According to PW Torch, WWE is now set to air a two hour WrestleMania 30 pre-show.  Let me repeat that: TWO HOUR PRE-SHOW!  So if a four hour event wasn’t enough for you and your friends, get ready to sit around your television for a full six hours on April 6th.  And hell, that’s assuming there’s no post-show.  But who are we kidding?  There absolutely will be.  (PW Torch)

With episodes of Raw clocking in at more than three hours every week, the release of the WWE Network providing a non-stop stream of wrestling goodness, and now the announcement of at least six hours of WrestleMania programming, WWE has to be nearing its over-saturation point.  Are  you sick of the WWE yet?  

We at Thursday News Update aren’t.  The WWE seems to be walking a fine line in the content they’re airing.  While you could literally spend every minute of every day watching WWE programming right now (what a wonderful time we live in folks), what’s really necessary to watch?  Raw is certainly necessary to follow current storylines, and you’ll want to check into major events like WrestleMania to see the payoffs, but everything else is filler.  Even Smackdown plays a support role for Raw.  Outside of rare moments like Batista’s heel turn, very little happens week to week to be NECESSARY.

But that’s where WWE is brilliant.  If watching 10+ hours of wrestling every week was necessary, the product would almost certainly be oversaturated, and fans would be fatigued.  But WWE has carefully ensured that ONE show is all you need, and everything else is there if you feel like watching more.  

Feeling unsatisfied with just a helping of Raw?  Here’s some Smackdown for you.

Need something fresh to go along with the same old segments on Raw and Smackdown?  Watch NXT!

Feeling nostalgic?  Your pals at WWE have you covered with classic Pay Per Views on demand thanks to the WWE Network.

So while some may complain that six hours of WrestleMania is just the latest example of WWE over exposing themselves, we disagree.  It’s just another example of appealing to all fans.  The hardcore, and the SUPER hardcore.  


The good people at (that Jason Powell has the voice of a Greek God) have reported that sources inside TNA have said that Dixie and Co. recently paid around $300,000 to book three live events for this summer.  While that sum seems very high, and is still up for debate, we wouldn’t put it past TNA to put a huge investment in to something that will likely lead to little payoff.  What’s that?  You want us to attach a pop culture meme to this story?  Well I think we can accommodate…  


In a recent interview with, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis spoke glowingly about CM Punk when asked for her opinion on the beloved superstar's ongoing hiatus from professional wrestling.  Kanellis stated that Punk's legacy in the business is already set in stone, and that any decision he might make is the right one for him.  What's that?  Maria Kanellis just succinctly summed up all of your opinions in a way that you couldn't do yourself?  Shit just got real bro. (WrestleZone)


Thursday News Update favorite Kurt Angle took to Twitter to update fans on the condition of his health yesterday.  The former Olympian gold medalist tweeted that the recovery of his knee following surgery in February was "going well" and that he would be back in the ring "very soon."  Somewhere in the world Shane McMahon just shit his pants. (SEScoops)


According to Variety, John Cena is in talks to appear in Judd Apatow's upcoming movie "Trainwreck."  Because just when you thought John Cena couldn't be shoved down your throat any more, your favorite comedy director is there to remind you that you're a dumbass.


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Written by Thomas and Aaron Briggs