Good morning Humanoids! My name in Lonestar Del Barro and these are today’s top stories!

Probably the biggest news coming out of last night’s Raw was that it was good! Seriously, after a few weeks of crappy shows I’m actually jealous of those of you that watch Raw live. Fans of the in-ring stuff got to see some good, long matches and appearances by Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were apparently fun as well. The WWE also took the time to sell the next PPV by changing the main event and setting up the potential return of CM Punk.

The match between John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Title will now be a “Three Stages of  Hell” match, where one fall is decided by Lumberjack rules, the second by Table Match rules, and the probable third by Ambulance Match rules. Sounds like an improvement to me.

Paul Heyman also agreed to a match for CM Punk against Chris Jericho at the upcoming Payback PPV as well. Payback originates from Chicago so there are a few different storyline possibilities. Will CM Punk return as a good guy? Will he turn on Paul Heyman? The fact that we’re talking about it is a good sign.

In other Raw news, this week’s episode had possibly the best 78 second vignette they could have produced. You watch, then I’ll talk about it.

Yes, that is Bray Wyatt and The Family in a character introduction vignette, building them up for an eventual main show appearance. Which. Is. Awesome. For those of you that have never seen these three before, the two big dudes are the NXT Tag Team Champions, the dude with the hat is their leader (who happens to be Husky Harris reborn as one of the most dastardly villains since SES CM Punk) and together they are the Wyatt Family, what happens when you combine religious zealotry with the deepest, darkest regions of the southern United States. This vignette was sort of the “greatest hits” of the creepy images associated with the Wyatt Family and their NXT vignettes and more importantly announces the upcoming arrival of all three members to the WWE roster. If you’re not already excited for their debut after that video, let me use all my credibility as this website’s NXT guy and fake news reporter to inform you that, yes, you really should be.


Samuray Del Sol appears to have been signed to the WWE, according to Resistance Pro Wrestling’s twitter account. Del Sol’s journey to the big dub has been discussed previously on Tuesday Headlines, but here’s a video to jog the memory.

Yep, he’s a lucha alright! In fact, the WWE seems to have collected a few quality high flyers lately. Between Sami Zane (Generico), Adrian Neville (Pac), and Samuray getting signed and Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Hunico and Tyson Kidd all working their way towards physical recovery we might just have a secret cruiserweight division on our hands. Who’d have thunk it? Speaking of new signings, Sami Callihan appears to have passed his medical tests and is officially on his way to developmental. Dragon Gate USA, an independent company Sami worked for, announced via press release that the New Nightmare was headed for the big leagues.  DGUSA I wouldn’t call Sami a cruiserweight wrestler, but he’s an intense guy with a different look and was fortunate enough to wrestler Fit Finlay during the latter man’s break with the WWE. I look forward to seeing both of these new wrestlers eventually debut on NXT!

Hector Garza, a well-tenured Mexican wrestler who had brief stints in the WWE, WCW and TNA, has sadly passed away from cancer. He was 43. And cancer sucks ass. Rest in peace Hector.

The WWE appears to be forming a greater connection with the NFL and their Player’s Association in order to more easily facilitate talent recruitment. Jim Ross, who of course has a hand in this, had this to say about meeting with the NFLPA.

“I flew to Washington , D.C. Tuesday evening and met with the NFLPA on Wednesday morning. It was a productive meeting as the NFLPA group is in contact with literally hundreds of high level athletes who become detached from the NFL and are looking for their next career opportunity.

Obviously, not every former football player will fit into WWE Developmental but some will and those that do have a chance to use their God given athleticism and their extroverted personalities to fit into the system and hopefully become WWE stars some day…

…Some critics say that WWE is making a mistake going this route to which I wholeheartedly disagree. We are looking for athletes who have outgoing personalities and who are fans of the genre of sports entertainment and who WANT to become WWE Superstars. Great athletes who don't have any emotional investment in the world of sports entertainment need not apply.”

I admit, I am one of those people that hears “Retired football player trying to be a wrestler” and instantly zones out, but this is just another smart step in the bigger picture of WWE completely overhauling their developmental program. Yes, this will give them greater access to the big, sturdy, raw, potentially non-committal athletes they want but since I was just talking about the company signing two independent wrestlers under six feet tall, so I think we’re all gonna be ok.

And that’s the news! Enjoy your week everyone, and remember to stay groovy.