Aires: You and your working late. Screwing up my schedule. Like I don't have anything better to do than watch Raw and eat pizza. Wait...Fozzie: Like you need more pizza. I've seen the pics. Anyway, what you got for me this week?Aires: Well how about LIGHTS OUT Shawne Merriman coming to the aid of his BFF Chris Brown and calling CM Punk out for tanning his cheeks in Puerto Rico, and for being a "thong-wearing punk"?<!--more-->
NFL player Shawne Merriman, a longtime friend of singer Chris Brown, has gone after WWE Champion CM Punk on Twitter again. Merriman, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, once got made fun of on Twitter after Merriman unsuccessfully tried hooking up with one of the WWE Divas in Costa Rica. Merriman posted the following:"F#*k C.M. Punk, he's still a punk forever in my book. I'm sure my supporters feel the same way... And WWE, I ain't hosting y'all new network until somebody whoop C.M. Punk cuz he's a p$ssy.""Serious, who the fuck is C.M. Punk other than a soft butt...wrestling gone soft f off... If god is my witness, C.M. Punk was wearing a thong laying by the pool tanning his cheeks in Costa Rica, now tell me I'm lying... C.M. Punk wants no part of Lights, trust me...""And WWE, I ain't hoting sh#t until C.M. is dethroned... I ain't a hater at all, but if you like dudes tanning by the pool (in) a thong that's cool. I think he had pillows under his stomach." (Rajah)
Fozzie: What is wrong with people. I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but Chris Brown is a piece of shit. He beat his girlfriend. Badly. It wasn't an accident. He beat her face with his fists until she looked like she had a severe allergic reaction to lefts and rights. I'm not comparing him to Stone Cold, because I don't really want to, and I'm tired of that argument. Anyone who blindly defends him, like Mr. Merriman, is a Tool. To those who think otherwise, remember, he made Rhianna, his girlfriend, a woman he professed to love, look like this:F#*k him, and f#*k Merriman.Aires: Here's the thing that cracks me up. Whenever someone outside and jaded of the wrestling world tries to sound bad ass and make fun of a wrestler, all they can come up with are gay slurs. The funny thing is, Shawne Merriman is sticking up for Chris Brown? Really? The same dude who was suspended for steriods AND lived up to his LIGHTS OUT name by beating the hell out of his girlfriend/wife? And now goes off on a more or less homophobic rant?Yeah, way to pick your friends, Chris. Who else is going to come to Chris Brown's rescue? Bobby Brown? Brett Myers? Most of the guys I knew in high school?Fozzie: Ike Turner would be proud. Let's change the subject please.Aires: Ok. Well as Jacob mentioned yesterday in Headlines, the WWE Network is still looking at launching around the fall. One problem...not a single cable or satellite provider have signed on. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
WWE is not having an easy time getting its television network off the ground - and a new article published by the New York Post reveals just how much trouble they are having.
According to the Post, WWE has yet to sign with single cable or satellite deal with providers to carry the Network. WWE has also been seriously lagging on hiring experienced cable executives.WWE was expected to hire 200 employees including a general manager for the Network, but one cable executive told The Post:"WWE has the programming and marketing muscle, but they just have no one with cable experience who can execute for them."Industry expert Gerri Dinini says that whole channel of WWE content might not have a broad enough appeal to be successful:"Given the content issues, I think a whole channel would be a stretch. It is very limited in who it reaches." (Rajah)
Fozzie: It's become quite the embarrassment for Vinnie Mac. He's put a lot if effort to promote and put the network in the map, but I think, kind of your last date, it was premature.Aires: Well that's just harsh. But yeah, it's like Vince had a shiny new toy and couldn't wait to show it off to everyone, even though they had not put the batteries in or put the stickers on. Now he's actually putting it together and realizing that there are pieces missing. I still think I would enjoy the WWE Network, but I just wonder how much of a reach it has. This isn't MLB, NFL, or ANY other network that is dedicated to one main thing. Their reach is limited. I just hope this doesn't kill the company.Fozzie: I don't think it's going to kill the company, but it's going to hurt it. Give Vince credit for thinking outside the box, but take it away for not thinking it all the way through. There's something almost Russo-like in that.Aires: Maybe this is just a ploy for him to get Russo back. Why does Vince have to make ALL of the bad decisions? He can hire Vince Russo back and split them with him!Fozzie: It's kind if like why I write these columns with you. You're Russo to my Vinnie Mac. I have the ideas, and you make em fail.Aires: At least I've been World Heavyweight Champion.Fozzie: ...Of a now defunct company. Oh and McMahon was WHC as well. But I'm not delusional enough to think I'm ACTUALLY him. Man, do you get out at all, or do your friends exist solely in your head, like the girl from Labyrinth?Aires: Did you really just throw a Labyrinth quote at me? Who the hell are you, David Bowie?
