Sorry for not having a Total Divas review last week. Between a busy week at work and nothing happening of note on the show, I didn’t feel compelled to review. It’s tough to do a show review where the same things happen week in and week out. They have problems with their men over one thing or another, but by the end of the show, it all works out. It really makes you feel like you’ve wasted an hour of your life (well…more than the same general feeling I usually get every week).

This week, however, was a bit better because the focus was less on relationship trouble (although we got a serving or two), and more on what was actually going on with the show, which is the main reason I tune in every week.

The Bellas were getting into some drama because Brie was shining as a singles star while her sister Nikki was on the shelf for five months with an injury (to be honest, I didn’t even notice Nikki was hurt during that five-month period). She was getting words of encouragement from her boyfriend Bryan Danielson during a CrossFit session (which I thought was awesome; the couple that lifts together, stays together). At lunch, she called Nikki out for using her recovery period as a “vacation,” which led to a big fight between the twins. Again, I had no clue that Brie was in singles for five months straight. I guess that’s what happens when you pay damn near zero attention to women’s wrestling.

It’s interesting to note that this week’s episode was centered around the Night of Champions Pay Per View, but yet no mention was made about Bryan winning the WWE Championship at the show. I understand this is supposed to exist on another plane from the storylines that take place in WWE, but they mentioned Brie going after the Divas Championship that night. Maybe just a little scene with Bryan and Brie talking about both being champions was too much to ask for?

Finally, Total Divas was able to have a storyline that they didn’t manufacture themselves, where Nattie’s real-life cat, Gismo, was suffering from kidney failure and a stroke and had to be euthanized. It was affecting Nattie’s husband, TJ, while he was getting ready to return to the ring after suffering a serious knee injury. We were actually taken inside the veterinarian’s office as Gismo was being put to sleep, albeit behind closed doors. It was a rare real moment of emotion from Nattie and TJ as they were saying goodbye to their pet. TJ then did what all pet owners so…he got another cat that looks just like the old one. Smart move, TJ. Gismo who?

But what good would a Total Divas episode be without some drama with your man? Trinity was doing a photoshoot for Jet magazine, and her fiancée Jon was upset about her being in a two-piece bikini. Then, WWE Creative came to Trinity saying that she would get a storyline where she has a love interest, which will happen after Night of Champions (bullshit). Obviously, Jon wasn’t happy about the possibility of Trinity kissing somebody else and ending up falling in love with them. Trinity thought that was ridiculous, but Jon would have a real concern if this was actually happening, as there is historical precedent. Triple H was dating another woman when he was put in a storyline where he “married” Stephanie McMahon, and he ended up cheating on his girlfriend with Stephanie. Now, his girlfriend was Chyna, who was hideous, and you love who you love, but the storyline between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon directly led to them falling in love. Of course, they made up at the end, because god forbid we’d have any kind of cliffhanger to get people to watch next week, right?

It’s the Season Finale next week (THANK GOD).