Welcome everyone to the very first Thursday News Update of the New Year!  We're going to be honest with you, we tend to write these on Wednesday nights, which means we wrote this on New Years Day.  We love our holiday time (you may have noticed that we skipped last week - which would have needed to be written on Christmas day), so were going to keep this week's group of headlines quick, sweet, and simple!  

Here, friends, they are:

Got some Ultimate Warrior merchandise you'd like to sell on eBay?  Not so fast!  According to Wrestling Inc, the Warrior will sue your ass AND balls if you try to cash in on his gimmick.  The Ultimate Warrior everyone - making sure that you remember what a complete asshole he is, every single day of his life.  What a hero.


Are you a wrestling fan living in Huntsville, Alabama?  Well if you are, then I have some exciting news for you!  TNA's Genesis event is coming to town on January 16, and for the very low price of $125 you can sit in the "Knockout Zone" (floor seats hosted by the TNA Knockouts).  These seats also come with food and drink service if you're the lazy type.  And while it isn't advertised, I have it on good authority that an extra $5 will get you the actual thimble that Mr. Anderson's asshole persona came in. It's even smaller than you'd think!  (TNA)


CM Punk called his recent match with Seth Rollins on RAW "garbage" (according to his own Twitter account).  This begs the question, if that match was garbage, then what would Punk call Hogan vs Warrior at Halloween Havoc?  Does the term "Bastion Booger fecal waste" exist yet? (Wrestling Inc)



WWE stock went from $8.03 a share to $16.58 a share in 2013.  In related news, Linda McMahon now has a little more cash stocked up to run for political office... or set on fire/flush down the toilet.  Same difference. (24 Wrestling)

Marty Jannetty says stay out of politics kids!


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This week's episode covers:

This episode covers:

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  • A review and analysis of the 12/30/13 episode of WWE's Raw.
  • Tom FINALLY gives credit to Triple H.
  • Vince Russo gets a mention!
  • Rollins vs Punk sets the tone for a damn good Raw.
  • Big E Langston and Fandango prove they're ready.
  • Langston vs Ryback - which big man should WWE push?
  • How can WWE grow its audience?
  • Has Randy Orton lived up to his potential?
  • Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatt Family!
  • Brock Lesnar returns in spectacular fashion.
  • Brief San Diego sports talk.

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