Aires: Hope you had a good Super Bowl weekend, friend-o.  As we approach the Hall of Fame Ceremony in just over two months (which we will totally be at), it looks like Mick Foley has finally made it public why he hasn't wrestled since coming back to the WWE, and why his twitter war with Dean Ambrose last year ended up getting killed off.

All of this during his comedy tour.  Which seems to be a less than perfect place to talk about having mush for brains, but it's still fascinating.  Your thoughts?

Fozzie: I had to work during the game, so it sucked. Seriously, that’s some messed up news about Foley. I always thought he would have one last match in WWE to say good bye to the fans that made him a star, but now, if you don't count a Rumble appearance as a match, his last one-on-one match is a last man standing match with Ric Flair when they were both in TNA two years ago. Not to take anything away from either man, but beating a sixty year old man to his feet should not be the way you end a fantastic career.

 Aires: Since I like to pretend TNA doesn't exist, I'm going to remember his amazing match in 2005 with Edge where Edge speared him off the rind apron to a flaming table on the outside as his "final match".

Does it make me sad that we won't ever see him (hell...either of those two guys) wrestle again?  Absolutely.  But I would be shocked if Foley doesn't start having lots of mental problems extremely soon in his life.  Maybe it's for the best.  Plus, as I have said before...he can be extremely useful to the company without having another wrestling match.

Fozzie: My favorite Foley match was the HIAC with Taker, and that's mainly because that's how a fight on top of a cage should go down. It was sick and brutal, and I loved it for that. However, knowing that matches like that are probably what led to his condition now makes me glad that WWE has toned down their product. Say whatever you want in the argument of PG vs. Attitude, but nowadays, guys are protected more, and will probably have longer careers. I am a child of the Attitude era, but I am an adult of the PG era. When you think of the two eras, you realize that wrestling isn't all about the bumps and blood, it's about storytelling, and yes, you can have one without the other.

Aires: The marks of the internetz would tell you we are getting neither of those things right now.  But let's not listen to them, shall we?

Yeah, not only will today's stars have longer careers...they will be able to live somewhat normal lives down the road. I mean go back and look through the roster from 2000.  Those are the guys who are at that age now where their careers are done, SHOULD be done, or were done a few years ago.  Then look at their injury rap sheet.  Or the fact that more than a handful of them are all dead.  Foley still being alive, walking, and coherent is a testament to him possibly being some kind of super human.

On the note of the story though, I've heard his "stand-up" routine, which is more about him just telling stories from the road, is actually extremely entertaining and very funny.  It's too bad they had to kill off his feud with Ambrose though.  A couple weeks ago when The Shield went to attack Foley, and Ambrose was in the ring, they missed a huge opportunity to just give us fans a "nod" by having Foley go after him, and Ambrose hi-tail it back into the stands.

Fozzie: I'm pretty sure "IWC" stands for "Internet Whiners and Complainers" with all the bitching they do. We get it, you're not getting what you want. Get used to it.

Foley, whether people want to admit it or not, set the standard for crazy a long time ago, and he became a star because of it. Unfortunately, he's now paying the price for it. Was it worth it? I guess he'd say it was, but would probably wished he toned down a few of the stunts.

Mick Foley will always have my respect for everything he's ever done inside the ropes, and also for everything he has ever done outside of them. From all accounts, he is one of the nicest, and most philanthropic people in all of wrestling. I am going to be glad to be in the building when he gets inducted, and by applause will be as loud as anyone else's. The man sacrificed his body and his life for our enjoyment, and for that I will ever be thankful. I hope that his neurological issues aren't serious, and that he can continue entertaining us for many more years.

Aires: Yeah, a couple other writers for this site have had the privilege of meeting Mick, and while he's not in my Top 5 "Wrestlers of All Time" list, he would be at the near top of people IN GENERAL that I would love to sit down with and talk for a few minutes.  I have more respect for him than just about any other entertainer in any genre due to what he did on camera, as well as off.  He literally has shorten his life expectancy in order to JUST entertain.  Oh and he also gives back to a ton of legit charities, has written best-selling novels AND a children's book, fleshed out a successful comic career, and also seems to have a handle on being a quality family man.

I think that last part is probably what sent him over the edge with Ambrose, and his assault on Foley's family last year.  But that being said, it would be beneficial if everyone was more like Mick Foley.  At first glance, that sounds like an amazingly stupid thing to say, but it's completely accurate.  Well, maybe minus a few hundred of the thousands of chair shots he took to the skull.

Fozzie: When I grow up, I wanna be like Foley. But you're right, no chair shots.

Aires: I'm actually somewhat disappointed he won't be doing any stand-up shows in NYC during WrestleMania week.  Obviously he's going to be WAY too busy, but that would have been amazing to see.  Been wanting to see a show.  With all the marks and wrestlers being in town, he could have probably done some decent sized shows.  Could have been a lot of fun to go to.

But hey, I think getting recognized by your peers as one of the best ever, and being inducted in the Garden is a good alternative for him.

Fozzie: I would love to see one of his shows as well. I have heard good things about them. 

Anyway, that's enough dick sucking for one column, what else we got?

Aires: As announced by WWE, ESPN, and several other news outlets, one of the biggest names in professional wrestling history has finally ended his holdout and "feud" with the WWE and will join their elite ( has Drew Carey) Hall of Fame:  Bruno Sammartino.  While I've only seen a handful of Bruno matches, I think we all know how big this man was.  There is a reason why every single wrestler names him when they call out favorite wrestlers or who made them want to be a wrestler.  Possibly one of the Top 5 "biggest names" wrestlers of all time...finally in the HOF.  Great news.  Now we just need the top name to make it in: Max Moon.  (ESPN)

Fozzie: Last night on Raw, we were told that Vince McMahon had surgery on his hip earlier that day. However, the surgery actually took place on Friday and Vince was backstage at Raw on crutches. This just proves my theory that Vince Mcmahon is a beast, and that he’ll stop running Raw about three weeks after his death. (NoDQ)

Aires: In case you have not heard, or in case you are smart and plugged your ears...Zack Ryder made a song for his YouTube show called "Hoeski" that sounds like the Backstreet Boys decided to have no talent singing or writing, then tried to sing while in a garbage disposal.  Then, Ryder then made a somewhat professionally-done music video for said song.  But that's not all!  Ryder just re-recorded the song and actually released it on iTunes, where it is seeing some buys.  Dolph Ziggler said it best in a response to Ryder on twitter: 

Go download it to support him, if you want.  Although it only encourages him. (ITUNES)

Fozzie: In TNA news, Dixie Carter tweeted the injured Chris Sabin, wishing him a happy birthday and that she was glad that his recovery from knee surgery is going well. Sabin hasn’t been seen for seven months, which is slightly less time than when he was healthy. (NODQ)