Last Thursday, we applauded Chris Jericho for responding to Superstar Billy Graham’s rant about CM Punk with a simple: “Dear Superstar Billy Graham, Shut the hell up and stop being such a mark. Your Pal, Chris Jericho”.  It was short, to the point, and made sense.  Billy Graham was upset over a professional wrestling heel-promo...  It just seemed weird and out of place.  We hoped that Mr. Graham would read Jericho’s tweet, realize how silly he had been, and gone on with his ways.  But nothing is ever that simple in a social-media filled world, is it?

This week, Superstar Billy Graham responded to Chris Jericho calling him a "mark" with another long, nonsensical rant, reproduced here in all its original glory:

Mr Jericho sir,

I won't say Dear Chris because I know you hate me with the utter most hatred.

Addressing your quote about me, "And stop being such a mark" The truth is, I believe everyone is a mark for someone or something at some point in their life. For instance, I am a total mark for Bob Dylan. The man has written over 600 songs and I saw him in person here in Phoenix last year. He had never sounded better at the age of 70! Fans are marks for the upcoming Super Bowl, The World Series, The NBA championship playoffs, and Nascar to name just a few examples.

In pro wrestling I am a mark for Triple H and proud to admit it for numerous reasons. He had a great hard earned physique, he had enormous charisma and an in ring presence that was unmatched. I remember sitting on the front row at a PPV here in Phoenix and his opponent gave him a sling shot into the post. I had my eyes fixed on him because I was curious about how he was going to do the blade job. As soon as his head hit the post he started bleeding, I did not see him cut himself and he was right in front of me, just a few feet away! Back in the locker room we were sitting next to each other and I asked him, "Brother, how did you cut your head, as you started bleeding immediately?" He said, " Superstar, I cut my head right before it hit the post." I marked out at that very moment, what a pro that man was and still could be if he wanted to be.

In closing I hope that answers your statement to me regarding "being such a mark." And your quote to me about "Shutting the hell up" I won't even address that because what I do best is CUT PROMOS!!!

Superstar Billy Graham

What the hell does this rant have to do with Jericho's point - that Graham took CM Punk's words about the legacy of Bruno Sammartino too seriously - you may ask? The hell if I know.  But I’m just a dude who lives in a world of logic, linear thought, and not shitting my knickers every Monday night after watching a little "wrasslin’." (Cageside Seats)


Los Angeles Magazine, in anticipation of Friday’s Smackdown in LA, posted an online interview with Eve yesterday.  When asked what it takes for women to be respected in professional wrestling, Eve answered:

It’s just a matter of time. Not everyone likes seeing a strong, buff guy, but everyone likes women. We compete just as hard as men do, and we can do the acting just as well.

Pretty strong words from a strong female.  Eve followed by asking the reporter: “Wait, what’s the date?  I don’t have to work in this sexist environment anymore?!  Smell ya later.” (LA Mag)


Bully Ray appeared on Busted Open Radio this week, and gave his opinion on TNA’s new Pay Per View strategy:

"I think it's good for business as far as people being emotionally invested and really interested in what's going on. From a dollars and cents point of view, I can only hope it makes sense for TNA. I like to compare everything to sex. Even sex gets too much at times. A pay per view every single month, you kind of get burned out on it. What really is special and what is not special? Sometimes you may watch a pay per view and say actually Thursday night's Impact was better than the pay per view. So what did I spend my money on? I remember as a kid growing up, the Wrestlemanias, the Royal Rumbles, the Survivor Series, the Summerslams, the Starrcades. The special shows that you really, really built to. You built real emotional investment. Where you said to yourself, 'I absolutely, positively have to see this show.' With pay per views nowadays, whether it's WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor. Is there anything that's must see anymore? Ok I know I must see Bound For Glory, and I know I must see Wrestlemania. What else?"

Now, I guess I should go on and on about how Bully Ray said in a single paragraph what I struggled to say in an entire article, and about how we both agree that the monthly PPV model is tired.  But nay!  All I can focus on is “Even sex gets too much at times”.  Unless your Wilt Chamberlain, Gene Simmons, or an actual rabbit, I just don’t see that being true.  (Wrestling Inc)


Kevin Nash, responding to online criticism over recent comments in which he claimed John Travolta is gay, has taken to Twitter to defend himself:

Wow, I guess it finally makes sense why Kevin Nash was never a draw. KA-Boom!  


Speaking of overrated jerkwads, the WWE is now mulling over inducting either the Kliq or DX into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Sure, the Hall of Fame certainly isn’t a legitimate establishment, and many inductions should be taken with a grain of salt.  But seriously, WWE is thinking of inducting the Kliq over DX??  One is simply a group of friends who gave each other a “cool” name because they had the maturity of thirteen year old girls, was neither a real faction or a memorable force, and had Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in it.  The other helped usher in the Attitude Era.  If I had to choose between diving into a pool filled with piranha poo monsters and an ice cream cone, I’d take this ice cream. (Wrestling Inc)


Finally, Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o, who finished second in the 2013 Heisman Award voting, has claimed to have been duped into falling in love with a girlfriend online who, dun dun DUN, didn't actually exist.  What dastardly criminal mastermind could have possibly orchestrated this ruse?  You guessed it...



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