I hereby declare this the close of TJR Reality Week! From a personal standpoint, I was really happy that a chat about Total Divas led to this idea. I had a lot of fun brainstorming about what kinds of wrestling-themed reality shows I’d like to create, and it was a pleasure to read everyone else’s ideas. On behalf of Matty J. Douglas, Brandon Lasher, Andrew Johnson, Hugh Firth, and myself, thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting.

Here’s the added layer of fun: it’s your turn to vote on your favorite of the reality show pitches!

This is where I channel my inner Michael Cole: You can vote using Disqus (our comment system at the bottom of the page) or by twitter. Simply tweet using the hash tag #TJRRealityWeek and/or mention the writer and show that you liked best.

Here are your candidates. If you haven’t read the pitches in full, give them a click and enjoy them now so that you can participate in the voting!


Matty J. Douglas (tweet @MJPD_GSE)

Pitch 1:  MTV Presents WWE’s The Challenge

Pitch 2: Deadliest Warrior: WWE Dream Matches Realized

Here are Matty J’s pitches in full. 


Hugh Firth (tweet @HughFirth)

Pitch 1: 80 Days Around the World with the Brothers of Destruction

Pitch 2: A WWE Idiot Abroad

Pitch 3: WWE Hell’s Kitchen

Here are Hugh’s pitches in full. 


Andrew Johnson (tweet @TheAEJohnson)

Pitch: WWE-Themed Mystery House

Here is Andrew’s pitch in full. 


Heather Hickey (tweet @kickyhick)

Pitch 1:  3-MAB (3-Man Air Band)

Pitch 2: Gorilla Position

Pitch 3: Ridin’ With Rybaxel

Here are Heather’s pitches in full. 


Brandon Lasher (tweet @WWELasher)

Pitch 1: The Real Life Wrestler

Pitch 2: This is NXT

Pitch 3: It is DDP!

Here are Lasher’s pitches in full. 


Just vote once, and we’ll keep the voting lines open for the rest of the week!