Tonight is TNA's Final Resolution PPV. If you are watching it you can discuss it in the comments below. I won't be able to see it to write a review about it. Below is my preview of the event that was in Saturday's edition of Canton's Corner.<!--more-->Television Title: Robbie E (c) vs. Eric YoungThis feud isn’t over? Young is one of my favorites, but the comedy gimmick has ran its course. I miss him in the heel role he did a few years ago as the leader of World Elite. I guess Robbie wins here to retain the title that has less value than any title in TNA. Too many freakin’ titles bro. The Pick: Robbie E.X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid KashThe best they can do for the X-Division shouldn’t be a guy in his 40s like Kid Kash. Not using Alex Shelley because Chris Sabin got hurt is ridiculous. Now they’ve taken Kash out of the heel role that he’s been good at so that they can use him as a face against Aries. Dumb booking. Aries is too good to drop the title to Kash, so I’d assume he keeps it. Where are the future babyface contenders? The X-Division sucks right now. No surprise because Hogan & Bischoff don’t care about smaller wrestlers. They never have. The Pick: Kid Kash.Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie JamesI’d love to see Mickie James get the title back here, but I don’t see it happening. It’s odd how they built up Velvet to win the title, then she lost it in less than a month and is already out of the title picture. Mickie’s the better wrestler obviously, but they really killed all the momentum they had in building up Velvet. I’m sure these two will have a good match to make amends for the one on Raw in 2009 when Gail hit her head and the finish was all messed up. I’ll go with Gail winning thanks to heel shenanigans because TNA can’t book a Knockouts Title match without some kind of overbooked finishes. They are worse than finishes to Jarrett matches. The Pick: Gail Kim.Tag Team Titles: Matt Morgan & Crimson (c) vs. Devon & The PopeThe faces have momentum until Morgan turns on him in a few months. The Devon/Pope team is temporary with Pope showing heel tendencies, which means the Morgan & Crimson team winning is the biggest lock on this show. Make it a quick match because I wouldn’t book Morgan & Crimson to sell a lot of moves here. It should be a dominant win. The Pick: Morgan & Crimson.Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher DanielsNobody in TNA mails in performances more than RVD, which is saying a lot. I don’t think he cares too much about anything there these days. They should have a decent match, but after watching them last month my enthusiasm has been curbed. I’ll go with a Daniels win here just because he has more for him going forward than RVD likely does. The Pick: Christopher Daniels. Kurt Angle vs. James StormHappy birthday to Angle, who turned 43 on Friday. Is it shock that the match I care the most about involves Angle? No. That’s how good he is. In this case, Storm has delivered the goods too. His promo on Thursday was terrific as he got in Angle’s face to tell him about everything he’s been through in his life. It was his way of saying that despite what Angle’s done to him, Storm has been through even more pain. It’s been a really good story. With that said, I see this as a two or three PPV type of feud, so I’ll go with the Angle win here in an excellent match. This has the potential to be TNA’s best feud in a long time. Don’t rush it, let it play out and Storm will look like an even bigger star by the time it’s over. The Pick: Kurt Angle. Steel Cage: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff HardyA Jeff Jarrett match with stipulations? What a shocker! It’s in a cage with the stipulation being that if Hardy wins he gets a World Title shot while if Jarrett wins then Hardy leaves TNA. Gee, I wonder what happens. Another stip is that Sting will be handcuffed to Karen Jarrett on the floor to ensure that she doesn’t interfere. They have had a good build to the match, but there are too many stips going on here. Hardy will win obviously, which is the right move of course. I’m just really tired of anything involving Jeff Jarrett. The Pick: Jeff Hardy. 30 Minute Ironman World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ StylesAn Ironman match always has its challenges because it’s not always easy to be entertaining for an hour or 30 minutes in this case. With these two, though, I have little doubt that it will be very good. The problem is I doubt many people believe Styles will win because of the Hardy stipulation on the card. Jeff Hardy is the top babyface in TNA right now arguably with James Storm after him. Even though Styles is main eventing, he is the third top babyface at best. That hurts the match in terms of selling the PPV. I’ll say Roode retains by getting three falls to two for Styles. Then they go to Roode vs. Hardy as the top feud heading into the new year. The Pick: Bobby Roode. On paper it’s a pretty good card, but good luck drawing in fans when you only get about 8,000 PPV buys and you’re competing against a huge Sunday NFL game as the Cowboys take on the Giants. They should think about going to six PPVs in a year while airing six TV specials that are like PPVs because then at least people will see them.