I love writing about wrestling. I think that's obvious. Another thing I love is talking about it. While TJRWrestling Radio isn't a weekly show, we do it about every 3-4 weeks and going forward will continue doing it on the Tuesday or Wednesday following WWE PPVs or WWE Specials, which they might be called going forward. My regular co-hosts on the show are Matt Seagull (@PocketSeagull on Twitter), who you know as a writer on TJRWrestling, and also our friend Cory aka The Ace (@TheAce18).

We've been doing this show for 3 years (usually on a monthly basis) and I can honestly say that last night's episode was the best one we did. I'm not saying that to shill. I don't say it every show either. I'm just being honest about it because I believe it. It wasn't an easy show to do, but we got through it together. It's been hard dealing with the news of Ultimate Warrior passing away, but what we talked about last night certainly helped us deal with it as wrestling fans.

During the two hour show, we were joined by former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas). We talked about the Ultimate Warrior for about 30 minutes. Since Jimmy worked with him in WWE (Jimmy worked in WWE for 20 years), he shared some stories about how nice of a guy he was and how he cared about guys like him as well as others on the ring crew that traveled from town to town.

We also talked about WrestleMania 30 with Jimmy and got his insight into Undertaker's loss against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. Did Jimmy think that it was Undertaker's decision to lose? You can hear his opinion on the show.

There were also some questions from TJRWrestling readers asking Jimmy about ref bumps, WrestleMania memories and plenty of other interesting topics. He's a friend that has supported the site for years, so we love it when he joins us.

In the second hour, my buddy Nick Kostos (one of the three guys I went to WM with) joined us. We had a great talk about our many experiences in New Orleans including being in the crowd at WrestleMania and Raw. We also mentioned the madness of Bourbon Street, Nick's critiques of some of my wardrobe and the genius of Paul Heyman as well.

Here's TJR Wrestling Radio/Podcast from last night with a LINK RIGHT HERE. You can play it on your computer or mobile device. Download the MP3 file. It's also up on iTunes RIGHT HERE too. Here's an embedded version of the show as well:

Please listen to this show. If you've never given us a try before that's okay. Try to make some time for this one. Thank you.

As for my writing schedule, life continues to be busy for me with my responsibilities at WhatCulture. Most likely my Raw Deal column will go up Saturday and then the formal WrestleMania 30 recap on Sunday. Even though I was at both shows I still want to stick with my normal format of reviews too. My night of WrestleMania recap is here although it's not a full recap. Just trying to catch up, but have other things too. I'll likely write the Raw Deal live on Monday night too, so I will be all caught up by then.

Thanks for your support of the radio show and everything else we've got going on here at TJRWrestling. Have a great rest of this week and weekend ahead.

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