Aires: So, as giddy as I have been with the return of the best wrestler of all time, Chris Jericho, it also seems we have another person making a comeback soon as well.  This one might be a bigger deal.  You could's the next big thing.  See what I did there?

Fozzie: Wow, subtly is not your strong suit, huh? Well, for the two of you who didn't understand his reference, it appears that Brock Lesnar has indeed signed with WWE, this time for two more years. I am not sure how many dates his contract calls for, but here's to hoping that this time he can show up for more than one month at a time. I mean eventually, they are going to run out of ideas to write him off, I don't want to hear his grandmother died, or his dog ate his plane tickets.

 Aires: Many things are not my strong suit, Foz.  But anywho, I would figure that after Brock ended his little foray against Triple H, he will become more of a "normal" appearance guy.  The question remains, where will he go?  Who will he face?  Will he be a face or a heel? There are plenty of options for Lesnar going forward. 

Fozzie: I say he returns as a monster heel, but this time you make him destroy Ryback. That would make a great program to carry WWE through to Summer Slam. It's simple really.

Aires: Or do you align him with Punk, or the Shield, or McMahon?  He always seems to have someone in his back pocket or aligned with him.  What would the future hold for someone who could literally be seen as the baddest man in the company?

Fozzie: Well, no matter who you align him with, he’s going to need someone to talk for him. Let’s just say his mic skills are…not good.

(Editor’s Note: The preceding conversation took place before Brock made his return on Raw.)

Aires: Lesnar has always been a mouthpiece.  I assume it's just easier to give a hulk-like bruiser someone to speak for him and not let them speak.  But Lesnar has gotten a LOT better on the mic.  Does he still need a mouthpiece?  Hell, could he be a mouthpiece for someone else?

Fozzie: Brock should never speak. He's not good. Having Heyman do his talking will be great. 

Aires:  See I think Brock is fine on the mic.  I mean hell, Ryback doesn't have a mouthpiece.  If he doesn't have one, then Brock sure as hell doesn't.  Then is not like CM Punk needed a freaking manager.  But with this two year deal that Lesnar now has, I doubt Heyman will stick around the entire time.

Hell, maybe he starts bringing Sable back on the road.  That would be quite hilarious.  Anyway you look at it, having Lesnar back for good gives tons of new feud possibilities.  He can go after the bruisers like Big E, Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.  Or he can have some interesting technical matches with Ziggler, Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, or other guys.

With the part timers, they feud with the top guys, and the guys they hand pick.  If he comes back full time, they can actually get him more involved.  Huge get for the WWE.

Fozzie: As we saw tonight, he's better as a silent leader. The way he motioned Heyman back to the corner was fantastic. He's better when he he's like that especially with a guy like Heyman because Heyman sold his viciousness perfectly. The pleading and the remorse of the attack was perfect and I don't believe we would have had the same feeling afterward.

As for a feud, after he loses to Triple H at WM, because duh, he's going to need to get his heat back immediately. The way I would book him would be similar to how Punk came out tonight, but instead of ranting about his match, he's just kicking the crap out of mid carders. Remember when Austin would come to the ring, stun whoever was there and bail? Same thing, except exchange the Stunners for F-5's or otherwise painful moves. It can go over the course of the show until someone gets tired if it, like Ryback, or Sheamus, or even Kane and start a feud there. I wouldn't mind seeing Ryback vs. Brock, to be honest.

Aires: Ryback vs. Brock would be a decent draw.  Brock's obviously a athletic freak and can match up with just about anyone.  Him vs. Cena is a huge draw too.  As is him vs. Sheamus or Orton.

Yeah he could easily get his heat back by tearing through guys.  F5 a bunch of people and then "break" a few people's arms.  He'll be back in the boos in no time.

Except for the Lesnar Mark Guy.  He will always be flexing and screaming.  I think I saw him at the Rumble.  He was sitting there just waiting for Lesnar to return.  I don't think he's ever left.

Fozzie: I only want to do Cena/Brock if Cena loses. At this point, Cena is the last guy you put in the ring with someone you want to push as a monster, unless they have Cena lose. However, there are many other ways to go about Brock's return. I'm excited to see it play out, and I really don't want Heyman to ever go away again. The man is awesome.

Oh, and you have many, many faults, like you said, but your strong suit is definitely coming through in the clutch. You are the man for scoring those VIP tickets for Undertaker.

Aires: Looking forward to it bro.  What else we got going on in this crazy wrasslin world?

Fozzie: Well, speaking of Brock, apparently WWE tweeted a pic of Brock backstage at Raw before he was shown on camera, because WWE is like a little child with a secret. Sure, they’ll be quiet about it for a little while, but then that just have to tells someone, or in this case, 2,000,000 followers. Jerks. (PWTorch)

Aires: As Briggs noted yesterday, Chris Jericho is officially on board the Road to WrestleMania.  His schedule allows him to be around for the next few months on just about every show:

Jericho won't have to tour with his band Fozzy until late February when they head to Australia for 10 days. Their next dates aren't until April 11th, after WrestleMania 29. 

Jericho is free to work a full-time schedule between now and then, with the exception of two RAW episodes and just a few live events.

However, a few wrestlers in the back have started to react to Jericho the same way some did about The Rock and Lesnar:

There were some wrestlers complaining about Chris Jericho returning to WWE last night at the Royal Rumble. The talk from a few wrestlers was in the sense that Jericho is just someone there to "take the spot" of another talent. 

I call these wrestlers “stupid” since Jericho always comes back to extremely above average work, and usually is there to PUT OVER THE SAME FREAKING GUYS WHO ARE COMPLAINING.(NODQ)

Fozzie: After Raw went off the air last night, John Cena called out Sheamus to celebrate the Pale Warrior’s birthday. Some referees came out with a cake as well. But, the party was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who, after taking the Brogue Kick from Sheamus, ended up in the cake. Ziggler sold the attack by getting diabetes. (NODQ)

Aires: With Mick Foley and Bob Backlund the first two confirmed names for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 - another name that appears to be locked in is former Divas champion Trish Stratus.

WWE reached out to Trish Stratus late last week about the induction and word is that she accepted.

Other members rumored for this year's Hall of Fame Ceremony from Madison Square Garden include DX, Kamala and Bruno Sammartino.(Rajah)

I had a dream one time that I found out I would finally be in the same building as Trish Stratus, and that she would be getting a ring, making a speech in a extremely nice dress to me, while I’m dressed to the nines as well.

Turns out the dream was not a dream at all, and will be a reality!  Clean up on Aisle My Room!