Fozzie:  Doesn't look like CM Punk is a fan of the Pope.

Ayers:  Why, what did he say about Pope?  Is he even in TNA anymore?  Is the Elijah Burke train derailed?

Fozzie: No, I'm talking about the Pope that millions of people actually care about. Punk called him a Nazi.

Ayers:  Interesting.  I take it Punk knows a bit about his history.  Wasn't Pope Benedict part of Nazi Germany and he had to align with Hitler when he was a teenager?

Fozzie:  You may be right. But what do you think of the backlash that will likely occur? It's not in anyone's best interest to call the Pope a Nazi, whether its true or not, especially if they are a huge public figure. Personally, I don't care what is said. I'm just looking at it from another perspective.

Ayers:  I don't see too much backlash coming from this.  Like I said, it seems Punk was just being himself.  By that I mean he is being a dick, but also being an educated dick.  It's not like Punk has never been the one to shy away from controversy or keep his mouth closed.  He openly calls those uneducated WWE fans on twitter idiots.  Part of that is being a heel, but he was even doing that when he was a babyface.

He's a dick.  It's what he does.

Fozzie:  I think you're right. If nothing else, he's just Punk being Punk. The only concern is how the backlash - if there is any - affects McMahon. If it does get out of hand then McMahon will have a tough decision to make.

Ayers:  I think there is more backlash on Punk's neck from Miz dropping him on his freaking head this weekend than he will get from McMahon.  Hell, don't tell me you couldn't see Vincent Kennedy McMahon laughing his ass off at Punk calling the Pope a Nazi.

Fozzie:  I absolutely could. But that's private life Vince. Public Eye Vince will have to choose between defending an employee or condemning his words in a public setting. Which one of these seems more likely?

Ayers:  Hmmm.  Totally a toss up.  I would love to see the face of the drugged up, on-crutches Vince when one of his lackeys come up to him and say "Hey, Boss?  Punk just called Pope Benedict a Nazi on twitter.  Lots of fans are kinda going off on him now."

Fozzie:  Yeah. It's going to be interesting moving forward, but like you said, there may be nothing to it. Besides, Kurt Angle has it covered anyway.

Ayers:  Kurt Angle has become the Iron Sheik of this generation.  Except Sheikie doesn't apologize for his rants.  Kurt Angle says stupid stuff and then says he was hacked, deletes the message, or just apologizes.

Fozzie:  When he said the Pope could beat Punk in a fight, I tweeted to him: "you do realize that Punk is a trained fighter and the Pope is an 81 year old man, right? Or did you get hacked again?"

Strangely, I haven't heard back.

Ayers:  Well it would depend.  Does the Pope have any voodoo Nazi super powers?  Is he like the Red Skull?


Ayers:  Well he DOES look like the bad guy from Star Wars.

Fozzie:  Well, if he uses the force, or shoots lightning from his hands, then yes, he will win.

Ayers:  Also, does he have his Popemobile?  That car with the huge indestructible bubble on it?

Fozzie:  Ok. I think you have stretched this out long enough. What else you got?

Want more information about when we might see the Undertaker next?  Seems likely he had a meeting with the brass at WWE over the last couple days as he was spotted in his fedora at a Nashville Predators NHL game Sunday night, which was the site for Monday Night Raw.  Taker looks old.  Makes me wonder if having him in a WrestleMania match is the best idea.  Then again, he’s Taker so mine opinion does not matter and he will continue doing one match a year until he’s 70. (Rajah)

Former TNA tag team champion Hernandez celebrated his 40th birthday on Monday. Seeing as he was never in WWE, this makes him only five years away from getting a chance to win the TNA World Title. (WrestleZone)

When I think of TV Doctors, I think of guys like Gregory House, Leo Spaceman, and Doogie Howser.  We can now add another to the list:  Ric Flair.  Ric will be appearing on “Stuff You Should Know” on the Science Channel as a Doctor.  Not sure who in their right mind made that casting decision, but the happiest person there is Ric Flair, as he needs every dollar he can get, even if he can’t speak or spell most of the diseases known to man. (Rajah)

And in stranger, more laughable TNA news, Hulk Hogan told the Daily Mail that it's "Hold 'em or fold 'em" time for Dixie Carter and said the destiny of the company is in her hands. These sound like harsh words, but this is coming from the same man who wants to win the world title in the same year he turns sixty. You know what would help, Hulk? Finding someone who actually gives a shit taking talent that nobody has heard of and making them into stars. That's what builds a company.Or you could just hire me. That works too. #HireFozzie Get it trending people! (NoDQ)