he was being moved and was told the people running the show didn't want him sitting there because of his sign.


The fan reportedly asked if they could just take the sign and let him sit at ringside but was told by a security guard that he was about to be kicked out because the people running the show, presumably WWE officials, didn't want him there. Another guard told the fan that wasn't correct, they just didn't want him in front of the camera. Apparently another man who was sitting with the fan also had his seats changed after he was seen holding up a sign related to Ring of Honor. (WrestlingINC - original source Wrestling Observer)

I think that's pretty sad on WWE's part. I get that they don't want to call "El Generico" by his indy name, but the guy does work for your company. It's not like the sign is supporting somebody that works somewhere else. What's the harm in that sign? I also don't understand why they would move somebody from a seat they paid for to another section just because they dislike what's on a sign. Silly.

You know what signs won't be taken away? The John Report or TJRWrestling signs. Bring those. They're cooler than other signs.


- The Rock updated his injury status on Twitter yesterday.


A torn abdomen muscle is painful to deal with, but the guy is a workout freak so I'm sure he'll do everything he can to be ready for his Hercules movie filming next month. It's weird watching a match of his from 2002 and seeing what he looks like now. I don't even care if he's on substances. It doesn't bother me either way. Just saying it's like a totally different guy.

Will he wrestle again? Probably at WrestleMania next year. But we don't know that for sure. I doubt he wrestles before that. Just a hunch. If he doesn't wrestle at WrestleMania I'd expect him to be the top name at the Hall of Fame next year. He still might be the top name. With it being the 30th WrestleMania perhaps they want to get a really big name for it.


- When you see "former WWE star arrested" there are a lot of names you might think of because frankly it happens more than any of us would like to admit. This time the person in question is Brian Lawler aka Grandmaster Sexay, the son of Jerry Lawler. Here's that news:


Former WWE star Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Christopher Lawler was stopped by police on April 11th in Chester County, Tennessee after failing to stop at an intersection. He was charged with DUI and is set to appear in front of a judge on Friday.


He reportedly admitted to police that he consumed more than a half litre of vodka. He also admitted to taking xanax and methadone. Police say he couldn't complete the alphabet during his field sobriety test. He is currently out on a $1,000 bond. (WrestlingINC)

I've never done drugs before. I have been known to consume adult beverages, but I've never been arrested for a DUI. I don't drive if I drink. I know better. I've worked in restaurants where I've taken keys from people that we thought were drunk. It's a common sense thing. I don't know what to say to Brian Christopher about his apparent drug and alcohol issues because obviously it's been a recurring thing for this guy.

Since I really don't know what to say in terms of advice, here's somebody I know that can offer some assistance.

Drugs are bad. Mmmmkay. Indeed. They are.


That's all I got. Busy day. I didn't expect to write this, so I whipped this up in about 20 minutes and hope you enjoyed it.

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