A couple of weeks ago we talked about the outspokenness of Scott Steiner.  His displeasure of TNA hasn’t exactly been a secret as of late.  Well, Steiner gave us some more to chew on this week, taking to Twitter and a podcast to air his grievances.  Once again, he sets Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in his targets.

From Twitter:

“With eric bn gone chant 609 when garrett is in the ring… Instead of getting rid of the guys who are the problem they keep paying hogan n bitchoff n try To save money else where,they no longer fly Taz n Tenay in for the tapings they Do voice overs in nashville..i betcha eric will try n replace them/one bn himself/ Saying hes saving the company money.

“As i tweeted 3 wks ago jeremy Borash was the other guy that b-tchoff ripped on social Media which alot of guys came to his defense and called eric a piece of sh-t,so he realize he got heat so thats where That segment came from when Jeremy calld him out on open fight night tryin to defuse the heat by Putting it on the show,which then 609Garrett came out at the end of show to save the day..wtf bullsh-t… The thing is Borash has done more for TNA than b-tchoff has,and hes bn there since the beginning, And the last time i checkd all b-tchoff does is kill the ratings,and as bad as it is with him pushing his son.

“The original plan was much worse,hogan n bitchhoff sons were going to wrestling camp at same time… Thank god hogans son has his p-ssy genes and quit otherwise the fans would have to suffer with These 2 a**holes nepotism’s their non athletic sons to the top,as soon as bitchhoff leaves TNA,609Garrett Career will be over,bcuz guys will kick his ass out of spite bcuz Eric is such a piece of sh*t”.

You know what?  Steiner is totally right.  Hogan and Bischoff talk themselves up so much, acting as if they’re the saviors TNA has been waiting for.  Yet ratings have dropped, and there’s just as much of  focus on Hogan, Bischoff, and Garett Bischoff as there is on “new” faces, like Bobby Roode and James Storm.

Dixie Carter, TNA, and Spike TV need to wake up and realize that they’re being conned by Hogan and Bischoff.  They can keep throwing millions in the toilet, sitting at a 1.0 (or below) rating, or they can make a change while it’s still possible to save their sinking ship. (SEScoops)


According to ProWrestling.net, Hulk Hogan's supposed "new idea" that will not only revolutionize TNA, but perhaps the entire wrestling industry itself, isn't going over too well in the TNA locker room.  Indications are that Hogan wants TNA fans to video record any and all interactions with TNA wrestlers.  This fotage could then be used by the company in episodes of Impact Wrestling.  This of course would require TNA talent to adopt their in-ring personas during their everyday lives.

I know Hogan's idea seems crazy, but it could've been much worse, as this idea is actually Hogan's "plan B".  What was his "Plan A", you ask? Luckily we at Thursday Headlines have gotten ahold of an actual transcript of a meeting between Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Dixie Carter, in which Hogan's original plan is discussed:

Hogan: Ok Dixie, I was holding out for the last two years, but I'm finally ready to deliever on my original promise to elevate TNA.

Bischoff: You're going to love this babe, even Jason Harvey loved it!

Hogan: Just don't tell anyone yet, because it's a super duper secret.

Dixie: Ok, what is it?

Hogan: Well we start off with one last match for yours truly, the Hulkster.

Bischoff: One last shot at the gold!

Hogan: I take on Bobby Roode.

Bischoff: The Future vs The Past!

Hogan: We battle, and just as I am about to do the right thing for once in my life, and pass on the torch for good...

Bischoff: I know Jason Harvey.

Hogan: Kablam!  Fucking LEG DROP!

Dixie: Leg drop?

Bischoff: From Zues himself.

Dixie: Uh... No.  Got anything else?

(Long awkward pause after Hogan suggests fans intrude on wrestlers privacy)

Bischoff (Yelling at the top of his lungs): I ONCE CREATED THE NWO!!!



In keeping with this very Hogan/Bischoff themed Headlines, it’s worth mentioning that in the (mostly) very good retrospective on Cruiserweight wrestling at WWE.com, a pot-shot is taken at Eric Bischoff.  And I quote...

“Through the crumbling of WCW and his own shameless self-promotion, Bischoff has become somewhat of a sports-entertainment punchline. It’s not a totally unfair assessment of the guy who once challenged Mr. McMahon to a karate fight live on pay-per-view, but the truth is the slick salesman had more than a few good ideas hiding beneath his Ken doll hair and, more importantly, had the nerve to pull them off.”

I love the tone of that paragraph.  It’s like me saying “Bill Gates was nothing but a nerdy virgin, whose face was so greasy that you could fry a full-order of chicken tenders on it.  But he sure could make a computer.”  I nominate Ryan Murphy to write next week’s Thursday Headlines!


In a recent interview with CelebBuzz.com, Chyna commented on how she changed her diet in order to get in shape for her latest porno flick.  Here’s exactly what she said:

“First and foremost, diet is very important. When I was wrestling, I ate as much meat as I could. Boys would have eating contests with me, so I would get bigger that way. Now my diet has completely changed. No salt, I crave vegetables all the time. 75 percent of my body change was diet.”

I know what you’re wondering, what about the other 25 percent?  ...You guessed it, Frank Stallone. (SEScoops)


Written By Thomas and Aaron Briggs

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