Remember last week when 99% of wrestling fans were fed up with with the WWE and their handling of internet favorites Daniel Bryan and CM Punk?  And remember the optimism fans felt when they learned that the WWE was calling for two all day Creative meetings to shake up WrestleMania plans?  You do?!  Well it sounds like everything that happened over the past two weeks amounted to a whole lot of nothing.

According to PWInsider, despite hunkering down and putting their heads together, Creative’s plans for WrestleMania 30 have remained largely the same.  That means no Bryan in the main event, but rather a matchup against Triple H.  And here’s the insane part that’ll make your head explode…  According to the good people at PWInsider, nobody expects Bryan to go over Triple H in that match.  (Wrestling Inc)

I’ll concede, that’s simply a rumor about an event still a couple of months away.  But due to WWE’s booking of smaller performers in the past, it certainly feels like a realistic possibility.  And would it surprise you if Triple H put himself over a rising star?  I know it wouldn’t surprise me.

But here’s something that isn’t a rumor, here’s a fact: despite initial claims that Extreme Rules would take place in the Seattle market (leading many to believe Daniel Bryan would be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title), the event will in fact take place in Rutherford, New Jersey.  Not quite the homecoming many were expecting for Bryan.  (Wrestling Inc)

While that may seem disappointing at first glance, consider the fact that New Jersey/New York crowds are as hordcore as they come, and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion that we did: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE EXTREME RULES TAKES PLACE!

Regardless of where WWE decides to book their live events, Daniel Bryan continues to be the most popular wrestler on the roster.  In a recent WWE poll asking fans who they would like to see win the Elimination Chamber, Bryan scored better than John Cena, and’s audience is about as general of an online audience as you’re going to find.

At some point, at this pace, the WWE is going to have to push Daniel Bryan to the main event level.  While some of us hoped that they would reconsider their Title match at WrestleMania, it doesn’t really matter at this point because IT’S EVENTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN.  If WWE fails to put Daniel Bryan over at WrestleMania, all they’ll be doing is losing money from their own pockets and making fools of themselves.

It’s not like Vince McMahon has never been a fool.


Following his recent departure from the WWE, former superstar CM Punk has been linked to potential contract offers from mixed martial arts companies like Bellator.  Also throwing their hat into the ring, pun intended, is "Brazzers," a professional pornography website.  Because when life is at it's toughest, nothing makes more sense than saying "what would Chyna do?" (SEScoops)


According to, the WWE is making a big effort to bring back former diva Stacy Keibler as a special backstage correspondent for Wrestlemania XXX.  The company is said to be tempting Keibler with a Hall of Fame induction as well.  While this potential return is still up in the air, the WWE is at least known to have already made an offer.  And yet, sadly, the WWE's other legendary beauty Bastion Booger's phone remains silent. (SEScoops)


Another rumor coming out PWInsider is the possible departure of Alberto Del Rio following the completion of his contract.  Del Rio is said to be upset with his current role, as he sees himself as just being used to fuel Dave Batista's momentum heading into Wrestlemania.  While losing Del Rio would be a major blow to the WWE's appeal to the Latin American market, all hope is not lost.  The sports entertainment empire could always sign Mexico's next biggest wrestling darling.  Who are we referring to?  You guessed it, Marty "El Guapo" Jannetty!  (SEScoops)


According to Wrestling Inc., Eric Bishcoff is set to launch a weekly radio show.  "So I guess just about ANYONE with a microphone can pretend they're radio hosts with something meaningful to say." said us at Thursday News Update!

Hey, did you guys catch our interview with John Canton yet?  It's a real winner, and we're total experts at this radio gig thing!

Here's a quick rundown of our conversation with John Canton:

  • Super Bowl 48 Predictions.
  • Listener Question: Who do we think will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title first: Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns?
  • Interview with John Canton.
  • One of the biggest week's in professional wrestling history.
  • How historical was CM Punk's walkout?
  • Is CM Punk leaving money on the table by leaving before WrestleMania?
  • How long until Punk is back in the WWE?
  • Possible changes to the WrestleMania 30 card due to Bryan's popularity.
  • Is Batista better suited as a heel?
  • Will WWE work out a last minute TV deal with NBC, or shop Raw and Smackdown around?
  • Did the WWE intentionally hold their Network back based on their tv deal expiring?
  • John plans his WrestleMania trip.

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