Our regular NXT reviewer Lonestar is unable to write this week, so I'm filling in for him. He has his style and I have mine. That's what I'm rolling with.

The announcers for the show are Tony Dawson and William Regal.

In the opening they advertised that the World Champion Alberto Del Rio is in the house. It's nice of him to stop by.

Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman got control early with power moves and then hit a suplex, which announcer Tony Dawson reacted to with an "ohhh!" It was just a suplex, Tony. Ohno got the momentum back by draping Bateman's neck across the top rope. Bateman came back with a couple of dropkicks and then a nice leaping clothesline for a two count. Three shoulderblocks by Bateman got him more two counts. Ohno whipped Bateman into the rope and Ohno drilled him with a hard kick to the face for the win. The match went about four minutes.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Analysis: It was a solid match although I would have liked to see them get more time because they are two of my favorite performers in NXT. Both guys should be on the roster. Bateman's been on and off of NXT for a few years now while Ohno was already accomplished as Chris Hero before he was in WWE. Bateman has a lot of personality and talent, but this was booked more as a match to showcase Ohno. I like Ohno so much as a heel.

After the match, Ohno applied a submission hold to Bateman where he pulled back on his neck. Was it a Regal Stretch type maneuver? Looked like it. William Regal ran down for the save. He shoved Ohno and then knocked him down with a forearm shot. Ohno left while staring at Regal.

Analysis: They're doing a story where Ohno is trying to get under Regal's skin and Regal had an expression on his face suggesting he's reluctant to get physical.

Backstage, the lovely Renee Young interviewed Bo Dallas. Dallas talked about Bray Wyatt costing him the NXT Title and the tag titles. Dallas said what he does tonight is something Wyatt will never forget. If you don't know already, Dallas and Wyatt are brothers. They are the sons of Irwin R. Schyster.


Emma vs. Summer Rae

Emma's an Australian that dances poorly and awkwardly gets into the ring. Hopefully when she gets called up to the main roster her last name isn't Emma. Summer's a tall, attractive blonde. Reminds me of Maryse a bit - even does the hair whip. Regal mentioned that Emma was trained by Lance Storm. Emma with a nice cross body attack into the turnbuckle. Summer gave her a snap mare that led to Emma's legs hitting the ropes. I like that move. Summer applied an Indian Death Lock on Emma's legs. Dropkick by Summer followed by some choking. Emma did a good job of selling her leg injury and then hit a clothesline for two. Emma got a sunset flip, but Summer came back with a spinning kick to the head for the win. The match went about five minutes.

Winner: Summer Rae

Analysis: I was impressed by Emma more than Summer in this match. Her offense looked crisp, she did an awesome job of selling the leg injury and I think she has a lot of potential as a babyface. They should probably get rid of the comedy dancing act, though. Summer's offense was good because she's a taller woman and her finisher involved a high leg kick, which again makes sense.

After the match, Paige ran to the ring to go after Summer to continue their rivalry. Paige was out for a bit and the crowd loved seeing her return. Summer was able to get out of the ring. Paige didn't follow her, of course. Because going through the ropes to fight somebody you hate is too much effort.

Last week on NXT, the Wyatt Family attacked Oliver Grey - the tag partner of Adrian Neville, who won his match. Neville and Grey are the tag champs.

Backstage, Neville talked to Renee. He issued an open challenge against any member of the Wyatt Family.


In the locker room, Matt Striker interviewed NXT Champion Big E Langston. Langston said Conor O'Brian beat two guys to earn his title shot. Langston said it's his first title defense. He said he's going to make it dominant, destructive and delicious. Good intensity.

Bray Wyatt entered the arena. He cut a promo on the way to the ring as he wondered how far Bo Dallas is willing to go.

Bray Wyatt vs. Bo Dallas

It's a battle of brothers. Wyatt was in control of the action using his size to his advantage. He hit a cross body block for a two count. They went to break.


