Tuesday Headlines: SHOCKING! WRESTLING IS DANGEROUS!By Aires and FozzieAires: What shall we talk about this week?  Lots of TNA in the news, so that should make you a happy camper...Fozzie: Wow what a slow news week. I really don't want to do another Cena/Rock item either. I didn't see the injury to Sorensen. How bad was it?Aires:  Really bad. Like they thought he was paralyzed.  He's still in ICU and he can move his arms and his tingling in his legs but still can't move his legs.<!--more-->
TNA star Jesse Sorensen was injured during his match with Zema Ion at Sunda's TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view. TNA President Dixie Carter posted the following on her Twitter:"Jesse Sorensen was injured in the opening match of tonight's PPV. He is currently being transported to the hospital. I will keep you updated"The injury took place when Ion hit Sorensen with an asai moonsault from the middle rope, hitting Sorensen in the face with his knees. A referee checked on Sorensen, who at first appeared to be alright. When he did not get up or move much shortly after the spot, the referee checked on him again and then threw up the "X" - indicating an injury. The match ended in a countout, with officials running to the ring to help Sorensen to the back. (Rajah)
Update:TNA wrestler Jesse Sorensen remains hospitalized with a neck injury that occurred at the Against All Odds pay-per-view on Sunday. He has feeling in his arms and is able to move them. He has a tingling sensation in his legs but is unable to move his legs at this time. Sorensen's spirits are said to be high despite the circumstances.(PWNet)2nd Update:Jesse Sorensen has sustained a C1 vertebrae fracture with spinal cord edema. He is slowly regaining feeling and movement in his arms and legs. He wants to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Once we speak to the neurosurgeon, we will pass on more details. (Rajah)
Fozzie: That's a terrible thing to happen. As fans, we watch and we marvel at the levels of athleticism that are performed and the moves are executed do beautifully that we sometimes forget that there is an inherent danger to all of this. I really do hope that Sorensen has a full recovery and had a long career. It is a shame when anyone gets injured, and I hope Zema Ion won't blame himself. I also hope that they don't turn it into an angle as well. That would just piss me off.Aires: I have not seen the footage of the injury, but I completely agree. It's amazing how much of what they do we take for granted.  We like to make fun of guys who either get injured a lot, or guys perceived as "always injuring others".  But when it comes down to it, these guys damn near NEVER get injured.  With what these guys do in the ring, and an injury like this, it makes you stand back a bit and realize how amazing these guys really are. No homo.Fozzie: They make backflips look as simple as walking. It's amazing that there aren't more injuries, to be honest. I'm tired of people saying they're not real athletes, like football players. Speaking of football players, it turns out that even TNA wants to get in on my NY Giants Super Bowl win.Aires: First off, I'm super happy that the Giants won.  I like a lot of their players. I'm sure you just HATED having a trophy backing in the Big Apple.
After a deal fell through for Jason Pierre-Paul of the Super Bowl champions New York Giants to appear on this Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling, TNA Wrestling has secured another player for the event.TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter announced this afternoon on Twitter, "New York Giants star Running Back and Super Bowl champion Brandon Jacobs will appear on Thursday's IMPACT." (Rajah)
Aires: But yeah, TNA is becoming the White House of wrestling.  Whenever someone does something noticeable, they capitalize.  Jersey Shore became huge?  They had half the cast on.  NASCAR got big?  Sadler started showing up.  Now the Giants win, so obviously they need to get aboard that train.  I can see the Dixie Carter talk going like this:We can get the other Manning, right?  No?  What about Osi?  Tuck? Shit.  Jason Pierre-Paul?  He pulled out?  Well let's get Bradshaw then!  No?  Damnit.  Hell, what about Bradshaw's back-up?  YAY!Fozzie: I would be surprised if she knew anyone's names. She probably has no idea what a Brandon Jacobs is.Aires: Anyone that has knowledge of football, but not names of NFL players would look at Jacbos and assume he's a freaking linebacker or defensive end.  Running backs are my sized.  Well my size minus the gut.  Jacobs is freaking huge.Fozzie: As much as I love my Giants, please let's keep the football players away from the ring, lest we have another Mongo on our hands.Aires: Dude...Mongo was a member of the Four Hoursemen.  Just remember that. Forever and always, that Mongo was a member of one of the greatest groups in the history of the business.Fozzie: Yeah, but so was Lex Luger. Let's be careful about who we consider elite, ok?Aires: Your hate for the Narcissist will always confuse me.Fozzie: Just like your love for the Jersey Shore will always confuse me.Aires: Sad but true. So what else you wanna talk about on this cold ass day?Fozzie:Not much else to talk about. There's that toothless kid from Tough Enough who claims to be blackballed from wresting. That's interesting, I guess.
Jeremiah Riggs, who appeared as a contestant on Tough Enough last year, believes he's been blackballed from the professional wrestling industry after receiving no interest from WWE nor TNA Wrestling last year.
"I've been approached by a few wrestling promoters about coming in and doing some stuff. My manager even met with TNA several times but in the end politics won out. Am I blackballed in wrestling because of FCW? Probably, but it's all good. I enjoyed wrestling but I'm not a wrestler. I'm a professional athlete," he told www.hereisyourwinner.com in an interview.In regards to FCW, a "notorious incident" with Dusty Rhodes and training staff led to WWE rejecting the Mississippi native."There were a lot of guys with the same look doing the same stuff trying to kiss ass and get ahead. That's not me," he says. "Some of the guys told me they thought it was great because I was myself and I didn’t sell out or kiss ass. I have nothing but respect for Dusty or Bill (DeMott), but I'm not a yes man. I will do whatever is asked of me and give it one hundred percent but I don't do politics. What you see is what you get." (Rajah)
Aires: Well it is to me.  Read what he says.  I can't honestly decide if he is just butthurt over the fact that he didn't win Tough Enough and no one wants Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel wrestling for them...OR he might actually be talking the truth.Fozzie: He was one of my favorites on TE. I really liked his personality and he seemed to have a ton of charisma. It also seems that he wants an MMA career as well. So I say let him.Aires: I really liked him too.  If you remember, he came in as a MMA fighter, so that's his natural background.  I just do not think he really ever grasped the sports entertainment aspect of pro wrestling...at least that's what I gathered from Tough Enough.Well it's probably about time to wrap this up.  Have anything you would like to add?Fozzie: Well, how about a cheap plug for my Impact review? Yeah, that'll do. Oh and I'm really glad Russo is gone from TNA.Aires: I'll plug ya.  And yes, Russo being gone can't be a bad thing.  Might have to start watching TNA on the regular again.  MAYBE.*Don't want to watch TNA?  Want to read about it regardless?  Check out Fozzie's reviews of IMPACT WRESTLING each and every week.Check us out on Twitter:@OSUmike03@FozzieMB