Thursday Headlines: Nash Challenges WarriorBy Thomas and Aaron Briggs[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="This is seriously Nash's Twitter image."][/caption]Just when I thought it was going to be a slow news day...<!--more-->The Ultimate Warrior took a shot at Kevin Nash on Twitter yesterday when a fan asked him: “Why not dye the hair... pull a Kevin Nash return?”  The Warrior being the Warrior, he quickly stoked a fire that wasn’t there before.  He replied:
I’m not a dickhead who thrives on stealing the limelight from young guys.
Wow.  You’ve gotta admire the guy for never holding back.  Kind of reminds me of Bret Hart’s tweet to Hulk Hogan almost a year ago.  Kevin Nash, who has had issues of his own on twitter before, quickly responded with a series of five tweets (because it’s Twitter, and there’s a character limit dammit!).  Here they are, in their original, unedited form (you’re welcome internet):
Never realized I had a problem with Jim (Warrior). Seemed to get along fine in Scottsdale. Come on my clown, turn that frown upside down.
@UltimateWarrior A true warrior never turns down a challenge. Put up a 100K. I’ll do the same. 3 rounds. mma rules. winner take all.
I’m talking shoot, not sports entertainment. Jim Hellwig needs to put up or shut the f**k up. Day before Mania in Miami area.
Warrior will have to pass all hiv and hep a b and c tests. I’ll do the same.
I’m tired of this guy talking shit about the boys & me. When they stop it or you tap, i’ll quit, or you can apologize like the c*nt you are.
Just a quick observation: both Warrior and Nash are idiots.  They both have a sense of importance and entitlement in wrestling that they REALLY don’t deserve.  Warrior was a terrible worker with a prima donna attitude who held the WWE up for money.  Kevin Nash is a very average worker who has mastered the art of “knowing the right people” and politicking in his career.  He views himself as a legend in the industry because of his time with the NWO, but in all reality, fans really don’t care about the guy.But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see these two bozos beat the tar out of each other in a cage.  Break a nose here, snap a limb there, sure, I'd pay money for that.  In the end though, this will never happen.  Nash knows $100k is just ridiculous enough for the Ultimate Warrior to not accept, and who are these guys kidding?  They're both glorified body-builders, a fight between the two wouldn't come close to approaching what we've come to expect out of an MMA fight.That's not me supporting a stereotype about professional wrestlers, I know there are plenty of guys who could pursue an MMA career.  How could you see what Brock Lesnar has accomplished and deny the toughness of WWE superstars?  I'm specifically talking about these two men.  Ultimate Warrior and Kevin Nash, stop puffing out your chests and acting like you're anything more than nostalgia acts.  Nobody is buying it, you're both unlikable, and neither of you is as relevant as you believe you are. (Twitter)

In Other News:

Just like his idol Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels has been recently featured in a rap song.  50 Cent gives HBK a shoutout in the song Up! Remix.  Because nothing says hardcore gangster rap like a middle aged, pansexual, born-again christian white-dude with a wonky eye. (Def Sounds)In related news, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Marty Jannetty has yet to kill himself.“Froot”, a term coined by Chris Jericho in his most recent autobiography, has been added to the Urban Dictionary.  The term, which means “awesome” or "cool", has apparently made its mark in pop culture.  Take this story with a grain of salt though, this is the Urban Dictionary, not Websters.  Froot will reside alongside such gems as “Fart and Dart” and “Famine Underwear”. (SEScoops)Roddy Piper, who will participate in WWE’s upcoming reality show Legends House, said on Tuesday that although he hasn’t been asked to be in the upcoming Royal Rumble, he’d still like to have one last “balls to the wall” match.  Old and gray balls no doubt. (SEScoops)More Twitter fun: Beth Phoenix has directed some heated words towards Chelsea Handler on the social network service.  Earlier in the week, Handler had made some insults towards the WWE’s Divas division on her show Chelsea Lately.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Handler, don’t worry, we've got the skinny: she’s just some dumb drunk skank who isn’t at all funny, but you have to pretend she is because you really want to get some hand-action from your girlfriend. (SEScoops)CM Punk will accompany outspoken UFC star Chael Sonnen to the Octogon on January 28th.  The fight, which will air free on Fox, will be against Mark Munoz, and set in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.  Mixed feelings: the extra exposure of being on network television will be great for Punk and the WWE.  And a good, continuing relationship with the UFC can only be perceived as a positive.  But lets all be honest - Sonnen is a bit douchey:(SEScoops)Thoughts and opinions? Share them with me! Email: Twitter: @thjbriggs Blog:soundthecharge.comThanks for reading Thursday Headlines!  Just a couple of quick notes: we adore Shawn Michaels.  I've stated multiple times that he's tied with Bret Hart as my favorite wrestler ever.  But we couldn't miss an opportunity to poke a little fun at his on-screen character, so that's what we did.  Also, if it came across like I was harsh towards Nash and Warrior, that's because I really dislike both of them.  They're the anti-froot.