Welcome everyone to this fine Tuesday morning.  Hope everyone is enjoying this week leading up to the Holidays.  My name is Mike Aires, and my partner Fozzie is busy making sure plenty of Furby’s and Tickle Me Elmo’s are stocked on the shelf tonight, so he will be returning next week.  But enough about that, let’s get to the news.

Both Matt and Jeff Hardy had separate interviews recently, both dealing with different subjects.  Jeff (the current TNA Champion) discussed his WWE equal and former rival, the WWE Champion CM Punk with Power Slam.

Jeff and Punk were big rivals a few years ago and how Punk even called him out about his drug bust in September 2009. Jeff followed that up a year later, after leaving the company, by saying he had “made” CM Punk.  Seems like Jeff is speaking to a new tune, now.  Jeff was asked about CM Punk’s fan incident from a few months ago, and he said:

I am working on some songs with this guy, and he sent me a text and asked me if I had seen it. I hadn't seen it, so I don't know what happened ... But CM Punk is great, man: he's so talented, it's crazy. We're just on different pages on our beliefs and our outlook on life.

 But, yeah, I've got to check that [footage of Punk striking the fan]: I heard it was pretty violent. This guy said, "He might be coming to TNA, LOL." I don't know about that. But CM Punk is crazy talented. We don't stay in touch or have contact, but I have nothing bad to say about the guy ... we're just different.


This just goes with the changes Jeff has made to his life as of late.  Jeff and Punk are two totally different cats, but it’s good to see Jeff has cleared his mind enough to know when he’s being stupid.  Too bad his brother is still out of his mind.

Matt Hardy made an appearance on Monday Night Mayhem and discussed how everyone thinks he is a cancer at his new home in Ring of Honor, but he thinks he is the cure.

I wanted to come to Ring of Honor to help. A lot of Ring of Honor die-hard fans think I'm the 'cancer,' but I don’t think I'm the 'cancer.' I think I'm the cure. Not only can I offer my experience and wisdom to these guys, but I can bring in a huge fan base as far as Hardy fans go. I want to change some things. I don’t want to take away what Ring of Honor stands for, but I do want to change it in a way where it evolves and grows.

I know the Ring of Honor die-hard fans, and I'm going to be the enemy to them. I'm walking into hostile territory, and that's good. I dig that. As long as the fans are reacting, whether they love me or they hate me, it's all good."

 Matt also was coy but basically said he has had talks with either TNA or WWE recently:

All I can say is in the wrestling business is 'never say never.' I can tell you right now, there have been some interesting phone calls during the last month or so. If I could command a schedule in WWE or TNA where I could work a day a week or a couple days a week, that would be helpful. I would definitely take it into consideration.


Why either of those companies would remotely want Matt Hardy just blows my mind.  Maybe these phone calls Matt had were like the imaginary phone calls Rick Grimes was getting from his dead wife on The Walking Dead.

Onto the other news of the day:

Apparently, WWE officials are worried about the reaction Ryback received at the TLC PPV in Brooklyn. They were worried that the fans were overly cheering the heels and not giving Ryback his props or whatever. They compared it to Cena's crowd response noting that while the majority booed Cena, there were still Cena supporters. Being there live, I can tell you that Ryback did get props, and that McMahon has to take into account that in NY, we do what we want. In a side note, The Shield was also cheered loudly, mainly because we love talented performers. (NoDQ)

Pro Wrestling Illistrustred named their wrestler of the year for 2012 in their newest magazine, a title they have been giving individual wrestlers since 1972.  This year, the winner was CM Punk, who also won the title for 2011.  It’s voted by the readers of the magazine.  CM Punk accepted the award, I assume, by scoffing and calling them stupid. (Rajah)

Recently there were reports that Mark Henry was cleared and ready for a return to WWE. According to a tweet from Henry himself, the report was bullshit, and that whoever wrote the article made it up, and in fact he may never wrestle again? Wait a minute, an internet writer made up a bogus story?!? I am shocked and appalled. In other news, John Cena is expected to turn heel tonight and Vince McMahon announced earlier that he has purchased TNA just to have the privilege of firing Jeff Jarrett again. (PWTorch)

Ric Flair, that old guy who always flopped around the ring and wore fancy robes, returned to the WWE last night to present the Superstar of the Year award to John Cena.  As he is going through another divorce, he couldn’t wait much longer before needing another paycheck.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t go senile anytime soon and can do some good for the WWE. (John's Raw Recap)

Fozzie will reappear with his weekly TNA recap later this week, and I will return with another column on Friday.