TJR Wrestling and Thursday Headlines favorite Mickie James was recently featured in a radio interview with Diva Dirt.  In the interview, James speaks about her time with TNA, and the disappointing way the division was booked.  She also talks about dream opponents, and the possibilities ahead of her in wrestling, including more time in WWE.

Obviously, we think very highly of Mickie James.  While we wouldn’t hesitate to label her our favorite female wrestler of all time, we think it’s realistic that she’s in most fans top 10.  She’s got a great look, is good in the ring, and based on how she broke into the WWE, has a great mind for the business as well.  So, consider us in the “PLEASE RE-HIRE HER WWE!” camp.

Beyond the obviously awesome match ups with AJ Lee and Natalya if she were to come back, Mickie James would also give the Divas division the boost its sorely needed for quite a while.  Outside of some fun AJ Lee stuff, the division hasn’t offered anything close to compelling since… well Mickie James was in the company.

So here’s to hoping that James returns to the WWE sometime in the near future.  It’s the right place for her, and she’s the right person to elevate female wrestling in the company.  


Thursday Headlines punching bag Eric Bischoff has reportedly been relieved of his duties within TNA.  Creative responsibilities now fall completely on Dave Lagana and Matt Conway, which we consider an upgrade.  Now, it would be easy for us to take some cheap shots at "the Bisch" (our nickname, trademarked), but we feel we have matured.  We would now prefer to look forward to the future of TNA and the man who will guide it to the promised land.  (Wrestling Inc)

Wondering who this human dynamo might be?  You guessed it…


Former WCW United States Champion, Konnan, has engaged in a Twitter war with current WWE Superstar Curtis Axel.  To sum up the epic battle, Konnan said Axel has zero charisma, Axel lightly defended himself by saying he has a "chill out turbo" attitude, and Konnan finished things off with more harsh criticisms of Perfect Jr’s persona.  We at Thursday Headlines refuse to choose a side in this battle for the ages.  We will say this though, if anyone in the business knows a thing or two about a wrestler's can damn well bet it's Max F-ing Moon!  (SEScoops)


Guess what gang?!  TNA Impact Wrestling Glory Trading Cards (that’s their real name.) are to be released by Tristar on November 13th!  Now I don't know who these "Tristar" people are, but I assume that they are some sort of service that helps convey to your friends and loved ones that you take your virginity VERY SERIOUSLY.  (SEScoops)


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