Fozzie: Hey. So apparently WWE is desperately trying to get David Otunga over. The only problem is, he couldn't wrestle a five star match if you spotted him four stars. What do you think they should do to enhance their efforts, or do we have another Khali situation in our hands?

 Aires: The scary thing is they said they are impressed with his in-ring work.  Granted, he HAS gotten better since he was NXTing it up, but "impressed"?  Really?  REALLY?

I like Otunga.  I honestly do.  I think he could be something special.  I honestly have no clue what they could do to get him over.  First off, he needs to interact with the crowd more though.  Seems like most of his segments are filmed in the back.  That isn't going to get anyone over.  Those are needed to enhance the wrestler, not justify him.  When Kane and DBD's "Anger Management" vignettes were done, they were over...but it isn't like they weren't ALREADY over.

Fozzie: I think the best option right now is to form a stable (yes, I still believe in stables) with Rhodes Scholars, Otunga, and Matt Striker. They all have similar characters, and if getting Otunga over is something they want to do, then why not put him in this group? He could be a good mouthpiece, or an enforcer type. He has ability to draw heat. Now he needs to focus more on getting the crowd to want to see him get beat up for reasons other than "just because."

Aires: A group of the smart wrestler gimmicks?  Genius.  They could all be heels and literally outsmart every opponent.  But when they are overmatched, they just run.

That could be fantastic.  Striker could be the manager, Rhodes Scholars be the tag team/leaders.  Otunga be the mouthpiece/attorney/spaceman/power source.

I usually think you are brain dead half the time, but this is the best idea you have come up with since you decided to start writing

Fozzie: You know that awkward moment when your jokes are so smart that no one gets them, so you look stupid? Of course you don't, but that what happens to me when I write with you. And I had to write with you, it was the only way anyone would like one of your column, and we can't have you feeling bad for yourself all the time, can we?

Aires: Well I don't like the way this conversation turned.  Not one bit.

Fozzie: You should have known better.

Let's get back to Otunga. I can definitely see why Vince loves him so much, he's got a good look, he can talk, and he just happens to have a celebrity girlfriend. H'e like a triple threat in Vince's eyes. Do you think there is any correlation between David's pseudo-celebrity status and Vince's desire to push him?

Aires: No doubt in my mind.  I'm not saying that Otunga doesn't have the desire to be in the ring, or he couldn't make it...because I've seen him in interviews and he is dedicated to the business.  But if his name was not associated with Jennifer Hudson, I just don't see him being in the WWE.  That's the big, big foot that got him in the door.

Fozzie: I still think he would be in WWE, just in a "he still works here?" kind of role. 

Aires: So instead of being Mr. Jennifer Hudson, he'd be....Mr. JTG?

Fozzie: You are a twisted f**k.

In other news…

Aires: Apparently a rumor came about that a few weeks ago, a Superstar went off on Vinny Mac backstage, saying the product they are producing is not up to standards and that McMahon has completely lost touch with what the audience wants to see.  That man should probably be fired soon.  I'm sure TNA will pick them up and show.....wait, what?  The said Superstar was John Cena?  Well then, Cena...carry on.  (Rajah)

Fozzie: Former ECW wrestler/Shawn Michaels look-alike Stevie Richards did an interview where he just came off as bat shit crazy. He took a shot at Linda McMahon, said you couldn’t trust government before saying he wants to run for an office, and basically said that Mother Nature is in cahoots with politicians because giant freak storms somehow coincide with elections. The best part about this is when he said he didn’t want to sound like a nutjob. I think he missed the point. (NODQ)

Aires: You thought only New York and Macy's had Thanksgiving Day Parades?  Wrong.  McDonalds also does one too, and this one will be held in the much drier area of Chicago.  The Second City Saint himself, CM Punk, will be appearing live for the parade as well, which is broadcasted live on WGN.  Nothing would be funnier to me then him walking down the street, by himself, except for Paul Heyman following him with the championship belt held over his head. (Rajah)

Fozzie: RVD also had an interview where he touched on a variety of subjects, including working in ECW towards the end, not going to WCW, getting older and still maintaining a high-flying move set, and whether or not marijuana has affected his success in this business. I spoke with RVD in an effort to follow-up on this interview, but he just stared at me blankly and said, “What Interview?” (NODQ)

Aires: Former WCW star and failed dancer gimmick, Alex Wright, had an interview in which he discussed how he actually did not want to get involved with the NWO, and that anyone who was not in on that angle was screwed.  He also talked about the little known secret that letting David Arquette win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship was actually bad for business.  Shocker...I know.  (Rajah)

Fozzie: And finally, in some good news, TNA wrestler Jesse Sorensen has been cleared to wrestle again following his severe neck injury in a match against Zema Ion back in February. It was a scary injury, and there was fear he wouldn’t walk again, so it is great to see him booked on a wrestling show again. The only downside is that he wrestles for TNA, so no one will ever see him. (NODQ)