By Thomas Briggs

Nelson Frazier Jr., better known as Mabel or Viscera to WWE fans, sadly passed away on Tuesday night due to an apparent heart attack.  

We at Thursday Headlines occasionally get a really juicy story to talk about, and that makes writing this article easy.  But we take no pleasure in reporting on stories like this.  Nelson Frazier’s death is tragic, untimely, and we wish all the best for his family and loved ones.

Personally, we knew Frazier best as Mabel.  In the 90’s, he was a large (literally) part of a thin roster.  Aaron and I dug the M(en) O(n) M(ission) entrance music quite a bit, and Mabel was clearly the standout figure in that tag team.  I’ll admit to some surprise when he won the King of the Ring tournament in 1995, but Mabel was clearly someone Vince McMahon saw a lot in.  Which is surely why he had such a long career in the WWE.

It’s sad that what made Frazier stand out - his massive size - may have also led to his death.  Can we really say that had Frazier not been a professional wrestler he would’ve been smaller?  I don’t think so.  It’s hard to lay the blame of his premature death on professional wrestling itself, but never the less he will forever be connected to professional wrestling.

I think that’s a good thing.  Not all wrestlers are good people.  There’s probably plenty of evidence out there that proves the opposite.  But they entertain us, the fans, and we love them for it.  For as goofy as we wrestling fans can be, we’re a fiercely loyal bunch, and will never forget Nelson Frazier, Jr.  

That’s our little soapbox moment.  Here’s Mick Foley’s thought’s on Nelson Frazier, Jr.’s passing.  He’s far more eloquent than we are:


I was saddened to hear of the passing of Nelson Frazier Jr, better known to most of us as Viscera or Big Daddy V - a nice man, with a big heart and a great look - who left not only a unique legacy in the world of sports entertainment, but a unique mark on my own career, and an indelible memory in the minds of my children.

Although we faced each other only sparingly, I actually sought images of him my home every day for over a year when my children took turns drawing pictures of the fearsome figure, which found homes on the Foley family refrigerator. They Weren't scared of him, so much as they were enamored of him – drawn to the contrast of the huge figure they watched on the television set, with the gentle man they saw backstage. My youngest son was terrified of mascots and characters for several years, a fear that actually left him hiding underneath a table at the Magic Kingdom, when Cinderella and her three mouse friends arrived at a character dinner. I tried to talk my little guy out of this illogical fear by reasoning with him.

"You're not scared of Big Daddy V, are you", I asked.

My son shook his head, no.

"How about The Great Khali", I said.

Once again, he shook his head no.

"But 3 guys dressed in mouse costumes?"

Absolutely terrified!

Good bye Big Vis - you will be missed. (Facebook)

Couldn’t have said it better than that.  (SEScoops)


USA Today released an article yesterday on how Daniel Bryan’s YES! Movement is breaking into mainstream territory.  While Bryan at times downplays his popularity by saying things like, "People like to do it because it's fun and it's interactive.", the real reason people love the Yes! Movement is because people love Daniel Bryan.  He’s the consummate underdog.  How Vince McMahon and co. fail to see his appeal while the entire known universe does is beyond us.  I guess we can always just chalk it up to McMahons be crazy.  (USA Today)


Jimmy Kimmel Live! introduced the world premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer last night. (The Verge)  Here’s an article by TJR’s very own Andrew Johnson on Guardians of the Galaxy.  Why should you be excited about Guardians of the Galaxy, you ask?  Well besides the fact that it stars WWE Superstar Batista, its got Chris Pratt in a starring role!  Yep, the guy you loved in The Lego Movie.  And Moneyball.  And Parks and Recreation!  We know you Parks and Rec guys think you’re real cool for knowing Chris Pratt was a special talent since 2009.  Well we got news for you nerds, Thursday Headlines has been fans of Pratt since he starred on The WB’s Everwood.  2002, suck it!  

Anyway, here’s the trailer.  I dare you to say it doesn’t look awesome.  


Finally, be sure to listen to this week's SharpShooter Cast!  Although much of the episode is spent discussing the Raw Eliniation Chamber go home show, the episode is also notable for an argument about the NFL's Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito.  Give it a listen!


This episode covers:

  • Is Aaron a sexist?
  • Why The SharpShooter Cast missed last week.
  • Johnathan Martin vs Richie Incognito.
  • Is the Martin/Incognito situation black & white?
  • Discussion on bullying.
  • Review and analysis of the Elimination Chamber go home episode of Raw.
  • Scores for Raw.
  • Thoughts on Sheamus as a CM Punk replacement.
  • Who in the locker room can step up in Punk's absence?
  • Thoughts on Antonio Cesaro's progression.
  • Tom and Aaron's experience at a recent WWE house show.
  • Disagreement over whether or not Randy Orton is phoning it in.
  • Did Raw do a good job of convincing fans to buy Elimination Chamber?
  • Listener Question: Had WCW never released Steve Austin, how would the Attitude Era have been different?

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