- The big news this week is that TNA will be moving Impact to Monday nights starting on March 1. It will be from 9-11pm, which is obviously opposite WWE's Raw. The taping schedule is for TNA to air live on a Monday, tape the next week's show on a Tuesday and then go back to Monday the week after that. In other words, live show, tape show, live show, tape show and so on. It might change month to month due to the PPV schedule, but that's the plan. It's similar to what WWE did with Raw until 1999 when they made the move to going live every Monday.I think it's a good move for TNA. Why not? They're not going to really gain fans by staying on Thursday nights. As I've written many times, wrestling fans are conditioned to watch pro wrestling on Monday night. That's been our day to watch first run wrestling shows for the past 17 years. That's what we know. Monday night is wrestling night. It's better for TNA to go head to head with Raw then it is to run taped programs on Thursday nights, which is a killer night of television and always has been. I don't know what kind of ratings they can do on a consistent basis, but it will probably be close to what they do on Thursdays, if not higher.<!--more-->To the people that think this will be the death of TNA, I don't really agree. I think their booking needs to be better, but they are backed by a big company in Panda Energy. It's been seven years. They survived when they didn't have much money at all. I think they'll continue to be fine for at least the year. If Spike TV was happy with 1.0 ratings on Thursday nights they'll probably fine with 1.5's on Monday nights if they can get that on a regular basis like they did on the 4th.- You've probably heard of the story (now picked up by TMZ) where Greg Helms got accused of hitting a woman while out drunk with Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy. The link is here. The gist of it is Jericho and Helms got arrested for public intoxication. That means you spend an hour in what's known as a "drunk tank" where you pay a small fine, in this case $120 each, and then you leave. There usually aren't further charges. I've never been brought in on something like that, but I know friends who have. I have picked friends up from there. It's not that big a deal.However, the possible assault charge is obviously a big deal. So far they haven't pressed charges on Helms, who by the way, has been silent on Twitter the last two days. The guy posts a lot on Twitter every day, but he's obviously watching himself now. The charges could happen, of course, which would then open up the big can of worms.It doesn't appear like Jericho will be in any legal trouble, nor will Hardy. What's interesting is that from the story it's basically saying that Hardy took off when the cab driver called 911 about the incident. That's Mattitude, I guess.I don't know what to think of the story. On the one hand, I really like all three guys and hope there's nothing serious that comes of this whole thing. On the other hand, isn't it funny? At least a little? I don't mean any disrespect when I say that. It's good that nobody got hurt, so we can have a laugh at it. Right? Am I right, people?UPDATE: This is from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer update today. Saw this about 20 minutes after I posted:
Here are a few more notes regarding the Chris Jericho/Gregory Helms arrest story that isn't in the item already on the front page. Several sources are saying that Helms never hit the woman in the taxi, Ashley Storer. Helms left the taxi and ran off when the driver stopped at the gas station. Matt Hardy was chasing Helms and trying to get him to come back. The only other note is that Phillip Brooks and Jason Reso (C.M. Punk and Christian) were said to be the two who posted bond to get Jericho and Helms released about an hour later.
I wonder if Punk cut their hair after? Probably not, huh?- The Undertaker had his knee scoped. That's minor knee surgery. He should be fine by the Rumble although he's said to be in a lot of pain. He had hip surgery last year and his knees are really bad. Basically, age is catching up to him as he is nearly 45 years old.- The Undertaker's opponent at the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio, is also working through knee injury issues. His chronically injured left knee needs another operation (I believe he's had 5 on that knee) and it's scheduled for April. They want him to work through until WrestleMania 26 while he obviously wants to make it there as well for the nice payday. His rumored opponent for Mania is CM Punk.- Maria's going to be taken off Smackdown for a while. Yes, again. Apparently by appearing on Celebrity Apprentice you're not allowed to be on another TV show at the same time. Does that make sense? Shouldn't you (NBC) want them (WWE) to promote her on the show? I guess not. Anyway, the "Diva of the Year" gets to be off WWE TV again.As always, the news comes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which is available via subscription at f4wonline.com for just $10 per month. It's well worth the money.I'll have some kind of post up on Friday in the early afternoon. Talking Smack will be a Saturday night posting this week.