Let's move on. Give me something else to you to bust my chops over.
Fozzie: In my mind Bowie IS The Goblin King.Oh, and there's the little tidbit of Punk bashing Rock on a radio show.
WWE champion C.M. Punk continued playing up the "us vs. The Rock" theme during a radio interview on WAAF in Boston Monday morning promoting the Raw TV taping.Punk said he has John Cena's back in Cena's "feud" with Rock. He said he sees Rock's return to WWE as just a way for him to make money while the roster "busts their ass" 365 days per year, ignoring that Rock worked the same schedule when he was full-time.Asked about Rock's goosebumps on last week's Raw, which attempted to convey Rock's emotional state returning to WWE, Punk said, "He's an actor." (PWTorch)
Aires: I'm conflicted about everything that has happened with this feud to date. On one hand, Rock being on the card takes away from someone who really has been busting their ass week in and week out. Yes, Rock has done it before...but that was back then. On the other hand, the Rock is bringing in more firepower, more interest, and more money. That's good for the business and therefore good for the wrestlers.>Punk's always candid and it seems like he has the same sentiments of the majority of the wrestlers in the WWE. But up until now, besides Cena, a top star really hasn't said those types of comments. So it's interesting.Fozzie: I can see both sides of the argument as well. But, those who are complaining are probably the ones that would not have a match at WM to begin with. The Rocks involvement is huge, and a definite win for WWE, but Punk speaking up for those who don't dare speak publicly is really nothing new. For perspective, what match would you rather see? Cena/Rock or Cena/Hawkins? Even more perspective is this: this is a passing the torch moment on the same level as Hogan/Rock. One generation to the next. It happens all the time, and it will happen again when Cena passes the torch to whoever the new top guy will be.Aires: Cena and Rock is the biggest match in the last decade. Period. Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and JTG can just sit their ass there and watch what happens when two guys literally eat, sleep, and breathe everything there is to do about the wrestling business.Fozzie: More perspective: I'm so awesome at what I do, that it makes you better just for having my name on the byline. That's what I call "the Rock Effect." Or "The Fozz Effect." whichever you prefer.Aires: I feel like the Jersey air is seeping over into your neck of the woods and clouding your judgement.
Fozzie: You're just upset because your girl Snooki is going to have a little Oompah Loompah of her own, arent you? See things from my point of view: She's got no talent, no relevance, and will desperately do anything to stay in the spotlight.....Wait, that's your point of view. My bad.Aires: I do not think it is a coincidence that Snooki is preggers and the Mayans predicted the world to end later this year. But your comparison of me to her is unfair. I write with a guy named after a Muppet for a wrestling site. She's a New York Times Bestseller.Fozzie: What do I have in common with Snooki's editor? We both have to deal with someone whose favorite color is "chair."Aires: That hurts. I'm outta here.Mike Aires' weekly column can be found here, and you follow him on twitter @OSUmike03Fozzie's TNA Impact recaps are here, and can follow him @FozzieMB