Wyatt whipped Dallas into the turnbuckle and he took the bump on his face. Wyatt hit a body slam for two. Wyatt applied a submission move on the neck of Dallas. Dallas avoided a splash attempt as he began his comeback. Dallas hit a punch to the head followed by a forearm shot to the head to knock down Wyatt. Wyatt came back with a uranage for a two count. Dallas came back with a belly to belly suplex out of nowhere for the win after six minutes that were shown.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Analysis: I was expecting a bit more out of them. I figured they would have great chemistry. It was okay, but came off like a basic match in a lot of ways. Dallas didn't get much offense in, but he won with the belly to belly suplex out of nowhere. I'm sure these two brothers have wrestled for fun so many times over the years. In the future they'll probably have more matches too.

After the match, the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) attacked Dallas on the ramp. Dallas fought out of the double team and knocked them out of the ring. That allowed Wyatt to sneak up behind him and hit a reverse STO to knock out Dallas.

Analysis: Dallas won, but Wyatt got his heat back. Of the two I think Wyatt will be the bigger star long term although I like the heart Dallas showed in his babyface comeback.

Backstage, Renee talked to Justin Gabriel. He talked about Leo Kruger, who is from South Africa like him. Gabriel wants a match against Kruger next week.


Ricardo Rodriguez was on the stage to introduce the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. The champ entered the ring to a nice reaction.

Del Rio said he was the new WHC thanks to all the fans. I'm pretty sure it's thanks to himself. He said that NXT has a talented locker room and that backstage they could have the next WWE or World Champion. Well not the next one, but perhaps a future one.

The United States Champion Antonio Cesaro entered on the stage. He called himself the greatest US Champion of all-time and greatest champion in WWE right now. He went into the ring. He challenged Cesaro to a champion vs. champion match right now.

The GM of NXT Dusty Rhodes appeared on the stage. He said Del Rio was just a guest there. Cesaro doesn't make matches - Rhodes does. He gave Cesaro a match against the NXT Champion Big E Langston.

Even though Langston is a heel on WWE TV with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, he's a babyface in NXT. They went to a break before the match started.


Big E Langston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Langston used his power moves early on. There was a wrist lock applied for about thirty seconds with Cesaro bumping all over the place. Big hiptoss by Langston. Cesaro came back with a couple of uppercuts followed by a running knee attack for a two count. Cesaro applied a chinlock to wear down Langston. Langston missed a corner attack, which led to Cesaro using his knee to drive Langston down to the mat. Cesaro hit his gutwrench suplex. He didn't lift Langston up that far, but still impressive to do to a guy as big as Langston. Cesaro applied the sleeper hold. Langston came back with clotheslines followed by five knee lifts. Running body attack by Langston. Corey Graves ran in to attack Langston, which led to the disqualification win for Langston. It went about four minutes.

Winner via DQ: Big E Langston

Langston destroyed Graves with a running body attack. That led to Conor O'Brian running into the ring to go after Langston as well. They're the two heels that are the main contenders for the NXT Title. Meanwhile, Cesaro went up the ramp. O'Brian and Graves double teamed Langston using a series of punches and kicks. It was a very tame beatdown. The show ended with Graves and O'Brian looking happy with their work.

Analysis: The match was too short to amount to much. I thought they had a nice dynamic with each guy showing off just how strong they are. Big E has a lot of potential, so I absolutely understand why WWE is using him more on Raw and Smackdown. He has the kind of physique that is going to make him stand out. If he can learn how to put on entertaining matches he'll be okay. Cesaro's one of the best workers in the company. But like I said this match didn't really get into that next gear.

The attack by Graves & O'Brian was pretty tame. It would have been nice to see them unleash more of a physical assault rather than a series of punches and kicks. My assumption is they're setting up a three way feud for the NXT Title with Langston trying to fend off these two heels that are trying to get the NXT Title from him.

Final Thoughts

There was a recurring theme with this show since every match had some kind of attack after it was over. It's not just about the matches - they're telling stories too. That's good to see. Some weeks they have longer matches, but this week it was all about building the characters and either furthering feuds or starting new ones.

I had fun filling in for Lonestar with the NXT recap this week. The show airs on Thursdays here in Canada on The Score (the channel shows all the WWE shows), so I make it a habit to check it out on the DVR every week. Lonestar will be back next week.

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