From the week of March 18 to March 24 we held a TJR Writer Search to find us seven new writers for After reading over 140 columns we've found the lucky seven.

Before I begin, I really did enjoy reading all of the columns. A lot of great ones. Some people didn't follow instructions well. Most did. I was impressed with the talent that was out there. It was a pleasure to read them all. 

If you were picked you would have received an email from me by now.

If you weren't picked hopefully you don't hate me for it and understand how tough of a decision it is to eliminate over 100 columns while only choosing seven of them. I really don't plan on emailing everybody. I don't have that much free time in my life. 

We were not going to pick more than seven because we already have a big staff. There's only so many things in wrestling you can write about, after all. By adding more than seven writers we feel that would be too much. 

Here's the list of writers we selected along with their column name. 

Name: Hugh Firth 

Column: All the World's a Stage

Name: Brandon Lasher

Column: The Importance of the Slow Build

Name: Mike Holland

Column: Talk Talk

Name: Heather Hickey

Column: WWE Network or Brock Lesnar: Which is more legitimately terrifying?

Name: Nicholas LeVack

Column: On Wrestling Narratives and Their Components

Name: Zac Soto

Column: Heel Honor Roll - Kevin Nash

Name: William Math

Column: We Need to Talk About Perry

Over the course of the next few days I'm going to post the columns they sent in as their samples. 

After that, each of them will be given a day of the week to write their columns and you will see them regularly on the site for the foreseeable future. 

Once again it was difficult to pick just seven. I had five people as part of the panel. I had narrowed all of the columns down to 26 (was going to be 25), asked them to send me a list of their favorites while comparing it to mine. Then I had to make some tough decisions.  Was it the perfect way to do it? Maybe. Maybe not. But when you consider that I spent the last 10 days reading, evaluating and dissecting these columns that should tell you how much I care. Other than the Raw Deal I haven't written anything else. My focus has been on this. 

My hope is that people that weren't chosen are okay with the decision. I realize you might be upset or maybe even angry towards me. I get it. I've tried to write at other sites in the past too and didn't always get picked. It's happened to all of us at some point in our lives.

My advice is if you really like writing find a way to keep doing it. There are so many wonderful wrestling websites out there. Go try a site like (I even post there once in a while) and they could accept you if you try. Search the web. There are plenty of sites out there. The internet is a really big place. And there's more to it than just pornography too! Imagine that!

If you really hate me for not picking you, lighten up. It's only writing about men pretending to fight in their underpants! 

As an aside, we will probably be looking for writers at in late April (maybe early May), so be on the lookout for that in the near future too if you're interested.

We have a lot of fun here when we write and we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy putting the content out there. You know what new writers mean? More content. Fresh voices. We're looking forward to sharing them with all of you.

Lastly, I want to thank everybody that sent in columns and everybody that reads the site on a regular basis for supporting

Thank you for reading,

John Canton Editor-in-Chief