I was debating this week whether or not to post a headlines column today, because I didn’t know what Mike was doing, but then I came across something so fantastic that I just had to post. This may be the best Christmas ever, and I have Hulk Hogan to thank for it.

From NoDQ:

The Guardian has featured piece online where they ask celebrities what's on their Christmas wish list. Hulk Hogan was listed and here are one of his wishes. 

3 Knee surgery I’ve had eight back surgeries, I’ve had knee replacements, I’ve had both hip replacements. I only need one more surgery – to fix my right Knee – then I’m going to go for the TNA world title. I want to be 59 years old and be the champion. 

Above knee surgery are a 747 jet and thirty years of his life. Following knee surgery at number four on his list is hair. 

Isn’t that awesome? Hulk Hogan, the legend himself wants to hold the TNA World Title.

Apparently, Hulk Hogan has no idea what fans of wrestling as a whole want.

His fans are just as delusional as he is, because I have seen comments about this saying how great it would be if Hogan was the champ again. I have no idea how this is a good idea. He’s 59, but he moves like he’s 103. His offense does not look credible anymore, and his promos are some of the worst ramblings in the wrestling world today. And people want him as champ? Insanity. I respect Hogan for his contributions to the business, and I have stated many times that he is a huge reason I became a fan, but he has to know that his time on top is over and that he no longer has a place inside a wrestling ring other than to cup his ear and listen to the sounds of 1988.

Could you imagine being Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, or Austin Aries, and you’re told that not only do you have to make Hogan’s offense look strong, but you have to lose your title to him? That would severely hurt their credibility, not to mention the fact that the locker room morale would dip into places it may never recover from.

I have also read that the tone of his interview was such that many believe that he is only joking. I hope that is the case, because we know about his power backstage, and there is nothing that could really stop him if he wanted to go in that direction. It’s sad really. Oh, and before one of you guys says “der hur, ur so biast, Vinny Mac was champ n you liked dat”, I will say that that no I didn’t and this isn’t a comparison article, so shut it.

That’s the only news story I am covering today. I want to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I hope your holiday is a good one. I also have some parting words from Mike:

 “Thanks to everyone for keeping us gainfully employed and making us think our school-aged humor is actually still relevant. Hope you have a great Christmas, Fozzie, and that goes for everyone out there in TJRland/Cantonia/whatever lame country name you want to call an Internet site.”

 Merry Christmas to you too, buddy. Until next time, that’s all I got. Merry Christmas everyone!