Last week, Brock Lesnar made his long-awaited hastily thrown together return to the WWE by F-5ing John Cena, a man commonly referred to by the internet as “The Worst Thing to Happen to Wrestling.” After the attack, Brock could be seen mouthing the words “I’ve waited a long time for this!” Being the dedicated reporter that I am, I immediately forgot about it until it was time for my headlines column. After minutes of research, I think I may have an answer.

 According to a report by Wade Keller of PWTorch fame, there may be some underlying tension between Brock and Cena, which was mainly due to Brock “despising” Cena during Brock’s initial run with the company. In the article, found here, Keller claims that Brock would go out of his way to make Cena look bad, both in and out of the ring. I showed this to my collaborator, Mike Aires, and we were underway!

Aires: Good article.  Not a lot of juice, but it doesn't surprise me. I still wonder how the crowd is going to react to Lesnar.  They still seem fairly pro-Lesnar, and now he bloodied the bad guy of the Internet with one punch.  I really liked Cena's backstage promo though about getting hit.  Shows how talented he is.  He got smacked and then wrote/thought that good, quick promo up in a few minutes.

Fozzie: I'm curious to see if this becomes personal like the Rock/Cena feud. I mean, Brock literally gave the fans the finger when he left. Plus, the rookie he allegedly despised is now the face if the company. It's an almost certainty that Brock will have to put Cena over at the end if this. I wonder how he feels about that. Oh and TNA, that's how you do a BRAWL FOR NO REASON!!

Aires: Does he though?  I feel like we thought the same exact things about The Rock and Cena.  If Brock is back for a year, there may not be a need to put Cena over.  On the other hand, everyone now officially knows Brock is a true bad ass, so you don't need him to go over Cena to make him seem legit.

Fozzie: I think he does. They can't have Cena lose twice to returning superstars. I think the end game is Cena standing tall over Brock. Plus, I know Cena came out looking better after the Rock feud. Plus, having Cena defeat a former UFC champion will only help in the long run. 

Aires: In Vince's mind...what's the best way to say "we are better" to the UFC and Dana White then to have Cena beat Lesnar?

Fozzie: Exactly. Moving on, what do you have for me?

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch is, well, broken

Aires: Austin had a nasty storm go through his ranch last week, which partially destroyed his nice barn.  He said he was going to make it a positive because he's wanted to make the barn bigger...but we both know what happens next time a storm rolls through: 

Kick to the stomach.  Stunner.  Middle finger to Momma Nature.


Fozzie: Ha. He'd open a can of whoop ass on that bitch so big you'd think he was still married to Debra. 

But Sir, Imma Marine:

Fozzie: I got a bit about Randy Orton being pulled from the Marine 3 due to the fact that he was dishonorable discharged from the marines. He defended it by saying its ok because he's met many Marines since he's been a WWE superstar. Please, that's like saying I could be a teacher even though I hit kicked out if college, but it's ok, because my best friend is a teacher. You deserted your unit. All the success you have doesn't change that. Just apologize and move on. (PWTorch)

Aires: Randy Orton doesn't need to be in a movie anyways.  That's so many more bags on set for him to drop loads in.

Who needs Savage when you got boobs like this?

Aires: What else...speaking of Lesnar earlier, how about the fact that with him being back, there are rumors rumbling around that his wife Rena, aka Sable, could be inducted into the Hall of Fame before WrestleMania 29? She deserves it just as much as any woman/diva from the last 3 decades.  She was at the height of wrestling immortality.  Plus.  Boobs.  Boooooooooooooooobs.  I was a teenager during her main run, as well as her first Playboy shoot.  I don't have to explain myself. (Rajah)

Fozzie: Her boobs should be in the celebrity wing. That is all. Next story. 

Austin to get Punk’d?

Fozzie: CM Punk took another jab at Steve Austin saying that fighting Austin would be a step down for him. He clarified by saying it’s because it's because Austin has been on his Ranch hunting and making straight-to-DVD movies. I’d make a snarky comment, but Punk already beat me to it. (Red lasso)

Aires: At this point, these two mother truckers better make this happen.  Punk and Austin have gone at it too damn much at this point for a match to not happen.  Is there a chance you and I are both wasted drunk at WM29 and get to see Austin, Rock, and Lesnar all wrestle?  YES! YES! YES!

We have time for one more?

Fozzie: Sure, go for it.

Little Rey-Rey wants to Play-Play

Aries: Well Rey Mysterio is close to being back.  He posted this on the twitter:

“I really miss performing for all of u & thank u 4 all the LUV, i am pushing myself to come back from my injury by May! Almost their! 1 LUV!”
I go back and forth on love for Mysterio.  Respect the hell out of what he has done for his career, but his knee is done, and he can't remotely move like he used to.  But the kiddos love him.  Hopefully he'll use this as a last run, and retire before he can't walk.  There is only thing worse than someone on one of those motorized scooters at the grocery store...and it's a little person on a motorized scooter at the grocery store.(Rajah)

Fozzie: I honestly think that his next run should be his last run. He's done a lot in his career, and will always be recognized for that. Well, that and being the worst booked world champion this side of The Miz. 


As always, good talk man. Same time next week?

Aires: Works for me, hombre.  Take your hair.

Fozzie: Word.

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