Aires:  I'll have my phone handy all day.  Gotta mow the yard when I get home but other than that I'm as open as my ex girlfriend on any day ending with the letter "y".  What’s first on the docket for today?

Fozzie:  First things first. What's this ex girlfriend’s name? Lol. Just kidding. 

One of the gripes of the Internet fan is that Vince McMahon doesn't stay consistent with his storytelling. Well, now we know why. In an interview with PWTORCH, Chris DeJoseph - who is not so fondly remembered as Big Dick Johnson - days that Vince is to blame for such gaps in logic.

"It would always be brought up. Logic would always be brought up, but sometimes it'd just be thrown right out the window. He'd sometimes say he couldn't even remember what happened three weeks ago, so how is the audience going to remember it? I think sometimes that was his thought…" (PWTorch)

Fozzie:  I think Vince has to realize that his audience isn't all 70-year old men. 

Aires:  You don't want none of that.  Trust me.  That's the highway to the danger zone.

Anywho...about Vince being half-retarded.  Does it surprise you, honestly?  Vince is such a control freak that when he gets an idea, he goes for it regardless of how it affects storytelling.  It's sad when something that happened a few years back gets mentioned because I get excited.  That's how it used to be all the time.  Guys would feud and re-hash things they did in a feud 5 years prior.  Or they would just have an on-going feud for several years.  Now, we are lucky to get a feud to last 3 or 4 months.

However, I also understand where he is coming from.  I can't remember everything that happened on a show a month ago, let alone a year.  It just shows that the WWE is in a horrible cycle right now of being extremely reactionary.  Writing scripts or changing them minutes before the show is not the way they need to go.  They need this stuff planned out beforehand.  Having consistent, interesting storytelling is what continually brings fans back.  Throwing together matches at random every week, and having crappy feuds/storylines just makes things worse on everyone.

Fozzie:  Part of it is also due to the fact that there hasn't been that much to remember recently. There have been lots of really forgettable shows over the past few years and that's mainly due to what we thought was poor writing, but now turns out was due to the lack of faith from the half senile owner of the company. I think someone on that staff needs to grow a pair and stand up to Vince, or there will be many more fans lost. 

Aires:  Forgettable shows become shows not watched very quickly.  Eric Bischoff knows all about that.

Fozzie:  Yes he does. Speaking of TNA, heard they had a pretty good show last night. Also, WWE Intercontinental champion Christian was there as well. I just saw the clip in YouTube. He looked uncomfortable.

Following WWE Intercontinental champion Christian's appearance at Sunday's TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view, we can report that Christian was not happy that he was selected to appear at the show. That said, he was friendly and got along with everybody backstage. (Rajah)

Aires:  I would be uncomfortable too. When TNA loaned Flair to WWE, it was a magical moment and made Flair sentimental. Christian probably hated being there especially when all he did was introduce a damn video clip.  That's like Derek Jeter getting sent down to Double-A for a game to pinch hit...then getting beaned in the balls on the first pitch.

Fozzie:  Nice analogy. Bad image. What else we got?

Aires:  How about the fact that the last three people CM Punk faced at WrestleMania are suspended, and now the last two men Kofi Kingston held the tag titles with broke their foot?

Sources within WWE have confirmed that WWE Tag Team Champion R-Truth suffered a broken foot. He did not go on the Raw brand's tour of Spain last week-Kofi Kingston partnered with Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay at events. (Rajah)

Fozzie:  It's freaky. But the similarities don’t end there. Remember, Truth and Bourne were both suspended for Wellness violations AND Punk and Kofi once held the tag titles together. I'm guessing even the wrestling gods want Kofi pushed. 

Aires:  Kofi has been paired with Zack Ryder over the weekend with Truth out, so I look for Ryder to be juicing while breaking his foot at some point soon.

Fozzie:  At least he'll get his break...huh? Get it? Oh forget it.

Going back to TNA for a minute, it turns out that their first inductee into their HOF is going to be Sting. I am shocked that it's not Jarrett, to be honest. This whole company was founded to remind us of how great he think he is. And how ridiculous was it that Sting's return (arrival) in 2006 is their top moment in company history. I think Angle's arrival was bigger. I also think Sting is highly overrated. Thoughts?

Sting was announced as the first inductee into TNA's Hall of Fame at Sunday's TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view. The official induction ceremony will take place at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view in October. The belief in TNA is that more than one person will be inducted at Bound For Glory - and Sting will be the head of the first class.

Dixie Carter's announcement that Sting would be the first inductee was a surprise to virtually everybody in TNA. Neither Sting or Hulk Hogan knew about the news before Sunday.

Aires:  I am ok with Sting being put in for two reasons.  1) He should be in some kind of hall of fame.  His career warrants it.  Obviously him being inducted is a huge middle finger at WWE.  2) His debut and TNA career can be seen as a high point for the company in the mainstream eye.  He was one of the top names of WCW and one of the few who didn't go to WWE.  His debut on a company trying to make it was huge, and what started the wave of big names coming in.

I agree with Jarrett being the first though.  If they want to go JUST based on's him.  Second?  AJ freaking Styles.  I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with that one either.

Fozzie:  I'd be more than ok with that. He's the real face of that company. He's won everything you can think of, plus he's faced Christopher Daniels about 4,321 times. And he should get an award for that. 

Aires:  Although I'd be down for the cast of Jersey Shore being inducted as well.  J-Woww, Angelina, and Ronnie have all made huge impacts.  They can be inducted by Robbie E.

Fozzie:  F*^k you for that. 

Aires:  I'm here to remind you of Jersey Shore and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Fozzie:  Ugh....

Aires:  Last one, and I want to bring it up because I've always been a fan of his both on and off camera...Shane Helms is officially a father, as he had a baby boy, Sebastian Gregory, on Friday.  Congrats to him.  His son should be classified as a Tropical Depression.

Former WWE wrestler Shane "The Hurricane" Helms is now a father. His son, Sebastian Gregory Helms, was born Friday. He wrote on Twitter, "Emotionally and physically spent. Good night everyone. Thx for all the love and positivity. It is returned!! Bless you all." (Rajah)

Fozzie:  His matches were tropical depressions. I kid, I kid. I wonder if he'll start jobbing to his kid now?

Aires:  Just keep his kid away from the Hardys as much as humanly possible.  We don't need Matt Hardy feeding a newborn triple-cheeseburgers and Vicodin.

Fozzie:  Well, that's just good parenting. 

Aires:  I'm done for the night.  I need a shower.  I feel gross.

Fozzie:  Talking about the Jersey Shore and Matt Hardy will do that to you.

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