"So I said, ‘Man I always said I wouldn’t get into wrestling.’ Not because I didn’t want to, because I love it, and I’m not the type to worry about public opinion. I just thought it was such a humongous deal for me to get into wrestling and I knew there would be so many people hating it or loving it. It’s more about helping Dixie who helped me with my music. She is bogged down with so much. It’s like where do you find a woman who knows wrestling as much as I do and who has been around it so long, to be able to trust and make decisions that you would make. There is no one out there right now in the business that can kind of take the load off Dixie and trust to make the right decisions. I don’t know how long this will last."  (PWNet)

Fozzie:  Brooke Hogan, a woman with absolutely NO wrestling background, with the exception of being the daughter of one of the biggest names in the business claims that she and she alone is the only one that can run TNA's KO division. Is she serious? Her being qualified to run the Knockouts division is akin to her brother, Nick, being hired to teach NASCAR drivers some rules of the track. Can you believe her sheer and utter lack of respect to any woman wrestler who has actually competed in a ring and could provide insight and knowledge and pass their experiences down to the newer generation? Woman like Lita, Trish Stratus, hell even Lisa Marie Varon aka Tara/Victoria must want to punch Brooke right in her oversized chin. They would have to be careful though, they might hit daddy dearest in the nuts if they do. 

Aires:  You are a TNA guy, so I know that this news steams you probably a lot more than some others.  Part of me wants to actually believe what she is saying.  Brooke really has been around wrestling her whole life, AND has been involved with TNA behind the scenes for a couple years.  Maybe she really can be an asset.  But then I realize that she's fairly dumb and has not succeeded in anything in life so far.  Her modeling career flopped.  Her singing career flopped.  Her exotic dancing career flopped (While I have not witnessed or heard of her being a stripper, I just assume she tried).

I mean she mentioned Velvet Sky as being one of the top women in the division.  She's not wrong.  Maybe she could help a little?  Or maybe she'll just be a complete and utter failure.

Fozzie:  This makes me angrier than a Dolph Ziggler fan. She's clearly not qualified to lead anything. The thing that really bothers me is that Impact is going live on Thursday, and instead if using the Roode/Sting main event, or even Awesome Aries and Bully Ray in their advertising, they use Brooke ripping her shirt off like papa used to in order to bring attention to this. I think the kids call it lame sauce. 

Aires:  No...the kids say "hey...boobs!"

Fozzie:  Yeah, but this time they are talking about Dixie, Hulk, Uncle Eric, and the rest of the Carter bunch, and not sweet, sweet, chest decorations. 


Aires:  That's the problem, and we talked about it last week.  Instead of focusing on the talent they have, they are once again bringing in a "name".  That ship is just...not meant for the water, yo.

Fozzie:  She's not even a big name in the business. She just happens to share the last name of someone who is. Remember, you can't spell nepotism without Hogan, unless you completely misspell nepotism. Or Hogan. 

Aires:  What else shall we discuss?

Fozzie:  How about we keep it with TNA and talk about the departure of Don West.

Longtime TNA employee Don West has given notice that he's leaving the company, according to PWInsider.com.

West had been with the company since it was founded in 2002 and served as a lead announcer along with Mike Tenay until he was replaced by Taz. He has also been the head of TNA's merchandise department since 2009, a role West was so good at that TNA sources have said will be nearly impossible to find somebody to fill his shoes.

West, who first got national television exposure as the zany pitchman for the Shop At Home network, brought his unique brand of sales skills on the road with TNA, where he'd set up a merchandise table inside the ring and other unique offers.

Aires:  A lot of people may not be super familiar with Don West, but the guy was brought in a decade ago because he was an awesome salesman on a Home Shopping channel.  Obviously that sounds like a "normal" shit TNA hire, but the guy became the announcer and did a decent job, but he did a fantastic job behind the scenes with marketing and more importantly...merchandise.  In my opinion, their merchandise is just as good as WWE's and obviously they are on a much smaller budget.  That's some quality right there.  He'll be missed by TNA for sure.

Fozzie:  I was never a huge fan of West, but he was ok. I think he was upset when they removed him from the announce booth, but boy can this man sell merch. TNA needs someone like that, at least until they sell all the RDV shirts. 

What's next?

Aires:  What about the comeback/re-debut of Sin Cara this week at SmackDown!  He said he's more prepared this time around as he had more practice going to the left (which is a US wrestling thing, whereas they go to the right in Mexico).  Question is...is he on a short leash?

Fozzie:  I keep waiting for him to do something special. I know he was injured, but before the injury, he wasn't exactly tearing things up, unless you count botching everything in sight whilst encased in mood lighting. 

Aires:  Will the mood lighting make a comeback?  That was the worst part of his entire thing.  I almost feel like I could blame the mood lighting on his botches.  That lighting also made me think we were about to watch a mexican porn.  Then we get nothing.  So i get crappy wrestling AND no penetration.  It's a lose-lose.

Fozzie:  You realize that you just expressed disappointment in NOT seeing penetration during an event centered  around oiled up men in tights?

Aires:  I realize that attempt at a joke just went terribly wrong.  Can we move on quickly?  QUICKLY.

Fozzie:  Ok. Last one. Top 25 talkers list is out. Your take?

5. Jericho, 4. Flair, 3. Rock, 2. Piper, 1. Austin

See the entire list here: http://www.wwe.com/classics/top25talkers

Piper tweeted the following message about his spot on the list and why he deserves to be ranked higher than John Cena, The rock and even Steve Austin:

“I don’t know if this is true. Told the WWE put out a book of greatest mic men. Told I was not no.1. Lost the last piece of respect & cred. LOL..Before this petty who is best goes to far, cause I love them all. Imagine if the WWE would let Rock, Austin,Piper, Cena do a Pit! Magic. Simple. All there interviews were scripted! There lay the difference! “#2. The book is full of Sh*t. And everyone, including all the boys know it!”

WWE Champion CM Punk, a longtime Roddy Piper fan, says it's a joke that Steve Austin was ranked above Piper:

“that list is a joke because Piper isn’t number one. Typical WWE revisionist history/political favoritism.” (Rajah)

Aires:  I felt it to be fairly accurate.  I think the 25 they have on there deserve to be on there.  I'm actually surprised that Austin was #1 though.  Don't get me wrong, he's one of the best...but I was still surprised.  I think I kinda agree with Punk and Piper that Piper not being #1 is a bit...nuts.  Everyone knows that when you wanna be good on the microphone, you strive to be like Roddy Piper.

Fozzie:  I would agree with you about that. Piper is FANTASTIC on the mic, especially selling big matches. He's gold almost every time out. But truth be told, Austin did have one of the most durable catchphrases of all time. 

Aires:  He did.  But you can't just base that list on a couple catchphrases.  I love Austin and the Rock, but I honestly think Jericho and Punk (and Piper obviously) are better than they are.  It's not catchphrases.  Plus Austin is responsible for WHAT.  That alone should put him lower on the list.

Fozzie:  You may be right, but I'm too tired to argue. How about we call it a night? I need my rest, and obviously you need your beauty sleep. 

Aires:  Sounds good.  Until next week.

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