Here we are at the mid-season finale of Total Divas. No more episodes until November. I can certainly say I'm relieved and that reviewing this show has been more of a chore than I expected, but the episodes that are coming up on the second half of the season look very interesting, as they will show some backstage reaction to the Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena match from Summerslam, as well as how Cena will be dealing with recuperating from injury and how Bryan deals with superstardom. So I feel compelled to continue reviewing this show, but I'll only do so if you guys let me know that you're enjoying it. So either comment below or tweet me @PocketSeagull and let me know if you'd like me to continue when the show comes back.

As for the mid-season finale itself, we got to see Nattie marry TJ. For the wedding, I was pretty shocked to see so few people attend, considering Nattie's family is so huge. I didn't see her uncle Bret "The Hitman" Hart at all, and that would have been really cool to see. As it was, it was obvious that E! network paid for the wedding so they could have it on the show, much like they paid for the Kardashian/Odom wedding a couple years back, even though that was much more extravagant.

Nattie had to deal with drama all day long, from her friend Nikki Bella not attending her wedding to bad weather to Jaret telling her husband-to-be that they've been texting and talking behind TJ's back. But the wedding went off without a hitch (ugh, I'm getting real sick and tired of everything wrapping up in a neat little package).

At least SOMETHING went wrong and stayed wrong in this week's episode, as JoJo and Eva Marie broke up for good (awwwwww). Looks like JoJo is getting tired of Eva Marie's success:

Awesome line.

Meanwhile, Nikki meets John Cena's family, and John asks her to move in at the end of the episode. It's a nice conclusion to their little story. As much as Cena's been devoid of charisma on the show, the two of them do seem to be a good couple. My wife and I like Brie and Bryan's relationship better though, because it seems more natural.

In news that makes me want to rip my fucking hair out, Ariane took Vinny back after she had severe stomach pains and had to go to the hospital, and he brought her a god damn gift basket, and that's all it took for her to take his corny ass back. Do you know how many relationships I could have salvaged if all it took was a gift basket? Note to self next time I upset the wife!

Oh, and how could I forget that the very best part of the episode was Damien Sandow telling everybody to sit down. "A-thank yow!"

That's it for the half season. Be sure to let me know what you think about me continuing to review this show (and destroy my liver in the process)!