Following an MRI and a battery of tests on his left arm Monday, doctors confirmed to that John Cena sustained multiple muscle strains during his Extreme Rules Match against Brock Lesnar.

"The most obvious injury was the laceration to his head, which caused a substantial amount of bleeding," WWE locker room physician Dr. Chris Amann said Sunday night. "He also suffered a shoulder injury."

Fozzie:  Cena missing time is huge, but I would be surprised if the injury didn't have some legitimacy to it. His arm looked fuuuuuucked up. I'm glad he's taking time off though. With all he does for the company, both in-ring and out, he deserves one. Plus, it gives WWE time to see if anyone can step up and get noticed.

It's cool, I'll walk it off

Aires:  Cena's on the road basically every day.  Does more for that company's image than damn near every other employee combined.  Dude could probably use a few days off.  BUT, that's all it is.  I think people assume it was a legit injury due to the speech at the end of the pay-per-view.  But unless it was hurt at another point that I wasn't paying attention to, his arm/shoulder are fine.  The Kimora that Lesnar was applying to Cena looked a lot more painful than it probably was...just due to the size of both guys' arms.  He wasn't putting a lot of pressure on it.

But for all we know, Cena could have been banged up before this match, and needed some recovery time.  He might also just go straight to filming his Marine sequel.  Last time he filmed a movie, he just did it in his spare time and did not miss any TV time.

(Note:  We now know that the Miz will be starring in the Marine sequel, not Cena.  That story can be found here.)

So there are multiple reasons why he could miss time, but you are absolutely right.  Just like when he was out with his torn pectoral, every guy in the back needs to know this is step up time.  Whether it be for 2 or 3 weeks, or for a few months.  Step up and take that spotlight.  Right now Brock Lesnar is the guy on Raw, and after that?  It could really be anyone.

Fozzie:  I would like to see Ziggler get shot up the ladder. He's ready for a face turn. Building him up to go against Brock is a fantasy bookers dream. Let me regale you with this yarn:

Raw opens one week with Brock saying he's ready for a new challenge. He wants to destroy the next young guy. Vickie comes out and says he'll fight Dolph. Ziggler gets a worried look on his face at first, but then accepts the match and gets destroyed. Out with an injury. Summer Slam comes and it's Orton/Brock. Brock is about to win until Ziggler makes his return and blasts Brock with a chair allowing Orton to win. Next night in Raw, you have Ziggler come out and say that Lesnar cost him three months of his prime and he wants revenge. That's how the story starts. Ziggler doesnt even have to win the feud. He just has to show that he can hang with the big dog. 

Aires:  I think that is extremely interesting, but we know it is a pipe dream.  Ziggler needs to get built up a bit first before that.  Can't have someone who is a mid-card jobber come back to be main event.  We know Ziggles has main event talent, but he's gotta be up there for a bit for your scenario to work.

Ok...enough about Cena being gone.  Let's run through the rest of the news.  Ready...SET....*fart*

Fozzie:  Well, Edge is booked for a non-WWE related event for the first time in years. The Indy circuit must be glad to have good old Sexton Hardcastle back.

RESISTANCE Pro received an email from Edge just now regarding his upcoming appearance on May 11th at A SMALL DEADLY SPACE. Due to a change in his filming schedule on SyFy's hit show"Haven", he will NOT be able to be in attendance on May 11th at Teamster Auditorium. He was scheduled to appear at the event and sign autographs with ALL of the proceeds going to two local charities. He apologized for the inconvenience, but promises to appear at another RESISTANCE Pro event in the VERY near future. (Rajah)

Aires:  I saw he had to pull-out (heh heh) due to him filming that SyFy show, Haven...that I've never seen, but he told them he would be at a show in the near future.  Still crazy to see him on the indy circuit, but I guess since his performance contract with the WWE is done, and he either has no contract or a Legends contract, he can do whatever he wants.  Doing whatever he wants apparently means appearing at shows ran by the Smashing Pumpkins.

What else?  Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, is apparently a blubbering mess.

According to the official Facebook page of Big Time Wrestling, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch no-showed the promotion’s Friday and Saturday shows in Maine. She also no-showed Live Pro Wrestling on Thursday after the promotion paid for her flight and half of her appearance fee. "Thanks to all the fans who joined us in Saco and Presque Isle! We are very sorry that Tammy Sytch's personal demons prevented her from showing up to the towns. Mr. USA Tony Atlas was a class act as a replacement! We'll see you all again soon!" Big Time Wrestling stated Sunday afternoon in a message that was deleted hours later.

Sytch has no-showed several advertised appearances in the past year including four other booking since March. She was recently scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario but "personal issues" prevented her from appearing at the event. American Icon Autographs stated they have no intention on working with her again after having bailed on the organization a third time.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been battling health problems in recent months; she has stated multiple times on her personal Facebook page being sick and/or hospitalized. Sytch claimed Sunday evening on the social networking website that she suffered a concussion and a black eye after "taking a bad fall a week ago in the rain. (Rajah)

She has missed countless appearances over the past month, chalking them all up to being sick, or being hospitalized.  Missing countless appearances?  Being sick a lot?  Battling personal demons? Is this Sunny or Lindsay Lohan?  All Sunny needs to do is start running people over in her car, getting naked, and pretending she is still famous and it will be a mirror image.

Fozzie:  She's a fucking wreck right now. She is probably the only one who envies Buff Bagwells situation right now.

Scotty Riggs, who held the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Buff Bagwell, stated Sunday evening on Twitter that he spoke with his former tag team partner after he was involved in a serious car accident last Monday in Georgia. Riggs says while Bagwell is in "rough" shape, he was discharged from intensive care after undergoing successful surgery on Saturday.

Bagwell was driving in Georgia on Monday when he lost control of his Jeep, which flipped on the road and left him with several broken bones in his neck and face, including a snapped jaw. The former WCW Superstar called his wife at 1:35 p.m. to tell her that he was about to suffer a seizure while driving. He was taken to nearby WellStar Kennestone Hospital, where he remained under doctors' watch in an intensive care unit through the week.

On Friday, Bagwell's wife Judy stated to that he had been taken off the breathing tube, was able to eat solid foods and talk. Fellow WCW alumni Sting, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Diamond Dallas Page and Riggs, among others, have also kept in contact with Bagwell since the accident.

"It's really helped that he's been contacted by friends ... he's really feeling the love," says Bagwell's wife. (Rajah)

I'm glad to see that Buff the Stuff is steadily improving. What happened to him wad a terrible tragedy, and I hope that he is able to have a speedy recovery. 

Aires:  I would make fun of him, because he was never THAT good, but when a wrestler isn't a complete asshole, I hate to see bad things happen to them out of their control.  Reminds me too much of Macho Man's car wreck, even though comparing Randy Savage to Buff Bagwell should probably get me burned at the stake.

Oh, The Bellas are officially gone from the WWE. has learned that The Bella Twins have been fired from WWE.

The news comes just one day after Layla defeated Nikki Bella to capture the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules.

Stay with tonight for more details as they become available. (Rajah)

Our last view of them was a 25 second match against Layla.  Three people will be sad:  Nikki, Brianna, and Daniel Bryan.  I do not think anyone else will miss them.  They had not really improved in the ring much, and they aren't the hottest women in the company by a long shot.  Not sure what they are planning to do now since they are gone, I'm sure it won't involve porn, which means the general WWE audience won't care too much.

Fozzie:  The Bellas are gone? And?

Aires:  I think you just made my point.

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